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Friday, March 24, 2023
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A new edition of the “Our Business” fights: Yalymov vs. Bukin. Fight against Dr.Feel and Mstoyan

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 08:11:21

In the main battle of the night, well-established pop-MMA fighters Yakov Bukin and Andrey Yalymov, nicknamed “Chaos”, squared off. The fight lasted three rounds of three minutes each. Yakov immediately showed his confidence and delivered clear and pointed blows to Yalymov. One of them knocked down Andrey already 30 seconds after the start of the fight. Yalymov, as in all his fights, tried to show off and take out his opponent with back punches and superman blows, but Bukin seemed to have foreseen them and did not fall for them. During the second round, Yakov methodically defeated his opponent. In the third round, Bukin’s fatigue was visible, he began to miss punches. It became more and more difficult to keep his distance, and Yalymov used this, closing in on his opponent. As a result, Yalymov dropped his opponent twice in the third round. According to the results of the fight, the judges declared a draw.

After the fight Nashe Delo Grand Prix champion Islam Kadiev entered the cage and had a sterdown with Andrey Yalymov. Fighters will finally be able to compete for the MMA title in one of Nashe Delo’s upcoming tournaments.

Composition of tournament participants.

• Magomed-Salam “Dargva” Rabadanov – Amir Amirov

• Timur “Yazidi” Mstoyan – Phillip “Dr.Feel” Chinyanga

• Fedor “Bashe” Babich – Bekbulat “Restless” Magomedov

• Yakin “TJ” Mukadamshoev – Maurice Boleyan

• Yakov Bukin – Andrei “Chaos” Yalymov

Launch link: https://rutube.sport/video/nashe-delo-bukin-vs-yalymov/

Oleg Taktarov, the first UFC champion from Russia, became a special guest of Nashe Del and acted as a commentator on all tournament fights.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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