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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Amkal starred in a crazy thriller at the Russian Cup! The goals are true masterpieces

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 19:17:31

Amkal starred in a crazy thriller at the Russian Cup! The goals are true masterpieces

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky August 1, 2023, 21:55 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The first opponent was the “Red Flag”. Ahead another Second League team.

The Russian Cup returns and with it the spectacle of the media football teams. The first of the popular clubs began “Amkal”, which in the final of 1/256 fell “Red Banner”. And this match can be safely called a thriller!

“Amkal” entered the field in a wild mood. Before the opening whistle, the players gathered in a circle, and the former team captain Andrey Alyoshin (also known as Sibskana) made a heated speech, filling the TV air with obscene shouting. The channel was clearly not ready for this, and commentator Roman Naguchev found only two words: “Wow!”

Amkal’s mood at first only resulted in trouble. Already in the eighth minute, the team captain Arseniy Levshuk received a yellow card, and two minutes later, Vladislav Korotaev (Karat) jumped after the ball and received a strong blow to the head.

In the middle of the half, after a short lead by Krasnoy Znamya, it became clear that the initiative was on Amkal’s side. And the pressure paid off. Anatoly Katrich’s goal is exactly what the fans came to see. Freaky swing shot from 25 meters straight to the top nine. Fire!

Amkal could not rejoice for a long time, because he was missed almost immediately. “Red Banner” rushed into a counterattack, Nikita Salamatov suffered a sore back, and the midfielder dived into the bottom corner of the penalty area.

The most terrible moment of the first half was the fall of Znamya’s striker Kirill Maklyaev. The footballer jumped for the ball, collided with an opponent and collapsed with all his weight on his back. Maklyaev, judging by the picture, did not even hold back tears, but managed to finish the game before the break. Cyril did not come out for the second half.

In the second half, the image of the game has not changed. “Amkal” had the advantage, “Znamya” fought back. And in the 61st minute another goal came. Vladimir Lobkarev jumped higher than the others as he pulled out of a corner and brought Amkal forward.

The next goal -also from Amkal- had to wait only 11 minutes. And he would certainly have become the most beautiful in the match, if not for the first ball. Breaking into the top nine is more ideal than Evgeny Marichev, it just seems unrealistic!

It seemed that the game would definitely end with a confident victory for Amkal, but in the 76th minute an event occurred that turned the game around. Levshuk, who picked up a yellow card early in the game, jumped into a wild tackle, picked up a second card and left his team in the minority.

Znamya, given the numerical advantage, tried to get back into the game, and quite successfully. In the 85th minute, the team managed to recover a goal. Dmitry Vansovich took advantage of a mistake by goalkeeper Vladimir Mukhin and shot on an almost empty goal.

In the end, the “Banner” arranged a large amount, but it never brought any results. And, perhaps, this is fair. Before elimination, Amkal was clearly playing better. Yes, and imagine how insulting it would be to fly after such beautiful targets!

Joy of the players of FC Amkal

Photo: t.me/russiancup_official

By the way, Amkal’s future rival in the Russian Cup is already known. And this is another team from the Second League – Ivanovo Tekstilshchik, where Igor Kolyvanov works as the head coach. Challenge accepted?

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