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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Amazing action in the spirit of “John Wick”: review of the movie “Monkeyman”

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 18:21:37

Making a quality action movie is a difficult task. You have to come up with creative fights, teach the actors how to swing their fists convincingly, make sure the punches are tasty, and reshoot scenes until the fight is perfect. It is much easier and cheaper to put a green background and draw everything.

Dev Patel, known for his roles in Slumdog Millionaire and The Newsroom, knew exactly how much hard work lay ahead. But is this a problem? Patel conceived and directed Monkeyman and also played the lead role in the film. And so he created an action movie that is worth watching for all fans of the genre.

“Monkeyman”: information about the movie

Name: “Monkey Man”Director: Dev PatelActors: Dev Patel, Sharlto Copley, Pitobash Tripathi and othersRelease date: April 11, 2024Gender: action, thriller, crimeA country: United States, Canada, Singapore, India.

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Monkeyman: where to look?

The film is officially shown in Russian cinemas.

The video is available on Volga’s YouTube channel. The video rights belong to Universal Pictures.

Monkeyman against the rotten system

At first glance, Kid is your average Indian loser. He works for pennies, has a hard time collecting money for food, and loses in fake fights. By the way, he enters the ring wearing a monkey mask, which is why he gets the nickname Monkeyman.

But Kid has a secret: he is obsessed with revenge. When he was a child, his town was burned down by evil people in power. Then the hero lost his family and settled in the forest. Since then, Kid has been approaching criminals step by step: learning how to fight, keeping track of their goals and daily routine, finding ways to work with them. All in order to wait for the right moment and commit a bloody vendetta.

cool fight

Photo: Universal Pictures

Despite the banal plot, the director manages to immerse the viewer in a gloomy atmosphere. It’s all beautifully shot and Patel puts his all into the sparse script. The inner pain of the hero, the tragedy of his situation and the injustice of the world will simply sink into the soul. That’s why it’s still fun to watch a long 40-minute setup with virtually no action. How coldly the hero refrains from reckless actions, how insistently he searches for a way to deliver a fatal blow, how impressively the muscles on his face tremble: such small things provide decent entertainment.

The only thing worth scolding about is half the movie. There the plot takes a break and forces Monkeyman to do some soul-searching. Unfortunately, training and attempts to understand oneself prove to be downright boring. The good thing is that this segment doesn’t take long and then the director returns to the action.

Pretending to be an ordinary worker

Photo: Universal Pictures

John Wick in India

When images of Patel in a black tuxedo surfaced online, the actor immediately began to be compared to John Wick. The movies have a similar concept, where an angry man takes on half the world. It’s just that the heroes’ styles are radically different. If John Wick is based on style and grace, Monkeyman is based on bestial cruelty.

The hero does everything to make the viewer shudder and at the same time admire the brutal scenes. He breaks bones, bites throats, blows off heads, and takes every opportunity to kill. Just look at the scene in the elevator, where Kid has his hands full, so he picks up a sword and holds it between his teeth. Such creativity is terrifying and at the same time fascinating.

Does he look like John Wick?

Photo: Universal Pictures

It’s clear that Patel took the role as seriously as possible. This is demonstrated by the scenes shot in a single shot: they are not very long, but they are many, and everywhere the actor does memorable tricks or surprises with a massive fight. In the end, you come to the conclusion that Patel is superior to Keanu Reeves as an action hero.

Even more important is the fact that the impact is felt in the fights. There are no moments here when fists fly a meter away from the enemy and he falls unpleasantly. In Monkeyman you feel like the blows always land and the characters really suffer.

Half the movie the hero is covered in blood.

Photo: Universal Pictures

Monkeyman: is it worth watching?

Monkeyman’s world lacks an interesting mythology and the plot should have been shortened a bit. But the fights and Dev Patel’s performance are so good that I would like to recommend the movie to all action fans.

Monkeyman rating: 7.5 out of 10


Awesome action Dev Patel is great.

I dont like him

The world lacks enthusiasm. The movie is a bit long.

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