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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Apple’s ‘Jet Hijacked’ is a must-watch for fans of intense thrillers

Date: September 26, 2023 Time: 07:41:27

When Apple TV+ had just launched, they didn’t believe in another online cinema. Still, the new service only had its own content, so competing with Netflix’s massive library seemed crazy.

That’s just the company bet on quality, and not infinite quantity, and did not lose. In recent years, the service has released many hits: “Ted Lasso”, “Shelter”, “Therapy”, “Morning Show”. The film “CODA: Child of Deaf Parents” generally won the main Oscar nomination. Other streaming services never dreamed of such a thing.

Flight Hijacked is another series that shows that Apple TV+ projects are not in vain associated with quality, and it is not for nothing that the company has taken a different path than the industry, betting on originality and quality.

The video is available on Kinoman’s YouTube channel. The rights of the videos belong to Apple.

Where to see in Russia?

The series was released on Apple TV +, the service is officially available in Russia, including with voice acting. The show has seven episodes, with the last airing on August 2, 2023.

The plot is simple, but incredibly dynamic.

In the center of the plot is a normal plane flying from Dubai to London. On board are influential Arabs, ordinary British hard workers, tough businessmen, fathers with children. The flight goes great at first, but then the madness starts. A cartridge is found in the toilet, some passengers whisper suspiciously, tension is in the air; soon all this turns into the seizure of the plane by armed people.

The terrorists offer to sit quietly in their places, but the operation does not go as planned. Among the passengers there are daredevils, parents are nervous, and invaders dream of doing without victims. As a result, the situation is constantly getting out of control.

In the midst of this chaos was Sam Nilsson (Idris Elba). He is a tough negotiator who wants to return to his family, but understands that passions will soon flare up and there will be many victims. As a result, he becomes a go-between helping passengers, calming down villains, de-escalating tensions, and finding a way to survive.

Idris Elba is good

Photo: apple

Events unfold not only in the sky, but also on the ground. There, the controllers find out what is happening on the plane, politicians discuss the requirements, Sam’s relatives go wild with excitement – it is interesting to follow all this. But most of the time we will spend directly on board.

For almost all seven episodes, we see a small plane, narrow hallways, and a handful of important characters. This modest set was enough to hook the viewer and not let go until the very end.

The secret is in the perfect direction. In each episode, something important happens: the passengers make plans to disarm the villains, the heroes bleed from their wounds, fighter jets appear outside the window, preparing to shoot down the plane. All of these story arcs are as straightforward as possible, but always keep the suspense going.

And one more series: an hour of flight. It lasts seven hours in total.

outlaw leader

Photo: apple

For example, once a passenger tries to pass a note to another wing, but throws it to the ground to no avail. If the criminals see the paper, they will definitely punish someone. So, the passengers are shaking with stress, reaching for the note and praying that the guy with the gun doesn’t turn around. The scene is banal, but the heart stops anxiously.

The entire series consists of such episodes. Some little everyday things are happening on the screen, but all of them are filmed, staged and reproduced with extraordinary skill. You always feel like heroes walk on very thin ice. And how do you want them to succeed.

At the same time, the main plot is also intriguing. Still, the villains make unusual demands and don’t want to kill anyone, and their assistants are up to something nasty on earth. As a result, the motivation of the terrorists becomes one more reason to watch the series.

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Flight Hijacked is an example of luxurious performance

In Flight Hijacked, the cast is not the most famous: many actors are recognized only by ardent movie fans. For example, Archie Punjabi appeared in The Good Wife, Christine Adams in Black Lightning, and Eve Miles came from Doctor Who and Torchwood. For many, the Apple series has become the highlight project of their careers.

However, the crew had enough acting chops to perfectly portray the stress, fear, and adrenaline rush. Whatever happens in the framework, you understand – this is how people behave in a difficult situation.

The heroine Eve Myles is the first to guess the incident.

Photo: apple

The main star of the series is Idris Elba, who often delivers outrageous level gameplay. One day the terrorist will want to punish the hero with a blow to the head. But first, he tries to break the poor man: he tells him to smile so hard, as if a broken skull was his life’s dream. At this moment, Idris’s face is indescribable. How he squeezes a smile, trembles with fear, he looks at the offender, just aerobatics.

Hijacked flight: is it worth watching?

Definitely, because the series stands out against the background of modern projects. The authors do not pull time, the plot catches immediately, the actors do their best, it is impossible to stop watching. That’s enough to add Flight Hijacked to the list of the most exciting series of recent years.


Intense storyline Lavish acting Beautiful filming Tense moments galore.

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