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All the details of the EA Sports FC 24 game, this is the successor to FIFA 24

Date: October 2, 2023 Time: 07:15:11

Over the past month, EA has shared a lot of information about EA Sports FC 24, a new part of the soccer sim that will replace EA Sports FIFA. The developers talked about all the important components of the future football simulator and we have collected the most important innovations in one great material.

We have divided the article into separate paragraphs with information on different modes.

Important: Electronic Arts has managed to keep most of the licenses: EA Sports FC 24 has more than 19,000 fully licensed players, around 700 teams from 30 different leagues with 100 stadiums from different parts of the Earth.

Gameplay, graphics and HyperMotionV technology

The video is available on the EA Sports FC YouTube channel. The rights of the video belong to Electronic Arts.

The main feature of EA Sports FC 24 will be motion capture technology HyperMotionV. For the first time, the developers received high-resolution images of football matches from different cameras, based on these records, the authors recreated hundreds and thousands of movements of professional football players.

Thanks to HyperMotionV, players will be able to enjoy more realistic ball physics, passes and shots from the best soccer players in the world. Electronic Arts’ main goal was to make sure every athlete moved and felt differently. Even for this, the authors reworked the acceleration systems; now there are seven of them.

Types of Acceleration in EA Sports FC 24

Photo: EA Sports

Another important innovation is a benefits system called game styles. This is a special set of skills that are responsible for the skills of real football players, embodied in the game.

For example, Erling Haaland will be able to easily push defenders back and score with acrobatic shots, and Virgil van Dijk will be able to clear the ball cleanly with a short tackle. Some players, including soccer legends, will be able to have multiple advantages at once.

The video is available on the EA Sports FC YouTube channel. The rights of the video belong to Electronic Arts.

In addition to gameplay changes, the developers have also seriously improved the technological part of EA Sports FC 24. The new part of the football simulator will have improved physics of athletes’ clothing – it reacts more realistically to fluctuations in the run and form folds. Soccer player models have also become more detailed and their animations are more “alive”.

In addition, the authors of the simulator improved the quality of the cinematics and increased the contrast of the lighting, so that now the players are better seen during the match. EA points out that sports simulators have never looked so authentic.

Player and manager career

The video is available on the EA Sports FC YouTube channel. The rights of the video belong to Electronic Arts.

In EA Sports FC 24 there will be no revolutionary changes to the career mode, however, the authors have introduced several timely innovations that at least diversify the boring gameplay. Most of the improvements went to the manager’s path.

coaching career

In EA Sports FC 24, players will be able to implement their own tactics based on game plans from the best coaches in the world. The coaching staff will help the players in this: the assimilation of new tactics by football players, the improvement of their performance and physical condition depend on the quality of the work of its members.

During match preparation, players expect three innovations: training plans, pre-match briefings, and pre-match training. The first will help players stay in shape, the second will allow them to study the opposing team to choose the right tactics, and the third will help solve exercises previously learned in a real match.

Finally, players will be able to watch their wards’ matches not only from the usual angles, but also on behalf of the team’s manager.

Watch the game like Jurgen Klopp

Photo: EA Sports

player career

In the player career mode, players will finally have agents. They will guide the athletes on their way: help with the transition to the dream club and set specific goals for them.

For example, PSG will need a young striker next year. The agent sets a goal for the player to score at least 15 goals per season, showing stable play throughout the tournament. If the target is met, the agent will contact representatives of the French giant to discuss a possible transition.

In EA Sports FC 24, actions outside the soccer field will affect the player’s abilities. For example, by improving the individual player’s customization skills, the player will be able to choose the appropriate play style for himself with the spirit of skillful dribbling or powerful long-range shooting.

Customization skills and playstyles.

Photo: EA Sports

Finally, new cinematics will appear in career mode dedicated to reaching football heights. This is the passage of the champion bus after winning the championship, and the delivery of the Ballon d’Or, and much more.

professional clubs

The video is available on the EA Sports FC YouTube channel. The rights of the video belong to Electronic Arts.

This year EA also worked on the Pro Clubs mode. For the first time, Pro Clubs will be available on Nintendo Switch, previously only available on desktop consoles and PC. As for cross-platform play, only Xbox One with PS4 and Xbox Series with PS5 users will be able to play together.

In EA Sports FC 24 soccer leagues are divided into seasons. Each season will have three phases:

divisions – normal matches with people or computers with various rewards;promotion in the league — matches to reach a higher division to receive even more significant rewards and experience;playoff stage – a series of special showdowns in the season finale. This is the most prestigious phase of the league, during which you can get the most experience and items to customize your character and stadium.

In Pro Clubs, players will also earn reputation, which will affect the number of fans, the size and customization of the stadium, the place on the leaderboard, and other indicators.

Finally, virtual athletes will be able to choose play styles, special abilities that give them an advantage on the field. It can be both improved long range shooting and incredibly skilled dribbling with a flawless pick system. Electronic Arts notes that this year the mode will really shine with new colors.

ultimate team

The video is available on the EA Sports FC YouTube channel. The rights of the video belong to Electronic Arts.

This year, Electronic Arts has introduced, if not revolutionary, but quite significant changes to Ultimate Team, which will greatly affect the most popular mode in the series.

Women’s Football

For the first time ever, players will be able to form a multi-gender cast of both men and women. Unsurprisingly, women influence team chemistry in the same way as men. For example, a Chelsea player will be fully matched with an athlete from the same team, making it easier for users to create mixed squads.

EA SPORTS FC 24 Men’s and Women’s Roster

Photo: EA Sports

The women will also have their own soccer legend cards.

Only the physical complexion of women compared to men remains unclear. Will girls be able to participate in martial arts on an equal footing, or will they depend solely on their dexterity and plasticity? We will know after the launch of the game.


Another major innovation in Ultimate Team is the player leveling system. For the first time, players will be able to improve the performance of their favorite footballers by completing special tasks, such as scoring a few goals or providing a couple of assists.

After that, the player will receive an improvement in some characteristics and his overall rating will increase. The evolution of soccer players will have its own limitations, so creating a true monster from the middle card will still not work.

EA Sports FC 24 Yussuf Mukoko Performance Boost Missions

Photo: EA Sports

game styles

Ultimate Team will also have a system of playing styles – unique advantages that diversify the abilities of soccer players on the field. This will be another indicator that players will pay close attention to.

Additionally, the mode will also feature Playstyles+, which are enhanced versions of Playstyles that provide even more advantages to certain players. EA will certainly release card games that differ not only in the characteristics of the players, but also in the presence of unique advantages.

Vinicius Junior’s playing styles in EA Sports FC 24

Photo: EA Sports

new card design

For the first time since the creation of Ultimate Team, the authors will change the design of the cards. Where previously player features took up about half of the overall map size, now they are given very little space at the bottom.

As of now, the footballer’s photograph has received much more attention; subsequently, Electronic Arts promises to release card designs that were previously impossible. We are talking about animated versions of soccer players.

he turned

other changes

Additionally, in EA Sports FC 24:

rework the chemistry of legends: will now give 1/3 of the total chemistry in any composition;rework the overall task system: It will become more focused and understandable for players. By the way, all rewards received for tasks can be removed by pressing one button;improve navigation between menu sections: it will be possible to go from the composition to the transfer market with a single click;remove position change cards– Players with secondary positions now automatically change their position in the scheme without applying additional modifiers;change system to get players out of sets– If there are two highly rated players in the pack at the same time, they will both spawn during its opening.

Russian teams, national team and commentators.

There will be no Russian teams or national teams in EA Sports FC 24. Users will be able to play for national footballers in other clubs: for example, for Alexander Golovin in Monaco and Alexei Miranchuk in Atalanta.

The situation with Russian commentators is incomprehensible. Konstantin Genich, whose voice FIFA fans have heard since FIFA 16, will definitely not appear in the new game. However, on the game’s page on Steam, the developers confirmed the Russian voice acting; this may mean that EA Sports FC 24 will still have Russian-speaking commentators.

Confirmed Russian voice acting in EA Sports FC 24

Photo: Steam

Release date and system requirements

EA Sports FC 24 will be released September 29th on PC and consoles. Ultimate Edition owners and EA Play subscribers will be able to start playing on the 22nd. We talk in more detail about posts and purchase methods in a separate article.

We bought the game in Russia:

How to buy EA Sports FC 24 in Russia on PC and consoles

Despite all the technical innovations, this year’s system requirements have remained unchanged. To run, you need a computer with an Intel Core-i5 6600k processor and a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card.

For comfortable gaming, you will need a PC with an Intel Core i7 6700 processor and a GeForce GTX 1660 graphics card.

EA Sports FC 24 Minimum System Requirements

Processor: Intel Core i5 6600k or AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 570 RAM: 8 GB Disk Space: 100 GB

Recommended system requirements for EA Sports FC 24

Processor: Intel Core i7 6700 or AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 or AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT RAM: 12 GB Disk space: 100 GB.

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