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Friday, February 23, 2024
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An excellent exercise to pump the back and buttocks. How to correctly perform hyperextension?

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An excellent exercise to pump the back and buttocks. How to correctly perform hyperextension?

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Together with a physical trainer, we fix common mistakes.

The popularity of hyperextension is due in large part to the simplicity of its implementation. In gyms, this exercise is performed on a special incline bench, but there are options for home workouts.

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Hyperextension perfectly strengthens the muscles of the back, buttocks and hips. But all this is possible only with the proper technique.

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How to do hyperextension?

execution technique

Adjust the height of the bench to suit you. Stand on the simulator, fix the front surface of the thighs on the pillows, and fix the heels behind the special rollers. Position your hips so that your pelvic bones remain clear of the support of the bench; this will allow you to move to your full extent. Tilt the body down, keep the hands in front of the chest, while inhaling raise the body by contracting the muscles of the buttocks, while exhaling, return to the starting position.

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Common mistakes

Hyperextension can be difficult for people with a sedentary lifestyle, as the biceps femoris tends to shorten. During the movement, it is required to control the natural deviation in the lower back, while stretching the back of the thighs.

It can be difficult for you to combine two actions at once: arching your back and stretching your legs. But this does not mean that hyperextension should not be performed. Rather, on the contrary, special attention should be paid to it. It is better to start under the supervision of a trainer or an experienced athlete who will follow the trajectory of your movement and stop in time as soon as you lose control of your lower back.

Ana Motina: the correct technique is when the hip contracts and relaxes, and the curves of the spine are in their physiological position. With hernias and spondyloarthrosis, exercise is contraindicated.

Another mistake is overextending the lower back at the end point. In simple terms, the essence of the exercise is that you straighten from an angle of 90 degrees to a straight line of 180 degrees. There are athletes who try to make an arc with the body instead of a straight line. This leads to injuries to the intervertebral discs and the spine as a whole.

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Life hacks to pump up the back and buttocks

If you want to apply a shock load to the muscles of the buttocks and back, then you need to remember some nuances and make adjustments to the classical execution technique.

Don’t round your back, this is a key mistake many beginners make. The less emphasis on the bench, the greater the load on the buttocks. Position the bench so that you are resting against it with your hips and buttocks bearing weight.

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hyperextension at home

The exercise can also be done at home. It’s simple: we remove the intermediary in the form of a projectile and lie down on the ground. There are about a dozen techniques: with dilution of arms and legs, with bending of the arms, with hands behind the head. We will tell you about one – with bent arms, the rest practically do not differ in technique.

execution technique

Lie on the floor on your stomach, bend your arms at the elbows so that they are at shoulder level, as you exhale, lift your body off the floor and bring your shoulder blades together, pulling your elbows back a little. for a few seconds and inhale as you return to the starting position.

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Since hyperextension involves the muscles of the back and lower back, these parts of the body must be completely healthy. Otherwise, the exercise is not recommended.

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