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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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A young tennis player from Russia played the match of a lifetime in the United States. The thriller lasted almost 4 hours.

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 01:10:58

19-year-old Russian Tatyana Prozorova (racket number 229 in the world) has already impressed many in qualifying for the 2023 US Open with the fact that she not only made it to the final, but also knocked out two players on her way. most experienced Belarusian tennis players. the way. Our young tennis player had never gotten this far in her short career.

Yulia Gotovko was the first to fall under the light hand of the Russian (who, by the way, hung up the wheel (6-0) in the third installment). The next to know the charm of Tatyana’s elegant shots was the 162nd racket in the world, 26-year-old Irina Shimanovich.

Prozorova bit this truly grueling marathon duel literally with meat. A three-set gibberish, where the girls ran through the entire match. In the end Tatyana won with great difficulty 6:3, 5:7, 7:5.

In the final, Tatyana got the 119th rocket in the world from the Slovenian Tamara Zidansek. A few years ago, the Slovenian even entered the top thirty of the strongest WTA ranking, but then her career did not work out and she flew down. Today Tamara is forced to enter the main draw of the American Grand Slam tournament through the thorns of the rankings. On the way to the final, Zidansek stopped our Ekaterina Makarova in straight sets (6-1, 6-1).

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The first set is a real decoration of the qualifying final. None of the rivals wanted to give up an inch of blue with force. Prozorova attacked with confidence and force from the baseline, in turn, the cunning Zidanshek made good use of the blows along the line. In the matches, the rivals, having given a friend one of his services, reached a tie-break. However, not everything was so smooth here. Again, series of powerful attacks and prolonged practical jokes, as if the girls were testing each other’s stamina. In the midst of draws, the Russian became so excited that periodically her racket would fly off the court in anger. The game lasted almost 1 hour and 40 minutes, in which Tatiana literally won the tie-break 7:6 (13:11).

As is often the case, when the first segment was too emotionally and physically taxing, in the second the winning side seems to take a break. That is what happened in this meeting. The second set Prozorova lost, one might say, unconditionally. After about 40 minutes, the scoreboard showed a dismal 1:5 for the Russian, which thanks to Tanya’s stubbornness managed to turn into an intermediate 3:6.

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The third set saw an almost complete repeat of the first. These long shots below the baseline, Prozor’s signature short shots in this game, the Slovenians hit with great difficulty, but sometimes reached a large number of unforced errors on both sides. This is the beauty of women’s singles tennis. Once again, the tie-break, as a reminder that even in the qualifying phase for the Grand Slam tournament, athletes fight to the end. Tatyana Prozorova won it again in a wild tie abroad and for the first time in her career she reached the main draw not only at the US Open, but also at the first tournament of this level overall. The game lasted 3 hours and 40 minutes! 7:6 (13:11), 3:6, 7:6 (9:7).

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Puck Henry
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