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Adventures for the strong of spirit. The 5 best places in Russia for rafting

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Adventures for the strong of spirit. The 5 best places in Russia for rafting

Vladimir Vinogradov June 11, 2023, 12:15 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Routes for beginners and professionals.

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Rafting is one of the most popular summer water activities and a great option for those who find SUPs boring and too difficult to surf. With rafting, everything is easier: even beginners are allowed on the classic routes of the first and second categories, and specialized sports schools are open for “advanced” ones in many popular places. About where to go rafting in Russia, I will tell below.

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Shuya, Karelia

Rafting on the Shuya is ideal for families with children: the terrain in Karelia is not very rugged, the river is dominated by sections, but you will have to overcome a couple of interesting rapids and crevices. For the first time, it is best to sail in a group and with an instructor to learn basic commands and proper load distribution. And the rafting itself can be combined with a visit to Karelian sights: Ruskeala, Ladoga skerries or waterfalls.


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Katun, Altai

The routes along the Katun vary in length and difficulty category. You can find both options for beginners for a couple of hours on the lower river, or tour the entire Katun in a multi-day rafting with access to the mountains and overcoming the Teldekpen, Ilgumen, Kadrinskaya pipe and Shabash rapids. Turquoise water, stunning mountain scenery, and overnight stays in the most picturesque and hard-to-reach campsites are a bonus.


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Mzymta, Krasnodar Territory

Mzymta in translation means “mad river”, which perfectly illustrates his violent temper and changeable mood. There is even a waterfall of the 6th category of complexity in the Ah-Tsu gorge. But in general, Mzymta is very friendly to beginners – amateur rafting teams are recruited mainly from vacationers on the Black Sea coast. The program of such rafting excursions often includes a tasting of Caucasian cuisine, including trout from local farms.


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Belaya and Chusovaya, Urals

Rafting competitions are often held on the Ural rivers – the terrain allows you to compete in both sprint and slalom. Professionals should choose the upper reaches of the rivers, where there are plenty of reverse potholes, clamps, and chills. The difficulty of passing through Belaya and Chusovaya is enhanced by their “isolation” from civilization: many sections of the routes pass through terrain where it is impossible to drive a car. Such is the harsh Ural rafting.


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Chulman, Yakutia

The length of the Yakut Chulman River exceeds 100 km, and along its entire length you can not only go rafting, but also fish. Many locals willingly take advantage of this and cross the river at their own comfortable pace, combining rafting with fishing and mushroom picking, and occasionally hunting. Chulman is suitable for leisurely contemplative rafting, not so much for sport as for pleasure, during which you look for winter hunting lodges and fantasize about the strange shape of the rocks hanging over the water.


Photo: www.istockphoto.com

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