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“A true business tablet.” How does sport help Ivan Serebrennikov make money?

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 20:01:33

In the “Way to success” section we study how sports and careful attention to your health help you develop your business. Here are the stories of several entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts.

Ivan Serebrennikov is a businessman, founder of the Karusel kick exchange company, entrepreneur and blogger. He was born on February 17, 1985 in the city of Bratsk, Irkutsk region. Since 2014 he lives in Moscow.

I wake up between 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning, read the news, then a book, take a cold shower and have breakfast.

Then I look at the calendar and form two priority tasks for the day. Then I do sports. At 8:00-9:00 my training begins.

Colleagues have long known that I am not in touch until 11:00, I am not assigned important work matters. This is my personal time. Then I attend meetings related to business development, if there are any, or do things that require decision making. From 6:00 p.m., subject to free time, personal life begins: a date with friends, dinner or a movie with a loved one, family gatherings.

My family is Orthodox, so we spend important Orthodox holidays together. Also on weekends we traditionally meet up with friends and go out for activities (snowmobiling in winter, picnics in summer). We even have our own parent club, where we often visit different cities or even go to the mountains (we have already been to Elbrus a couple of times).

Photo: from the personal archive of Ivan Serebrennikov.

Since I can now fly alone, sometimes my son and I travel by small plane to somewhere in the Moscow region.

I practice meditation daily, I exercise a lot (up to six times a week), I go to a monastery a couple of times a year and disconnect for a few days. Additionally, regular travel and vacations provide the opportunity to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of work.

I have two simple rules:

Carry out daily from the agenda the two most important and priority tasks at the current moment that take me to my goal. Don’t do anything that doesn’t bring me closer to the goal. However, there are days when I simply cannot leave the house and watch a series, since there are no important tasks.

As for books, I read different literature. About five years ago the emphasis was on business work, now I like artistic work more. Sometimes I also take courses if there is a task where I lack skills.

However, the best development for me is to network with people from different fields who have achieved great success. First of all, its results inspire confidence. Secondly, I quickly absorb and apply the life experiences of real people to myself, which allows me to change and transform faster.

I don’t consider myself successful: rather, just on the path to success.

In general, in my opinion, considering myself successful limits the growth rate, but at the same time I do not devalue my experience and achievements.

If we talk about my first entry, it was in fifth grade. Then my friends and neighbors and I washed cars in the yard, however, we spent all the money on candy, since in the 90s they were scarce, but we wanted candy.

Something more serious began in the eleventh grade. I have always loved IT and launched a dedicated internet line in my area – connecting a device/group of devices to the internet using a cable.

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At that time this was in great demand, because before they used the Internet through a telephone line. Since he loved cars very much, he bought one with the money he earned.

It’s surprising, but I opened an individual entrepreneur at 17 years old. Many will probably think that it is impossible to do this as a minor, but previously it was possible to become an individual entrepreneur not through the tax office, but through the administration. The identification was in the form of a blue book.

To do this, it was necessary to bring a letter signed by my parents confirming that I was capable and emancipated. They supported my efforts and gave me this document.

Photo: from the personal archive of Ivan Serebrennikov.

Even now I do not stop overcoming obstacles, I cope with it in different ways, more often I solve things myself, because I am a good negotiator and I can reach an agreement, as it seems to me, with almost anyone.

At some point I realized: people and connections are the main asset. Over the course of several years, he acquired some worthy friendships. Now they often help me solve various problems.

I tried doing business with partners, but I got the best experience on a project when I was alone.

I don’t think it’s better to do business alone, I just have that experience. Now in some projects I am more of an advisor and have a minority participation, but there are also projects in which I am alone.

An advisor is a consultant with deep knowledge and experience in a specific area who helps companies resolve strategic issues.

However, being a sole shareholder does not mean not having a partner. I consider my team as partners as they primarily do business by completing tasks on a daily basis. I just establish the vector, the strategy and provide resources.

The advice I would give myself at the beginning of this journey is: don’t rush, take reasonable risks and take care of your finances.

Speaking of money, I don’t feel like I’ve achieved financial success. I think that such a condition and an expensive purchase will be when I really feel satisfied with the result.

Business is a journey, you never know when you will reach the result.

I started playing sports in 2012, when I was 27 years old. I was interested in karate for several years and received belts every year.

We need serotonin, which is released when we achieve goals. Physical activity allows you to achieve them much faster, helping to reduce the level of stress caused by the uncertainty of the entrepreneurial path.

Sport is a real pill that will undoubtedly improve business. And the simplest thing that training gives me is discipline.

Photo: from the personal archive of Ivan Serebrennikov.

In 2020 I suffered a knee injury and after a few months I realized that I could no longer move my legs like that. Then I started boxing. I train at least four to six times a week, depending on how busy I am.

In 2017, my (now close) friend, whom I met in Skolkovo, got me interested in triathlon, which includes swimming, cycling and running. In summer I cycle on the cycling routes of Krylatskoye (Moscow region) twice a week, in winter I run 10-12 km twice a week and go to swimming training every week all year round.

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I also try to do a couple of outings every year. I have two Ironman 70.3 races under my belt. Now I want to do a full Ironman 140.6. To achieve your goals outside of sports, you just need to get off your butt every day and complete tasks.

As for nutrition, I was vegan for many years, I didn’t eat meat and I didn’t even drink alcohol, from the word “nothing”, this lasted for seven or eight years.

Now I just don’t eat flour or sweets. In the morning – buckwheat porridge or eggs in any form, in the afternoon – chicken/turkey or fish, in the evening – vegetables. After 18-19 I try not to eat. For snacks I usually have protein bars without carbohydrates. These are my basic rules, sometimes I can break them, but I try to do it rarely.

Books and movies that everyone should read and see.

I would recommend the Bible, but I understand that not everyone is religious and if so, there may be other denominations. To feel the entrepreneurial spirit, any biography of American brands will do, from Steve Jobs to Nike (by the way, I liked Phil Knight’s “The Shoe Salesman”).

Among the tool books, I can recommend “The Goal. The Continuous Improvement Process” by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox (the book for productive people, I call it). About six years ago I gave it to all the senior managers in my company.

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Another good author is Nassim Taleb, known as the author of The Black Swan: Under the Sign of Contingency and the Antifragile. He writes well about risks and attitudes toward them.

Theodore Dreiser talks about finances, Ayn Rand talks about will and freedom of spirit. Some of her most profound works are: “The Fountain”, “Atlas Shrugged”.

4 habits that keep me in good shape, both physically and emotionally

meditation; regular exercise; sleep schedule (11:00 pm – time to go to bed; 6:30 am – time to wake up);

Photo: from the personal archive of Ivan Serebrennikov.

lightning survey

In which sport could you become a professional athlete?

Most likely, boxing and martial arts are my element, my way of thinking. I am a fighter in life and sport reflects this essence of mine well.

What was your first job?

I have always been an entrepreneur, in my youth I was associated with the electronics trade and I spent the money I earned on a gift for my girlfriend – a pager and a bouquet of flowers. Eventually, my first major purchase was a car when I was 19 years old.

Who would you like to become?

I would like to be a pilot, I have always been attracted to the sky, and now I fly a small plane and I am finishing my training to be a private pilot.

Favorite gym exercise?

Boxing and cycling sparring.

What do you usually do to relax after a hard day?

I meditate, listen to music, drive and think about the future.

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Which athlete do you consider iconic?

There is no idol as such, but Khabib [Нурмагомедова] I consider him a good example both in sport and in his way of thinking.

What dish could you eat for the rest of your life?

Buckwheat with stew.

Should you force yourself to exercise?

Forcing myself to do anything is not my approach. I negotiate with myself, the only way to make it fun and useful. Resistance leads to depression and illness.

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