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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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All the designs for the final of the Nepomniachtchi Candidates Tournament. How can a Russian become the first?

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 05:37:02

The 2024 Chess Candidates Tournament in Toronto (Canada) is approaching its climax. With two rounds left, there are three leaders at a time, and the fourth chess player is only half a point behind this leading trio. And there is only one ticket for the world title match. Everyone else will be left with nothing!

According to the tournament rules, no additional indicators are important. The only thing that matters is the number of points achieved. And if several grandmasters share first place, they will simply play a tiebreaker.

Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi won the two previous candidate tournaments without so many problems. But his chances of getting a third victory are quite high. You just have to do what he knows how to do very well: play chess and not think about the design of the tournaments. We will calculate the designs for it.

So what does our Ian need to do in the later rounds?

Let’s start the analysis with the position in the classification. We will only give the first four places, because the rest no longer have the right to victory.

Now, for clarity, we will show who will play with whom:

According to the schedule of the last rounds, it turns out that the fate of the Candidates Tournament is in the hands of Hikaru Nakamura. He will have to play both direct competitors, and if the American can beat both Nepomniachtchi and Gukesh, he will be guaranteed first place. Hikaru, of course, is capable of doing this, but his opponents are not scapegoats at all.

What happens if Ian ties twice?

This is probably the most likely scenario. Of course, in the last rounds the nervous tension will be very high and each game will have three outcomes, but the most likely outcome is a tie in chess.

If Ian ties with Nakamura and Caruana, then for his participation in the first place division the following conditions must be met:

– draw or defeat against Dommaraju in the match against Firouzja in round 13; – draw in the Nakamura – Dommaraju match in round 14;

Firouzja in this tournament is remembered more for her striking outfits:

Luxury and unreal amounts: how much the most elegant chess player, Alireza Firouzja, spends on clothes

Another option is possible:

– Dommaraju’s loss to Firouzja in the 13th round. – Dommaraju’s victory over Nakamura in the 14th round.

What happens if Yang loses to Nakamura?

Then Ian’s chances of winning the Candidates Tournament will decrease drastically. The Russian will be content with the only route of the last two rounds:

– Dommaraju’s loss to Caruana in the 13th round – Nakamura’s loss to Dommaraju in the 14th round – Ian’s victory over Caruana in the 14th round;

Agree, it’s a difficult combination. So it’s better not to lose.

What happens if Yang loses to Caruana?

It is easy to conclude that Yang can remain in the first place playoff after losing in the last round only if he beats Caruana himself by a full point. And at the same time, Nakamura and Dommaraju will lose at least one point between them in the 13th round (both will tie or one will lose), and in the 14th round they will regain these points (the one who lost in the 13th round). the round will win). But most likely, at the end of the penultimate round it will become clear that Nepomniachtchi cannot lose to Caruana under any circumstances: the fight is too close.

With White, Yan freed Caruana. Will Fabiano return the favor?

The Russian chess player refused to fight the American. What happened to Ian Nepomniachtchi?

What if Ian wins twice?

At least sharing first place with Dommaraju is guaranteed. But if the Indian cannot consistently beat Firouzja and Nakamura, then the Russian grandmaster will take the top spot.

What happens if Ian scores 1.5 points?

A win and a draw in the remaining two matches are no guarantee of sharing first place, because there is a theoretical chance that Dommaraju will beat both Firouzja and Nakamura. But Nakamura himself in this case will not be able to overtake Ian at best, he will simply share the first place with him (and, perhaps, with Caruana);

A victory and a draw in the two remaining games is the most realistic scenario among the promising ones for Nepo. I want to believe that it will come true.

Nepomniachtchi knows how to win: beautifully, but very validly!

Nepomniachtchi’s performance made your hair stand on end! However, he recovered and defeated the Indian.

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