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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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A new twist in the scandalous case of Fedotov. The goalkeeper will be banned from playing in Russia… FHR?

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 11:44:02

The case of Ivan Fedotov continues to unfold and acquire new details. Recall that a few days ago, the KHL registered the retired goalkeeper’s contract with CSKA, despite the NHL’s accusations that Ivan has a valid and binding contract with Philadelphia. The president of the army team said that CSKA acted in accordance with the law, since the Flyers did not provide the Russian club with a paper version of the contract, and the KHL claimed that it continues to respect NHL contracts, despite the absence of a memorandum, but believes that the Fedotov case does not fall within his action, since the goalkeeper does not have a valid signed agreement with the NHL club for the upcoming season “in the sense established in the document.”

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The KHL said they continue to honor NHL contracts, despite the absence of a memorandum

As the entire hockey world on both sides of the Atlantic discussed how this story would affect the two leagues’ future relations and how often talented Russians with existing KHL contracts would now flee to America, a third party intervened: Russian hockey. Federation. The organization, headed by Vladislav Tretiak, issued a highly unexpected statement.

Goalie Ivan Fedotov signed a contract with the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League in April 2022. He did not begin to fulfill his contractual obligations, as he was serving in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

At the end of military service, in the summer of 2023, Fedotov signed a contract with HC CSKA. The new contract was registered in the database of the Central Information Office of the Continental Hockey League.

The Russian Hockey Federation assesses the situation as ambiguous, requires detailed analysis and legal resolution, considers it necessary to obtain official information from the NHL about Fedotov’s contractual status, and only after consulting with the IIHF makes a decision on the possibility of hockey player participation. in the KHL Championship.

The FHR, as a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation, will insist on strict adherence by the Continental Hockey League to the IIHF international transfer rules, as violation of the regulations and rules may have negative consequences. for Russian hockey. says the statement.

FHR, in fact, threatens Fedotov with a ban from racing in Russia next season! And not only in Russia, but in CSKA, for which the head of the federation openly supports. How is this to be understood? That is, how to understand that the organization that has always defended the maximum presence of Russians in their native championship, suddenly remembers the dominant force of the law when it comes to the “division” of a hockey player between the KHL and the NHL. ?

Ivan Fedotov

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

With all due respect, but somehow I can’t recall examples where the FHR would take such a proper position on any issue. Now, our federation has presented a clear and balanced message, urging us not to rush into such a delicate and difficult incident. In fact, it is necessary to deal with the NHL, the KHL and the IIHF, and then make a final decision according to the law. Perhaps “Philadelphia” does not really need Fedotov, who missed the year, but CSKA needs a familiar goalkeeper to close the position of the first number. However, the issue must be resolved not according to concepts, but according to the law, and it is very good that the FHR understood this.

But still, why? Perhaps the federation has realized the scale of the chaos that will begin if relations between the NHL and the Russian championship return to the level of the 1990s and the beginning of zero. The FHR will lose a lot if it is left not only without international tournaments, but also without talented personnel who first flee to America, and then become “refuseniks” of the national team when Russia returns to the World Cup and the Olympics.

It is also likely that the FHR simply sees no reason to further aggravate relations with the IIHF by violating the rules on international transfers. The FHR is still (and should remain) a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation, which means that it is bound by its laws. Offering to send the IIHF to hell is stupid and meaningless. It should be clear to everyone that the Russian national team misses the last World Cup not because of the whims of Luc Tardif or someone else, but because of the geopolitical realities of our time. It simply cannot be otherwise at the moment, and the IIHF is definitely not looking for a way out of this situation. On the contrary, it must try to win points in its favor, and now the FHR, standing in a pose on Fedotov’s question, is doing exactly that.

Finally, there is no escape from conspiracy theories. After all, it’s no secret that within the FHR several so-called “rooks” are constantly fighting for influence in Russian hockey, and many important decisions depend on which of them wins the covert fight at one time or another. For example, we tell in detail how we chose the head coach for the 2022 Olympics.

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It is possible that now one of the “rooks” has gone “under the rug” and decided to annoy CSKA, which, without Fedotov, will have to enter the season with a squad of goalkeepers who are not champions.

But this is all speculation, which is not worth discussing seriously yet due to a lack of information. Let’s hope only common sense was behind the FHR’s statement. Well, in the case of Fedotov, it is still really necessary to understand in detail and, in the end, act according to the law.

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