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A sick former CSKA player was found on the street in Malaysia. Boris was homeless with no money and no passport

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The perestroika period opened to the Soviet people a never-before-seen world of new entertainment and professions, and at the same time, vices. The Soviet Union was plunged into a real fever, which also affected the fate of athletes. Wealthy athletes succumbed more and more to the temptations of the new times, indulging in everything serious… and ruining their careers. A terrible fate befell the football player Boris Derkach.

The former CSKA Moscow and Dynamo Kyiv player ended his life with virtually no home. Even the fans couldn’t save the legend.

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“Nice guy, but no moderator”

The midfielder first gained fame thanks to his performance for SKA Kiev, where he attracted the attention of two Soviet football legends: Valery Lobanovsky and Yuri Morozov. He’s not saying the player was the only one of his generation, but he had the potential to become a solid player. Of the two strongest coaching schools, the player chose Moscow, which is generally not surprising, because there was simply no chance to get into the team where Belanov and Blokhin play.

The young footballer successfully adapted to the team, played 14 games and scored one goal – not bad statistics for a newcomer. But the football player had a flaw, which was just beginning to manifest itself: a passion for alcohol and parties. The constant drunkenness made Derkach uneasy. The height of a half-year drunkenness was the disappearance of the player for a whole week, under the pretext of leaving for a wedding.

FC “Dinamo” (Kyiv)

– A good guy, but not a moderator. There were problems. Somehow I took a day off to go to someone’s wedding in kyiv. Naturally, he took a walk. He came back a week later. At the base of the Arkhangelsk Assembly – Morozov, Bubukin rebuke Derkach. Yuri Andreevich asks: “Borya, what is he like? Have you thought about anything at all?” To which he replied: “At the wedding, I thought about only one thing: “How is my team there?” Mikhail Kolesnikov told about his former teammate.

I couldn’t go on like this anymore. Fortunately for Boris, an offer from Leonid Tkachenko, who worked at Metalist, appeared on the horizon. There, the midfielder was offered the best contract conditions, a luxury apartment, a car and, most importantly, the club guaranteed his performance in the Major Leagues. The midfielder was tempted and went to Kharkov.

party in ukrainian

In Kharkov, the player revealed himself from a new side. He had three great seasons, reaching the cup final, where Metalist lost to Torpedo. The segment was so shocking that even Lobanovsky himself decided to turn to the midfielder again. Specialists of this magnitude are not used to calling players twice to his team, but Derkach was lucky: he had the opportunity to fix everything.

And he took advantage of it. The first season was successful – the player managed to gain a foothold in the base. Derkach played into hands and composition changes. The following season, the team was left without the leaders of the midfield – Kuznetsov, Bessonov and Demyanenko, so the task of becoming the leader of the midfield fell on the shoulders of the player.

FC “Dinamo” (Kyiv)

But the defender could not consolidate his success – he again began to walk. In addition, now Boris has a new and no less terrible addiction – gambling. A soccer player could lose thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars a day, and waste the rest of the money on alcohol.

– When Derkach was fenced off, he went to play. As soon as he hits, that’s it, binge, does not recognize the person. They said that in Kharkov he could be lost for three days: you can’t see, you can’t hear. There is a category of people for whom alcohol is contraindicated. Unfortunately, it was Derkach who killed him. He was a good player, it was not for nothing that Lobanovsky invited him, Akhrik Tsveiba recalled.

Then, in the early 90s, athletes began to go abroad en masse. European opportunities also attracted Derkach, who decided to leave Ukraine as soon as possible.

“Gypsy grabbed a knife, and on him”

It was not easy for the player to agree with at least one European club. After the season in the Ukrainian Evis, he tried to settle in Bursaspor, negotiated with Levski, where he finally moved, but did not play a single game with the team. Later, the midfielder was taken to Hungary: he was protected by the Nyiregyhaza team.

In Hungary, Derkach did not play, but found himself in a new role. Boris contacted a local Ukrainian criminal gang and took up robbery and racketeering instead of football. However, soon, during one of the raids, the footballer was captured: he was sent to a Hungarian prison for 11 years. Two years later, behind bars, Derkach tried to escape, for which he received another 4 years in prison.

Archive “Soviet sport”

– The guys from kyiv suggested: “Borya, let’s take out a pimp for money.” He went to work. He was given, drunk, a barrel, and he sat on a glass ten days. He appeared to this gypsy baron in a country house. He pointed a gun at her: “Drive the money.” The gypsy grabbed the knife, and towards him. Borya later justified himself: “If he hadn’t shot, he would have killed me,” Tsveiba said later.

life after prison

After his release, Boris was not for football. The time has come to improve life, but everything failed: years later, Derkach was unexpectedly found in Malaysia. Abroad, he lived without money, without a family – such a sad existence dragged on a player who was once considered the hope of Soviet football. Thanks to the help of the Ukrainian diaspora and embassy staff, the footballer later returned to his homeland, but lived there for only six months.

Embassy of Ukraine

Dry, emaciated, moved on a stretcher and coughing all the time, it was very similar to pleurisy. He didn’t even have a flip phone. Derkach left by bus for Kharkov. Then he called again from an unknown number: “I’m fine, with friends!” I didn’t listen to it again. And at the end of May, a message from a stranger from Kharkov reached a personal account on FB: “Boris is dead,” recalled the Ukrainian journalist Andrei Tanasyuk.

The end of a talented footballer was not glorious. Surprisingly, even on Internet resources, until recently, the date of death of Boris Derkach was not indicated. Subsequently, the athlete’s mother-in-law suggested it to journalists on May 18, 2019.

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