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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Another notable transfer to the KHL! A well-known Slovak from the NHL will go to Spartak

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 17:16:45

Moscow “Spartak” made a rather notable transfer: Slovakian striker Adam Ruzicka will go to Moscow. The 25-year-old forward has 117 games and 40 points in the NHL with Calgary and Arizona (although he only played three times for the Coyotes). However, this transfer can be called high-profile, first of all, not so much from the point of view of the player’s status: Ruzicka left the best league in the world with a huge scandal and moved to Russia in a rather forced way. However, we will talk more about this a little later.

In the meantime, let’s talk about what the reds and whites are gaining in the person of Adam. The Slovakian is a left-handed center of quite large dimensions: with a height of 195 cm, he weighs 98 kg. From the point of view of physical indicators, Ruzicka can be seen as a replacement for Maxim Tsyplakov, who, on the contrary, went to conquer America: Adam is a typical example of a power forward who, however, did not play in the body. very often in the NHL.

The separation of Spartak from Tsyplakov did not go very well:

Another Russian will go to the NHL! “Spartak” simply squeezed Tsyplakov to the United States

But Ruzicka appeared very often on the scene, which is not surprising. From there, most of his goals came in Calgary, where at one point the Slovakian was rated quite highly. The Flames drafted him 109th overall in 2017, and in 2021, after several seasons in the OHL and AHL, Adam made his debut with the Lights.

The forward started the 2022/2023 season as a full-fledged NHL player, and at first he did very well in Alberta: Ruzicka received a lot of minutes in combination with the team leaders, appeared in the majority, regularly scored points, using Not only is his size a nickel, but also quite technical hands and good skating. However, by the end of 2022, his ice time was greatly reduced and then Adam fell out of the rotation entirely, occasionally appearing in the game lineup.

The same fate befell him in the season that ended: Calgary gave the forward the opportunity to show himself as a starter, he took advantage of it relatively well, but in the end, closer to January, he disappeared again.

Adam Ruzicka

Photo: Larry MacDougal/AP Photo/TASS

It all came down to the waiver draft, from which Arizona took Ruzicka in late January. But his career in the Coyotes team was also not destined to be successful: the Slovakian player debuted in the new team in mid-February, then played two more games there and a few days later committed, perhaps, the stupidest thing. in his life.

On February 23, a video appeared on Adam’s social networks in which a satisfied player shows a strip of white powder next to a bank card. This excerpt was unlikely to become public and, most likely, should have been sent to one of Ruzicka’s friends, but it ended up in the public domain. The forward soon came to his senses and deleted the fragment, but the Internet, as you know, remembers everything: a few hours later, the video was discussed by all major foreign sports media, and Arizona terminated the contract with the player on the same day. , rejecting further comments.

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No one in North America began to select the striker who became famous overnight, but Spartak decided to give him the opportunity to improve by signing a one-year contract with the Slovakian. According to this agreement, Ruzicka will receive 45 million rubles; No one among the red and whites, who have an internal salary cap, receives more, and only Nikolai Goldobin can boast the same salary.

It will be quite easy for Adam to adapt to the game in the KHL: Spartak already has two of his compatriots – Patrick Rybar and Michal Czajkowski, while the defender is the husband of Ruzicka’s sister. It turns out to be almost a family connection.

In conditions of uncertainty about the future of Ivan Morozov and Mikhail Maltsev, the acquisition of Adam is a good reinforcement for the central line of Alexei Zhamnov’s team. If we take into account the purely sporting component of his transfer, for now there is every reason to believe that Ruzicka will fit into the red and white team: the Slovak has enough equipment to play the type of hockey that Zhamnov plays for Spartak.

The main question is whether Adam will be able to leave all the scandalous events behind him. And time will answer it.

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