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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Alexey Dementiev: Fedotov has no contract with Philadelphia

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 11:51:44

It is unlikely that you do not know, but just in case, we remember. One of the best national goalkeepers, Ivan Fedotov, has recently returned from the ranks of the Russian armed forces. For him, the fight between the leader of the KHL CSKA and the NHL team from Philadelphia began. Both clubs claim Iván and demonstrate the contract signed with him as an argument. However, there are many pitfalls in this case.


– What is, in your opinion, the reason for the KHL’s decision to register Fedotov’s contract, although a couple of days earlier the league was against it? Who exactly convinced?– I think that the management boasts that the contract was signed for the season that has passed. The documents were issued exactly for that period. It was enough for the league that the player did not have a contract, he simply terminated. The situation is clearly simpler than it appears.

– Who is right in this situation, the KHL or the NHL? Does Fedotov really have contractual obligations to Philadelphia?– As I said, the annual contract for the 2022/23 season was signed, after which Fedotov entered the army. This season has passed, and in the new one he has no contract with any team.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

— Are you surprised that the FHR asks the IIHF for advice? Can this help resolve the conflict?– Probably, some kind of mediator is needed to solve this problem, because the regulations and actions that the NHL and the KHL can do are different. The question is which third party to choose. If it’s the IIHF, I don’t think our side will get any help from them. In my opinion, this is due to his recent actions and attitudes towards Russians and Belarusians in general.

– There is a real fight for Fedotov, but will he be able to perform at the same high level after a year’s hiatus?— It is difficult to answer this question now. You need to see it in-game. Well, then each of the club’s specialists and leaders will draw the appropriate conclusions for himself about the fact of his game. I can only say that if Ivan shows the same level as he did a year ago, then all this struggle will definitely be justified.


– How, in your opinion, relations between the KHL and the NHL will develop after this incident?– To be honest, I would very much like to believe that they are still very friendly and non-conflicting. The two leagues have traditionally had some conflicts, but overall relations have always been good. Often they and we walked towards each other.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

– How can this situation affect other hockey players who want to go to the NHL?– This is probably the most delicate question of the whole situation. We don’t have a press release from the National Hockey League yet. Of course, there are certain consultations and conversations between the ice hockey federation, the KHL and the NHL. Now, any information just doesn’t surface to a certain extent.If the NHL decides to sign drafted players or free agents from Russia, it will most likely be a major blow to the composition of certain teams in our league. In this case, there will be a big headache for managers, it will be necessary to retain players who are potentially interesting for the NHL. This will probably be the most difficult issue for the leadership of our clubs.

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