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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Alexey Safonov: Dzyuba has a difficult character, why does Talalaev need such a “lighter” in the locker room?

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 08:37:30

The collection is already in full swing, but Dziuba is not there. According to some information, Torpedo president Ilya Gerkus is in favor of signing Dzyuba, but head coach Andrey Talalaev is not sure about the need for a striker for the team.

Football agent Alexei Safonov – about this situation.

“Dziuba has a difficult character, so few people like him, that’s the problem,” Safonov believes. – Many coaches do not want such a “lighter” in the locker room.

– Talalaev himself is still an arsonist, so sparks can fly.

– I think that the Talalaev team should have a clear leader – this is him.

– They write that only Talalaev doubts Dziuba, Gerkus wants to see him in the team.

– The head coach is responsible for the result. They will ask you.

– But from a football point of view, Dzyuba will certainly help, we all know that he is an excellent player.

– Dzyuba will help not only Torpedo, but almost any RPL team. You just need to get in shape if Dzyuba comes dismounted… In freshness, you can play two or three matches well, and then deflate. All the teams are now plowing on the training ground, the players are vomiting from the charges. Dziuba is still at home and time is running out.

– As you can see, Dzyuba is not very good with offers. Does he need to hold on to a chance with Torpedo?

– Why hold on? We see how Pavlyuchenko played in the “Banner of Labor”. And there is an example of Zhirkov, he earned good money, looked at everything and decided: why suffer? It is necessary to come out on top, Dzyuba earned good money, why should he fly from Torpedo to the first league? Being a champion and getting that line in your bio at the end of your career.

– Want to play…

– If you want to play, buy a Medialeague team and play. Or go to Qatar, Emirates. They love titled players. And Dzyuba has many titles, the captain of the national team and so on.

– Will “Torpedo” be saved?

– No, only 6 points, a big gap. It is necessary not only to win everything, but also that your competitors lose. “Torpedo” now, as independent unions, nothing depends on it.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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