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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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A masterpiece and a must-see: how the movie “Spider-Man: Web of Universes” turned out

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 15:14:42

Every genre has greatest hits that you shouldn’t miss. Do you love fantasy? Take a look at the work of Tolkien and Abercrombie. Are you a fan of action movies? See John Wick and The Raid. Are you crazy about crime stories? Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are your picks.

A masterpiece was released the other day that fans of superheroes and high-quality animation are bound to appreciate. The cartoon “Spider-Man: Web of Universes” is so good that it is even difficult to argue with it. Better plan a trip to the movies and enjoy two hours of pleasure. True, be prepared for an ambiguous ending – it will make someone uneasy.

The video is available on Dmitry Cherevatenko’s YouTube channel. Video rights belong to Sony.

the story is amazing

Back in 2018, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse felt like one big epic. There was a lot of drama in the plot, the heroes died, the battles were impressive, and spiders from different universes gathered on the screen, even a funny Spider-Ham appeared.

It’s hard to believe, but now “Into the Universe” feels like a light exercise. Too much the authors have raised the bar in the sequel.

The cartoon is full of memes.

Photo: Sony

The story begins with our feet on the ground. Gwen Stacy loses her best friend and doesn’t understand if she’s worth being a hero. Everything changes to a gang of Spiders from different universes: they save worlds from anomalies, jump across realities and bring Gwen to her ranks.

Although the plot focuses on Miles Morales, who will not find peace after recent adventures. He badly combines heroism and ordinary life, argues with his parents and does not always manage even with one-day enemies. But soon these difficulties will seem like trifles.

Suddenly, the ridiculous villain Spot comes to life and blames Miles for all the troubles. The Spot is underrated at first, and for good reason. After a couple of boosts, he will become an unprecedented threat to all the universes. However, the worst news will come with Gwen Stacy. It turns out that many lives depend on Morales, just to save millions, he must make a serious sacrifice.

Gwen is wonderful!

Photo: Sony

The story is as epic as possible. The heroes jump through wonderful worlds, engage in dynamic battles, and most importantly, meet their crazy alternate selves. The authors promised hundreds of different spiders and they did not deceive.

The Web of Universes has Spider Cat, Spider Dinosaur, Spider Baby, Spider Lego just to name a few. There’s even a place for movie characters!

At the same time, most of the characters appear in the frame not only because of fan service. Fantasy spiders play an important role in the story, they fight and tell funny jokes. They also make Web of Universes the most moving Spider-Man ever.

The cartoon is full of humor, references, and funny showdowns, but above all, it’s a drama in the spirit of The Last of Us. There is no black and white in the script, simple relationships and obvious choices, just complex, emotional conflicts.

very entertaining episode

Photo: Sony

The writers are to be commended for the presentation of the story. They perfectly convey the relationship of Miles and Gwen with their parents, allow you to look into the soul of the characters and skillfully reveal them.

How much is the Spot worth: The heroes fight him, but the villain is hard to hate, he often even seems like a nice guy. The head of the Spiders, Miguel O’Hara, voiced by Oscar Isaac, is even more controversial. His actions seem to be wise and proper, but it is difficult to treat the character with understanding.

Yes, it’s a spider cat.

Photo: Sony

This kind of work makes the plot amazing. It has no weak points, except that the ending is too controversial. If you’re waiting for a finished story, you’ll definitely be outraged by the shocking cliffhanger and “To Be Continued” sign. The third part should be released on March 29, 2024, but there is no strength to wait for it – the ending turned out to be too intriguing.

Cinematographers and artists deserve an Oscar

The first part impressed with its unusual images and excellent camera work, but “Web of Universes” surpassed the original several times. Even the quiet episodes capture the spirit, when the characters just sit and admire the city. The operator chooses creative angles, the characters strike unusual poses, and the backgrounds are full of detail.

And when it comes to battles, you can’t take your eyes off the screen at all. There are many battles in the cartoon, and each has its own trick. The heroes fly through the sky and fight against deadly artifacts, fight with the villain who jumps over the portals, and in the end, they find themselves in an epic fight with hundreds of tough opponents.

Action scene ahead with hundreds of spiders

Photo: Sony

In the action scenes, the operator turns the camera beautifully, the color scheme changes, and the result is always unpredictable. However, the authors proved in the last part that many things are possible in a cartoon, including the death of important characters.

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Worth seeing?

“Spider-Man: Web of Universes” is a brilliant cartoon. It’s head and shoulders above all of Parker’s movies and 99% of Marvel’s projects. At the same time, even viewers who do not like superheroes and animation should watch the novelty. The style and plot of the “Network of Universes” will be understandable and generally charming to everyone.


A touching story with a large number of bright characters. Spectacular action, where each fight has unique characteristics. Army of creative spiders. Stylish visuals and camera work.

I dont like him

Cliffhanger too intriguing.

In Russia, the cartoon is not officially shown, but many cinemas will start a mass demonstration of the novelty from June 8.

When in Russia:

The cartoon “Spider-Man: Web of Universes” will begin to be shown in Russia from June 8

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