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“A story of determination and talent.” Miranchuk is having a great season, but does he have a future at Atalanta?

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 20:11:38

Several Russian footballers had a good season in Europe. One of them is Atalanta midfielder Alexei Miranchuk. The main historical achievement of the club and the footballer was the victory in the Europa League. How has this year been for Miranchuk on an individual level? Let’s look at the statistics and summarize.

Miranchuk leads Serie A in several important indicators

The 2023/2024 season is Alexey’s best at Atalanta. He approached 2,000 minutes in a game for the first time (1,824). For example, in the 2020/2021 season he played only 833 minutes, the next 956. Yes, he accumulated 2,268 minutes on loan at Torino, but in Turin Alexey was an undisputed first-team footballer. It was also the first time that a Russian was in Atalanta’s starting eleven so many times: 19 times. Before this, the best result was eight starts. What influenced your playing time?

Miranchuk gained experience playing in Serie A, finally getting used to the speeds of the top league; Alexey accepted Gasperini’s demands for two years and then left for Torino with Gian Piero’s student Ivan Yurich. The young fighter’s course was complete; Miranchuk made excellent use of the moments when the coach rotated the lineup and put the Russian at the start. The African Cup also helped: Ademola Lukman left for the Nigerian national team, and Alexey became Bergamo’s main player.

At the beginning of the championship, Miranchuk did not always appear on the field; he was often criticized; But he later earned a spot on the team and even after Lookman returned, he received playing time.

Alexey Miranchuk

Photo: Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

Miranchuk had the most productive season of his European career. In 41 games he scored four goals and gave 10 assists. This is the third most productive season for Alexey overall: it was better only for Lokomotiv (2017/2018 – 15 effective actions, 2019/2020 – 17). Although the midfielder even fell short in terms of expected goals: Opta accounted for 5.4 xG. But with the expected assists, Alexey gave a powerful overperformance. He got 6.7 xA, but it actually turned out to be 10.

The Russian took advantage of the available opportunities! At Atalanta he finished sixth in scoring for the season. Only the leaders are ahead: Gianluca Scamacca (19+7 in 26 games), Ademola Lookman (16+8, 24), Charles De Ketelare (14+10, 24), Thin Kopmijners (15+7, 22) and Mario Pasalic. (8+7, 15).

A new star appeared in Atalanta during the season:

A new star grew alongside Miranchuk. Scamacca went through the most difficult path

And according to some indicators, Miranchuk is at the top of Serie A. For example, Alexey is the best player in the Italian championship in shots on goal every 90 minutes – 1.65. He beat, for example, Victor Osimhen (Napoli, 1.63), Atalanta teammate Gianluca Scamacca (1.53) and Lautaro Martínez (Inter, 1.49). Miranchuk also leads the pre-hit actions during the 90 minutes: 6.22. Alexey has a solid lead over second place finisher, Matthias Soule (Frosinone, 5.42).

The Russian is also among the top two in Serie A in assists per 90 minutes (0.39). He only lost to Paulo Dybala (Roma, 0.41). Some of Miranchuk’s indicators look elite even by the standards of Europe’s top 5 leagues + European cups. Alexey is in the top 1% of players in average assists per game (0.49), top 7% in pre-shot actions (5.69), and top 21% in advancing assists (5. twenty).

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the match on matchday 37 against Lecce (2-0). Atalanta maintained a secure victory and Miranchuk made nine passes under attack. This is the best result in Serie A since December 2021, when Hakan Calhanoglu made 10 pre-hit assists in the match against Salernitana.

Alexey Miranchuk

Photo: Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

What’s inside the advanced statistics team? According to Understat, Miranchuk is Atalanta’s best player in key passes (3.49). He is followed by Luis Muriel (3.46), but the Colombian has had many fewer minutes on the pitch in Serie A (1136 – 364). Alexey ranks sixth (according to WhoScored) in average dribble attempts per game (0.6), third in self-fouls (1.2) and fifth in shots per 90 minutes (1.3). Although Miranchuk is not so good in terms of percentage of successful passes, he is only 77.8 (20th place in Atalanta).

Other surprising statistics from the season:

7 facts about last season that really surprise you

Summing up Alexey’s numbers for the season, we can draw a couple of conclusions:

Miranchuk likes to play aggressively, climb and is not ashamed to shoot on goal. Yes, not always successfully, but thanks to his desire for creativity, he is at the top in various attack indicators. It turns out that he replaced Josip Ilicic at Atalanta after all (with reservations about his status at the club, Miranchuk is ready to take on a role higher than Atalanta’s main reserve player); If Alexey is entrusted with a spot in the starting lineup on a permanent basis, he will not disappoint.

What positions did Miranchuk hold?

Last season, Miranchuk appeared on the field in two roles: central attacking midfielder and striker in the offensive pairing. Also situationally Alexey turned out to be a right winger in a 3-4-3 formation, but this is an episodic phenomenon. Still, Gasperini’s basic formations are 3-4-2-1 and 3-4-1-2.

The heat map clearly shows that Miranchuk gravitates towards the right mid-wing, generating opportunities from there. Furthermore, the Russian is not lazy to help in defense, meeting the demands of the Atalanta coach. Although, for example, at Lokomotiv and at the beginning in Italy, Miranchuk had problems with his performance. In RPL, this was covered by Alexey’s performance in attack, but in Serie A you have to work on pressing and defense.

Photo: “Championship”

What did they say about Miranchuk during the season?

The Italian press did not criticize Alexey much, even after unsuccessful matches. Surprisingly, Atalanta coach Gasperini always supported the Russian. Although Gian Piero likes to criticize players in the media. And when Miranchuk showed great performances, the specialist singled out Alexey. “He is in incredible shape. Today I released him again and he played the whole game. In attack he proved to be the best. We have many players in attack who add value, if everyone can give us even more, we can stay at the top,” said the Atalanta coach after the 1-1 draw with Roma in January.

Alexey – in the history of Russian and European football:


Miranchuk is the tenth Russian to win the European trophy with a foreign club

Corriere Torino and Toro News journalist Alberto Giulini explained Miranchuk’s transformation in the winter with the following reasons: “I think Miranchuk’s greatest merit is that he made the most of the opportunities that were presented to him. At Atalanta he always had very little playing time, but he knew how to take advantage of the absence of other players to show that he could deserve a place in the starting eleven.

In previous years he had difficulty adapting to Gasperini’s game. A year with Juric in Turin helped him. Juric is a kind of son of Gasperini, they play very similar. This helped Miranchuk. Torino made a different decision in the summer and decided not to buy him. But for the player it was important to play a lot in Turin, he regained continuity and awareness.

Atalanta have had several difficulties with their forwards this year. The team is strong, but not as strong as in previous years. Miranchuk even left the team this summer and then returned when Duvan Zapata moved to Torino. Alexey’s merit is that he never gave up. He did well with very little time, gaining more and more minutes on the field.”

Alexey Miranchuk and Gian Piero Gasperini

Photo: Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

And the publication TuttoAtalanta highlighted the transformation of the Russian: “The resurgence of Miranchuk. After the first part of the season, marked by unstable play, Alexey surprised everyone by becoming a valuable link in Atalanta’s attack. His evolution from fringe player to key player is a story of determination and talent. During this story, the Russian made decisive passes and scored vital goals for the Bergamo team.” And after the match on matchday 25 of Serie A against Sassuolo (3-0), Gasperini highlighted Miranchuk among the main players of the attack.

Gian Piero Gasperini

Atalanta head coach

“I have a united team in defense and in midfield, with competitive players. From Ketelare, Scamacca, Miranchuk, Lookman: we have the potential to fight for high positions.”

The best game of the season for Miranchuk was the away match against Napoli on matchday 30. Atalanta defeated the then Italian champion (3:0), and Alexey scored a goal and gave an assist. “The best of all. He justified his appearance in the first half, creating an advantage with a goal and an assist. This tour showed the strength of Atalanta: Scamacca, Kopmeiners, but above all Miranchuk, another footballer whose career was restarted under the leadership of Gasperini.

The play shown by the Russian during the 90 minutes showed how important it was to find a player like Alexey. He added more creativity to the attack. “This progress came several months after the failures at the beginning of the season,” TuttoAtalanta noted.

How Miranchuk demolished Napoli at the Diego Maradona stadium:

Miranchuk played the best game of the season against the Italian champion! And he returned Atalanta to the race for the Champions League

In May, Italian journalist Andrea Elefant spoke about Miranchuk’s future at Atalanta: “I think Gasperini and the management are happy with Miranchuk’s game. There is a possibility that he will stay for next season. But his future will depend on the offers that Atalanta and the footballer himself receive. Obviously, the decision will depend on him himself.” And former Spartak coach and former Atalanta player Massimo Carrera believes that Alexey should not change clubs.

Massimo Carrera

former Atalanta defender

“He had difficulties at the beginning of his career in Italy. But Miranchuk helped Atalanta a lot both in the Europa League and in the Championship. He is a quality footballer. When he had the opportunity to go out on the field, Alexey showed that he is an excellent and technical player. Everyone speaks positively about Miranchuk. Anyone coming from another country, you could say, needs time to adapt. At first it was difficult, but again I will add that with Gasperini he is a special person. But in Italy everyone is happy with Miranchuk.”

How to evaluate Miranchuk’s season?

Alexey Miranchuk

Photo: Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Miranchuk had a good but uneven season. At first he had trouble breaking into the lineup and didn’t always take the field successfully. And closer to winter, he became an important football player for Atalanta: at some point, Alexey even became the leader of the Bergamascans. Miranchuk did not play in the Europa League final, but the Russian’s contribution to the title was enormous. He had his best season in Italy in terms of statistics and influence on Atalanta football.

Miranchuk has not established himself as a first-team player, but he is getting close. It is possible that Alexey will change clubs in the summer. There is no talk about this yet, but Miranchuk is definitely ready to be a starter for a Serie A team. He may not get what he wants at Atalanta. And last season, Miranchuk received 7.5 points out of 10.

Atalanta’s success in the Europa League would not have been possible without Miranchuk:

Miranchuk deserved to win the Europa League. Don’t underestimate his help to Atalanta!

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