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Friday, July 12, 2024
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A sport where we are welcome. What to expect from the 2023 World Wrestling Championships

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 23:36:04

The 2023 World Wrestling Championships begin on September 16 in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade. The contest will last until September 24.

For the second consecutive time the World Cup will be held in this country and city. In 2023, the World Cup was planned to be held in Russia, in Krasnoyarsk. But for obvious reasons, international competitions are currently not held on the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, Belgrade was chosen again, where a year ago everything was organized at a high level. And for Russians, this place is a kind of way out. It is in this country where we will be sure that we will not encounter discrimination. Serbs treat Russia with due respect. Many people call us fraternal people.

This World Championship will be especially interesting for Russian sports fans, because our athletes will be allowed to participate in the tournament. It is true that Russian wrestlers will compete only as neutral athletes. The Russian anthem will not be played either. But admission to international competition in today’s realities is already a great success. Furthermore, it is obvious to everyone that we will be one of the leaders in these disciplines.

The Russians dominate the World Cup. Simply impressive statistics!

It is noteworthy that not only Russians and Belarusians will perform in the tournament under a neutral flag. Indian wrestlers will have to bear the same burden. All because of the scandalous story surrounding his president of the Brij Bukhar Wrestling Federation, Sharan Singh. He is accused of sexually harassing athletes. India did not have time to elect a new leader of the sport, so it was also subject to sanctions.

This World Cup has another great advantage that will help Russia prove its worth in the global sports arena. In the World Cup, 90 places will be disputed for the next summer Olympic Games. In total, competitions in three disciplines will be held at the World Championships: freestyle, Greco-Roman wrestling and women’s wrestling. And in each of them competitions of ten different weights will be held, six of which will be Olympic. In each type of fight and in each Olympic weight the five best athletes will be determined.

RIA Novosti

Participating countries include: Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Georgia, Denmark Egypt, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, China, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, Romania, United States , Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, France, Estonia and Japan. Athletes from Ukraine will also be represented. They did not ignore this tournament. And the head of the Russian Wrestling Federation, Mikhail Mamiashvili, fully expressed the opinion that Russians and Ukrainians will not be divided into one category.

“I am convinced that this is impossible, even on the part of our Ukrainian brothers. We have a long tradition of relationships and those things humiliate the people who replicate them. No one will take anything into account and no one will be separated according to the grid. I think this is wrong: everything must be done according to the rules and comply with the statutes and technical regulations of the competition. There were no proposals or attempts; I would have known because I am a member of the technical commission of the international federation,” TASS quotes Mamiashvili.

RIA Novosti

In total, 235 wrestlers from Russia and Belarus were scheduled to participate in the World Championship. A special commission was in charge of each of them, studying their social networks and the questionnaires they completed when applying for the tournament. 26 of these athletes failed the test and as a result will not compete at the World Championships.

The remaining participants have already been announced. And the good thing is that Russia will bring many of the strongest fighters to the tournament; three Olympic champions will try their luck in the competition among the best: Zavur Uguev (up to 57 kg), Zaurbek Sidakov (up to 74 kg) and Abdulrashid. Sadulaev (up to 97 kg).

RIA Novosti

We will be especially eagerly awaiting the latter’s performances. The two-time Olympic champion (Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Tokyo 2020) travels to Belgrade to get a ticket for his third Olympic Games. And here he will probably meet his old opponent Kyle Snyder (both compete in the category up to 97 kg), with whom he has already faced four times in the final. In the 2017 World Cup, our athlete lost to the American, but a year later he took revenge and in 2021 took the Olympic and world gold from him. Their confrontation with him promises to be the main event of the entire tournament!

Also participating in the World Championships will be Abasgadzhi Magomedov (up to 61 kg), Shamil Mamedov (up to 65 kg), Evgeniy Zherbaev (up to 70 kg), Akhmed Usmanov (up to 79 kg), Arslan Bagaev (up to 86 kg). kg), Magomed Kurbanov / Vladislav Valiev (up to 92 kg) and Abdulla Kurbanov (up to 125 kg). Thus, our freestyle wrestlers will be represented in all weight categories. The composition of the national team in other disciplines was also known.

The composition of the Russian Greco-Roman wrestling team: Vitaly Kabaloev (up to 55 kg), Anvar Allahyarov (up to 60 kg), Astemir Bizhoev (up to 63 kg), Aslan Visaitov (up to 67 kg), Narek Oganyan (up to 72 kg), Adlet Tyulubaev (up to 77 kg), Aues Gonibov (up to 82 kg), Alan Ostaev (up to 87 kg), Artur Sargsyan (up to 97 kg), Sergey Semenov (up to 130 kg).

Two-time Olympic champion Abdulrashid Sadulaev will lead the Russian team at the 2023 World Wrestling Championships

The composition of the Russian women’s wrestling team: Polina Lukina (up to 50 kg), Natalya Malysheva (up to 53 kg), Ekaterina Poleshchuk (up to 55 kg), Olga Khoroshavtseva (up to 57 kg), Svetlana Lipatova (up to 59 kg), Alina Kasabieva (up to 62 kg), Amina Tandelova (up to 65 kg), Vusala Parfianovich (up to 68 kg), Ksenia Burakova (up to 72 kg), Rita Talismanova (up to 76 kg).

According to preliminary data, it became known that 44 athletes who received sports education in Russia, but who will represent other countries, will perform at the tournament. 23 of them were raised specifically in Dagestan. Among them are Olympic medalists, winners and medalists of the world, European and Asian championships.

44 Russians who have changed their sports citizenship will compete in the World Wrestling Championships

The natives of Russia will be fully represented at the next World Championship. At the moment, it is not possible to see confrontations between Russians and athletes from other countries on equal terms in all sports. This will be something to keep in mind at the World Wrestling Championships. The ambitions and motivation of the Russian fighters are incredible. And they need the right support.

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