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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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All about Zenit’s upcoming and future transfers

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 16:26:17

Zenit is the most active club in the summer transfer market. But the main feature of this offseason is the change in the way the current champions operate in the market. As we well know, previously in St. Petersburg the policy was followed: an economical and promising foreigner is better than a Russian, for whom you will have to spend much more. After this, a myth appeared. Russian-born players apparently reject any idea of ​​moving to St. Petersburg. There are “golden cages” and other attributes that can be seen in films about Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome.

Now we state for the record: this story is over. Peter has already taken two Russians: Glushenkov and Latyshonok. He will soon announce Volkov and Gorshkov. Therefore, there will be far fewer foreign players bought during this window. And by the way, in terms of the total number of Russians in the application, the club is already among the leaders of the RPL.

Who is Peter’s main rival in the market?

Krasnodar is Zenit’s main rival in the transfer market

Everyone knew in advance which positions Zenit should reinforce. The list of candidates within the market was limited. But it seems that Peter more or less chose the first candidates for each position.

Goalkeeper: Evgeniy Latyshonok. According to many statistical indicators, one of the best of the spring. The main advantage of him is his contract about to expire. And the buyback option, known in small circles. As of July 1, he would have amounted to only 10 million rubles. But, apparently, out of respect for Baltika and the St. Petersburg market, they did not save about 30 million. In any case, this is very little money, even if you take into account that there were probably bonuses and agency bonuses. Let’s not say that Peter potentially got the first issue almost for free. After all, it is far from a fact that Evgeniy will become one. However, Zenit definitely strengthened the position that needed it. And the headquarters now has a more varied option; in fact, anyone can become the main one. And this is just an advantage for the team.

Evgeniy Latyshonok at Zenit

Photo: fc-zenit.ru

Next up is Yuri Gorshkov. Zenit has not yet announced it, but the transfer is in the final registration phases. The amount, according to several experts, is around 120 million rubles. The reigning champions needed an alternative to Douglas. He doesn’t drive Karavaev to the left flank or use Alip there. So they took the strongest one available.

Another point is how Gorshkov himself will react to the sudden change in status. In “Wings” he was the main player without an alternative, and in St. Petersburg this place was reserved for the captain. It is clear that variations in formations are possible in the new season: for example, a transition to 3-5-2, in which Douglas can play any role on the flank. But so far we are not very clear about the prospects for the player. Although in the national team and in Samara, Gorshkov showed that he can adapt to any model and play in different positions. A good transition for the right money. Yes, Nair Tiknizyan could take his place. However, the boy seemed to be thinking too much. Zenit made an offer, did not receive operational consent and worked on the option with Gorshkov. Maybe this isn’t such a bad scenario for everyone.

Yuri Gorshkov in “The Wings of the Soviets”

Photo: pfcks.ru

So far the main signing is Maxim Glushenkov. This is also understandable. In fact, the two key attacking midfielders of the blue and white team are Wendel and Claudinho. They both have very changeable moods. And questions about motivation. The club needed an equivalent alternative in terms of statistics and opportunities. There is only one like this on the Russian market. Loko needed a major sale, so a long negotiation over Maxim was unlikely. Furthermore, the Moscow management has already stated that they do not consider the footballer’s departure an irreparable loss. So everyone is happy. And Glushenkov himself is already asking for the support of St. Petersburg fans. Yes, information appeared in the media that the boy was interested in European teams. But, apparently, he long ago outlined his priorities when he announced that he would not go to the conditional “Le Havre”. In fact, this is how he opened the way to St. Petersburg.

Zenit paid about 600 million rubles for the transition. You can argue how marketable this is. But then again, if the amount suited Loko, why not? Salary data varies: informant Ivan Karpov said that in five years the guy will earn about a billion rubles. According to Soviet Sport, about 750 million rubles including bonuses, that is, approximately 1.5 million euros per year. The second figure seems closer to the truth. Because in Saint Petersburg they are very careful with the salaries paid to Russians. There have already been negative examples in the club’s history. They don’t want to repeat them.

Maxim Glushenkov at Zenit

Photo: fc-zenit.ru

The club will also soon sign Sergei Volkov from Krasnodar. The flank with Karavaev and Mario impresses few people. They calmly separate from Kozlov; Now the talent will prove his worth at another level. And the priority purchase option did not overcome Krasnodar’s desire to accept the blue-white-blue student.

But there will surely be more transitions. The market is still talking about Alexander Sobolev and Zhedson Fernandes. However, for now I believe more in Rodrigo Néstor’s invitation. His own agent confirmed that Saint Petersburg is interested in this transfer.

Here is the online transfer window:


Zenit announced the transfer of Glushenkov! One of the main signings of the summer has occurred! LIVE

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