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Friday, September 22, 2023
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A Peruvian star appeared in Russian gymnastics. Irina Viner herself believes in her.

Date: September 22, 2023 Time: 20:48:31

A Peruvian star appeared in Russian gymnastics. Irina Viner herself believes in her.

August 24, 2023

Nicole Rimarachin Díaz chose Russia, although she could have played for her father’s homeland.

In Russian rhythmic gymnastics, an unusual athlete appeared who works with the coach Lala Kramarenko. This is Nicole Rimarachin Diaz. One of the first questions that arise when a gymnast is invited to the mat is: who is she? Is it possible that a gymnast was brought up better abroad than in Russia and we just took her with us?

A little athlete performs in world gymnastics:

The World Championship medal went to an unusual gymnast. She looks like a girl, but she is already 17 years old!

The “Championship” collected all the public information about the new star, who will turn 13 on September 9, and also communicated with his dad. Most of the champions who become stars of the national team start to attract the attention of the juniors: someone with external data, someone with emotionality, someone with interesting work on the subject.

Who are your parents?

Nicole, in addition to a real gymnastic texture, twists unique for her age, elegant swimsuits and an unusual appearance, attracted attention with an unusual first and last name. Despite her exotic last name, Nicole is a native of Moscow, but her father is Peruvian Segundo Manuel Rimarachin Díaz, he is engaged in business. Her mom is a fairly well-known endocrinologist Olga Mishra.

And what about the 2023 World Cup?

The former Russian Daria Varfolomeev was proclaimed world champion in exercises with the ball

Parents have nothing to do with gymnastics. Mom played basketball as a child, dad played soccer and Peruvian folk dances.

“We have been living together for 18 years and we are both doing everything possible for Nicole to succeed,” Diaz Sr. said to “Championship”. “Our mother doesn’t like media or publicity at all, it was hard for me to even find an old photo.”

Nicole Rimarachin Diaz

Photo: From the personal archive of Nicole Rimarachin Diaz.

Why rhythmic gymnastics?

On social networks, Nicole only talks about sports life and uploads her photos.

“At first, my daughter practiced figure skating, but Nicole did not like this sport. Since she was very flexible since she was little, her mother suggested that she try rhythmic gymnastics. She started gymnastics at CSKA with Lyubov Petrovna Nikolaeva, ”says the athlete’s father.

Thanks to this coach, the girl became noticeable. Nicole competed in almost every tournament and gained competitive experience early in her career.

Who worked with the young star?

Again, the word for Diaz Sr.: “Amina Vasilovna Zaripova once saw Nicole at the training ground. Three years later, she invited the girl to train with her. Since March 2022, Nicole has been constantly training in Novogorsk, before that she worked in the TsOP gym with Natalya Vasilievna Lieberman.

Amina Zaripova is the star trainer who raised Rio de Janeiro Olympic champion Margarita Mamun. At the beginning of 2023, on behalf of the coach of the Russian national team, Irina Viner, the young gymnast was handed over to Laysan Savitskaya, who now coaches one of the leaders of the national team, Lala Kramarenko.

In addition to personal trainer Lala Kramarenko, Diaz Jr. works with Ekaterina Dementieva, head coach of the Expression team in aesthetic gymnastics and one of the directors of the Russian national team, as well as choreographer Kirill Barkan. A true stellar cast.

Nicole Rimarachin Diaz

Photo: From the personal archive of Nicole Rimarachin Diaz.

Wiener herself believes in this gymnast

According to Laysan Savitskaya, Irina Viner believes in a gymnast. Nicole fully justifies this belief. She won the gold medal at the recent World Cup in Moscow, won gold in the all-around at the Russo-Chinese Summer Games, won the all-around at the Moscow Grand Prix, and became the only individual gymnast to represent to Russia in the Bolivarian Championship. Games in April. And that’s just in the last six months.

Is Lala Kramarenko the best gymnast in the world right now?

The Russian gymnast won the main battle of the year! Is Kramarenko the best in the world right now?

Despite the fact that Nicole is still far from the category of “seniors”, according to international rules, only from the age of 16, according to the junior program, she is already a star and is loved by many. The gymnast is learning English, Spanish and Chinese as fans compare her to Lala Kramarenko for her unique twists and say she’s emerging as a worthy replacement.

I wonder how he will fit into the senior program and will he have the strength to stay ahead after moving to the adult level?

Puck Henry
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