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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Aceman Pankov or the fast Christenson? Choosing the symbolic team of the volleyball season

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 00:07:59

Aceman Pankov or the fast Christenson? Choosing the symbolic team of the volleyball season

Sofia Kolodkina May 17, 2023, 14:30 Moscow time

It is time to remember the best of the best in each position and vote for them.

“Campeonato” continues the series of qualifications on the occasion of the finals of the men’s volleyball league. We offer to choose the best player for each position: diagonal player, setter, setter, libero and middle blocker. And the coach will “lead” the gang of the best – the most productive are also on the list.

In the previous ranking, he chose the best diagonal season 2022/2023 in the Russian Super League. They became Maxim Mikhailov! As well as two blockers: Ilyas Kurkaev and Dmitry Lyzik, probably Russia’s main center. Ilyas is first in the league among his colleagues: he scored 432 points in the regular season and playoffs, and in blocking he brought 80. Dmitry follows his teammate in performance: he has 378 points and 77 blocks .

Symbolic team of the 2022/2023 Super League season

The next hero is the binder, the brains of any team. The offensive potential of the club is in his hands: only he decides who to give: to the center, to the replay or to the diagonal. It is also in his power to correct a failed technique with just one touch! In addition, modern setters on the court can not only pass, but also effectively serve and cover with a screen.

So let’s remember the setters of the Russian Super League! Below are the top 10 contenders. Vote!

If you want to move the setter up in the rankings, press the up arrow “↑”. If you think any player should be on the list below, press the down arrow “↓”.

Attention: The “Ranking” functionality only works in the normal version of the “Championship”. If you entered this material through a search page, you will see only the generated list without voting buttons.

Ranking: the best setter of the 2022/2023 season of the Super League

Photo: RIA Novosti

Pavel Pankov, Dynamo

The Dynamo captain is the best shooter of the season: 71 aces in 38 games. It is a pity that there are no statistics of tricks knocked out and passes in his service. He is also great in the Dynamo block: 48 points. He lost only to the second in this indicator in the league, Ilya Vlasov, who is 88. Pavel’s creativity is noticeable not in the first season, it is not for nothing that he was the MVP of the Super League for two years in a row.

Photo: RIA Novosti

Konstantin Abaev, Lokomotiv

Konstantin’s ingenuity was especially important for Loko this season – injuries to the leaders did not allow Plamen Konstantinov’s guys to take a deep breath in attack. But he himself, injured at the beginning of the season, successfully got out of the hospital: Kostya spent the finale of the regular season and in the playoffs: he sometimes turned 16% of the reception into 50% in attack. He was also dangerous on the gridiron: Abaev bagged 36 times and hit 14 aces in the playoffs alone; many players and guys on the diagonal had less.

Photo: RIA Novosti

Maika Christenson, Zenit-Kazan

During the season, Mike showed great class, making Zenit’s game fast and varied. Alongside Abaev and Pankov, Mikey comes with help on the field and in the net: at Zenit, he served 24 aces and delivered 28 blocks.

Photo: vk.com/vczenitspb

Dmitry Kovalev, Zenit Saint Petersburg

Dmitry moved to Zenit from Belogorye and put Igor Kobzar on the bench, who, however, excelled in the playoff series – he played medal matches with a healing finger and in a languet. Due to injury, Dmitry retired at the end of the season. But before that he hit 15 aces, delivered 52 blocks in an incomplete season.

Photo: vk.com/belogorievolley

Roman Poroshin, Belogorye

At the post, Roman replaced Dmitry Kovalev, who moved to the St. Petersburg “Zenith”. Poroshin is another representative of the universal binder: he delivered 11 aces and caught opponents’ attacks on the gridiron 38 times.

Photo: vk.com/fakelvolley

Sergey Grankin, “Torch”

The legendary setter returned to the Russian Super League after four years in the German “Berlin”, but with some regret. About which he spoke in an interview with “Championship” last year. However, the youth of the Fakel boys bribed the Olympic champion, “with whom you come up with something” and plays for the future: as in Germany, he became a champion with a young backbone.

Photo: vk.com/kuzbassvolley

Egor Krechetov, Kuzbass

Even last season, Krechetov gained a foothold at the base – he ousted Alexander Butko from the starting six. It was noted that with him the club gains more spontaneity in front. Minus-small growth: at 188 cm, he doesn’t block very often: 21 times a season. On serve, Egor seems to be able to play better too: he has only 13 aces in 309 attempts.

Photo: vk.com/vcdynamolo

Nikola Jovovich, Dynamo-LO

The club’s long-liver from Serbia led the team to sixth place, though Sosnovy Bor’s gang rallied for fifth place with Belogorye and nearly dragged them from 0-2. Nicola isn’t particularly happy with the serve this season: just nine aces on 396 tries and 30 errors.

Photo: vk.com/nn_volley

Konstantin Tyushkevich, ASC

Konstantin gave the team not only a confident second touch, but also 50 points on the field – he entered the top 10 servers in the league! He also became a co-author of the main sensation of the first round of the playoffs – ASK knocked out the sixth in the regular season “Kuzbass” from the fight for medals and repeated the best result in the club’s history. And he patted Zenit-Kazan in 1/4 of the Russian championship.

Photo: vk.com/volleyufa

Maximilian Cavanna, Ural

The Argentine bookbinder has been tested for strength; for this purpose he came to the Russian championship. With him, the Ufa team achieved a record eight-game winning streak and was even among the top five leaders in the Super League by the end of 2022. But he finished the season in tenth place.

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