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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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A terrible injury at Roland Garros 2022. Zverev left the court in a wheelchair and Nadal was left in shock

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 19:26:39

On June 3, 2022, spectators in Paris eagerly awaited the lengthy and exciting men’s singles semi-final between Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zverev. This is how it should have turned out, were it not for the real drama that unfolded on the court at the end of the second installment.

The Spanish tennis player took first place in the tiebreaker, losing during the thirteenth game with a score of 2:6. Zverev became nervous and, having made a mistake submitting to the second set, out of old habit he cursed heartily in a language familiar from childhood. In recent years, judges on all stages of the world have learned Russian profanity, for which Alexander was immediately warned. After that, he tried for a long time to convince the referee in the tower that he had not said anything reprehensible. So who would have thought that this meeting would be over in just a few minutes?

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pain and crying

Nadal returned the missed shot and went into the second tie-break of the match. But in one of the draws, Zverev reached for the ball, unsuccessfully stumbled and fell. At the same time, his foot literally twisted to the side. Alexander’s cry filled the steps of Philippe Chatrier’s court. Nadal was amazed at the torment of his rival from the other side of the net. Yes, he wanted to win and another final at his favorite Grand Slam tournament, but certainly not at that price.

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Organizers quickly got their bearings on the situation, and moments later a wheelchair appeared on the pitch, in which Zverev was taken to a room below the stands. At the same time, the end of the game was not officially announced, although the fact that the German tennis player would not be able to continue playing very soon was clear to everyone without exception. But Alexander, even in these difficult circumstances, did not forget about the spectators gathered in the stands. After several painkillers, he asked for crutches and returned to thank the fans and the rival. Trying to hide the tears.

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One year later

A medical examination showed that Zverev tore three lateral ligaments at once. This year, having arrived at Roland Garros, he told reporters what he had to endure after his injury.

“After the injury, I couldn’t play for seven months. And then another three or four months I had pain, I could not move as I wanted.

Sometimes I remember who I was and what matches I won. It’s important to me. But I don’t really think about the injury anymore and what happened here. I’m glad I’m back to where I was last year and I have another chance. I look forward to using it, ”Alexander indulged in unpleasant memories.

Of course, Zverev really does not want to mentally return to that terrible day when terrible pain and bitter annoyance merged into a single whole. But knowing the character of Alexander, what happened to him clearly gives him additional motivation in the fight for the coveted trophy. Zverev has a new semifinal ahead of him, now with Kasper Ruud. And I would like to hope that this time the fate of a ticket to the main match of the clay season is decided in wrestling without tragic accidents.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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