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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Alexander Pervukhin: The new Russian rugby team has taken its first steps

Date: March 28, 2023 Time: 08:06:11

Training events were held from February 13 to 20 in Sochi. A new Russian national team has assembled at the Yug Sport base, the eldest of which is currently 28-year-old striker from Strela Nikita Vavilin.

“The meeting went according to plan, without glitches, the entire planned program was completed, even taking into account the fact that the weather brought unpleasant surprises,” says Pervukhin. – We determine the backbone, the foundation, the future of the Russian team. Unfortunately, our 6-7 people couldn’t come to Sochi for various reasons, but in general they did a good job. I look at the attitude, awareness, sympathetic attitude towards the players. We work on the structure of the game, practicing rucks, counterattacks. In a word, we have fulfilled all the planned volume. On the other hand, I urge you not to overestimate the sports results of this camp, because there was very little time, but the first steps were taken. And that makes me happy.

There is one more point that I would like to emphasize. The first four days we held coaching seminars, which were attended by more than 20 people. I think they were useful to everyone, people listened, discussed, asked questions, somewhere they agreed, somewhere they did not. The coaches of the national team and the national teams of Russia (U17, U19) and our Academy (“Center” and “South” direction) took part in the seminars. We discuss the main points of the game in defense and attack, general principles.

The Russian Rugby Federation, given the current circumstances, is doing a great job in terms of developing youth rugby, even look how much the number of children’s tournaments has increased over the last year! And this work must necessarily become quality, but on the condition that this process is directed by a competent technical body.

Photo source: FRR press service

– Before the start of the training camp, you said that in the last days the national team would work together with our closest reserve of the Russian national team (U19).

– In the second half of the training camp, yes, you’re right, we had training according to the same plan. For two days in the morning we worked on the structure and attack tactics, and in the afternoon the team (U19) worked under the same scheme, but with the interpretations of their coaching staff. On the third day we had a joint training-sparring game. The boys worked from statistical situations in the format of 2 times of 30 minutes. It turned out to be a good and useful training, the guys were happy. The young people looked, if I may say so, “the first shoots.”

– What are the dates for the next training camp for the national team?

– Considering that the end of March is the time of rugby-7s tournaments in Russia, we will hold a training camp only for players of the first and second lines, who almost never participate in the “sevens”. We plan to invite about 24-25 players to this training event, which will take place in Sochi.

In my previous appointment as the head coach of the Russian national team in 2015, we had big problems with the players of this role. And if among the players of the first line we have more options, there is a perspective, then there are still problems with the second line. We will work, we will find talent, especially since we now have the closest connection to the U17 and U19 teams.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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