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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Alexey Safonov: Talalaev did not want Dzyuba to join the Torpedo

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 22:15:42

“Torpedo” still decided to refuse the services of Artem Dzyuba. This was confirmed by the president of the club, Ilya Gerkus.

“The Dziuba issue is closed. Torpedo is considering other candidates for the center forward position,” RIA Novosti Sport quoted Herkus as saying.

Football agent Alexei Safonov commented on this information.

– A couple of days ago, we talked to you about the option of Dziuba joining Torpedo. He then suggested that Torpedo head coach Andrey Talalaev would not want to see a forward in the team.

– That’s right, they say, Talalaev was against, Herkus was in favor, – Safonov shares information.

– Yes, some informants report that one of the reasons was fear for the atmosphere in the locker room and that the charismatic Dzyuba would have a bad influence on partners. This only confirms the version about Talalaev. Another reason is that Dziuba is in bad shape.

– Well, now there are all the opportunities to dress up in a beautiful uniform. If you want – in Adidas, if you want – in a puma, if you want – in Nike. You will look beautiful.

– You can still dress up in the market.

– Of course, Slutsky dressed.

– One of the arguments against the arrival of Dzyuba is the reaction of the fans. In Torpedo, they are quite active, and Dzyuba has a Spartak past.

– The main enemies of the torpedo team are Dynamo fans. There were always serious graters with them, it was all about stabbing. Relations with the Spartacists were even. Like the army and Zenit. There were many transitions from Torpedo to Spartak and vice versa.

– What should Dzyuba do? It seems that in the RPL they are not really expecting it. To the Middle East? But do you have options?

– I have already said it and I will repeat it again: Dzyuba has earned himself well in his career, you do not need to worry about this. Why would he kill himself in the field? Maybe he wants to organize his own academy or buy a Media League team. He seems like he never left football.

I don’t think he wants to end up playing like Pavlyuchenko somewhere in Noginsk. Run until your knees are worn out.

But it seems that the journalists, more than Artem himself, want him to keep playing. And now he sits and laughs at them.

– The real danger for the continuation of a career is that everyone is already plowing at the training ground, a little more than a month before the start of the season, and Dziuba is unlikely to get in shape due to individual training. That means that the season is down the drain, and there will already be 35.

– That’s the real problem. He came to Turkey without a uniform because of that and didn’t play. In terms of game quality, there can be no complaints against Artem. And he also got into the team with Pirlo, but in Italy it’s like: he didn’t race, he didn’t finish it, he’s immediately on the bench. What can I say, he will take a joystick and play football on the computer.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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