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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Avtomobilist had a historically successful season. But are big changes coming?

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 18:48:10

It’s already difficult to know when the nickname “sweet bun” first appeared in our hockey lexicon. One of the journalists said it and it immediately became popular. After that, several teams from the league managed to visit the bakery, but Avtomobilist was almost the first to receive this small honorable title; It seems like it was 2021, when Bill Peters’ team was falling apart during the season.

Avtomobilist came to these playoffs in approximately the same style – last year’s series with Metallurg only strengthened the club’s status as a non-cup club. The 2023/2024 regular season turned out to be one of the most mediocre in the Club’s history; It’s not bad, no, there is little that can repeat the seven-win season from 10 years ago. However, that year, for example, for the first time in his career, Nikita Tryamkin began receiving big minutes at the adult level, and memorable details could be found in almost every Auto regular season before that.

There was nothing here to hold on to. There was no crazy, headless hockey of Peters with his swing in both directions, a successful fight for first place with a long series of victories, the successful development of numerous young people, a combinational style of play, as in Cherepovets or Nizhny Novgorod . The best words that describe these six months are “Avtomobilist” existed. Some matches at the same time (1-5 Amur, 1-4 Dynamo Minsk, 2-5 Kunlun) left a feeling of complete hopelessness.

Yes, it can be remembered that the club’s director, Maxim Ryabkov, during the All-Star break, said that Nikolai Zavarukhin remained the coach and Sergei Shirokov the captain, quelling the rumors, but after a series of victories, the last month and half of the season was equally lackluster. If on February 28 some experts believed that the equally lackluster Ak Bars would be defeated in the first round, even the most optimistic could hardly imagine that Avtomobilist would be one goal away from the first final in history. In addition to the confusing game, the pessimism was also caused by some rumors circulating on the sidelines. However, the old cliché worked: the darkest hour comes before the dawn.

Anatoly Golyshev

Photo: RIA Novosti

“Avtomobilist” seemed to have been accumulating passion, emotion, enthusiasm and comeback attempts throughout the season to release them in a concentrated way in the decisive month and a half. You could say the team was “getting ready for the playoffs” in this way, but in previous years, after the regular season was a disaster, no miraculous transformations occurred. We repeat: it is difficult to talk about psychology without being in a group every day. A lot has already been written about purely tactical elements in the playoffs, let’s say briefly: calling “Avtomobilist” a “bus” is ridiculous. Despite the fact that the team played clearly during the playoffs, gaining an advantage on the scoreboard, it was able to pressure the opponent, strangle him in the middle zone, crush him with a vertical attack and push him positionally.

How “Auto” made it through two rounds of the playoffs:

The driver won medals for the first time in history. How does the KHL’s top sensation win?

Anatoly Golyshev several times during the playoffs said that they had 25 heroes in the locker room, but in purely statistical terms, it was he who became the main hero, scoring 18 (9+9) points. This result included the player’s first hat-trick in the playoffs (and only the second in the KHL), scored against Ak Bars, four points in one of the matches with Metallurg and a generally high level throughout the playoffs, both in the playoffs . the majority and in equal compositions, both in the role of pure sniper and that of playmaker.

This is even more surprising given the way Golyshev’s career developed. The striker’s best season in terms of points remains the 2015/2016 championship, when, under the leadership of Andrei Razin, he loudly declared himself the number 15 of Avtomobilist. After that, Golyshev never reached the 20-goal mark in a season and managed to go to the Islanders who drafted him, where he was pulled from his potential NHL debut game at the last minute. In Avtomobilist’s last three playoff series before this spring, Golyshev scored 0 goals (although injuries were hampered), this season he only has 10 goals, four of which were against teams that did not make the playoffs. This once again emphasizes how wonderfully the team has transformed this spring.

However, the main ingredient of this motorist’s success is the progress of those who played in the lower ranks. Local fans already knew the fighting qualities of Stepan Khripunov and Andrei Obidin; the only questions were about attacking productivity (there were mainly complaints about Stepan’s execution). Now these two players, who have been playing in Auto for a long time, were united on the same line for most of the playoffs and showed that they know how to turn their perseverance into goals or help create chances for pucks with their strength.

Those who barely played during the season also proved their worth in the decisive moment. “Avtomobilist” did not flirt much with young players, but 19-year-old Artyom Kashtanov began to gain time on the fourth line in the playoffs, when the club had to sign seven adult defenders, and the big forward noticeably livened up the game of their combination. Semyon Kizimov, who in the playoffs gave energy to the second line and tried to be useful at every turn, missed almost the entire season due to injury. Maxim Denezhkin was absent for a long time; in the seventh game he almost saved Avtomobilist; and before that he fit into The Fourth Link is like a glove. Maybe these playoffs will force the Auto management to give more time to the graduates of their own farm, who were mostly marinating before this season?

Maxim Denezhkin

Photo: Yuri Kuzmin, foto.khl.ru

Perhaps one of the reasons for this transformation is that most of the team’s players are out of contract. Below is a list of free agents among those who played at least one game in the playoffs.

WASP: v. Galkin, N. Denezhkin, z. Zhuravlev, z. Zborovsky, n. Kashtanov, no. Kuznetsov, n. Kizimov.National Security Agency: h. Barantsev, N. Wolf, n. Golyshev, N. Makeev, n. Macek, no. Romantsev, N. Khripunov, n. Shirokov, z. Ebert.

As you can see, the list is gigantic. At the same time, Avtomobilist was already one of the oldest teams in the KHL season and it simply does not make sense to keep all unrestricted free agents. First of all, it concerns the legionary team. Volk and Macek finished the playoffs with a combined utility of -19, scoring two goals between them. The naturalized Kazakh didn’t look like himself during the regular season; Wolf played heroically with a scar, but lost in the first two rounds. It seems that Meisek is already thinking more about his family, where a new addition joined relatively recently, and about returning home: for him it is already his fifth season in Yekaterinburg.

According to his colleagues, an agreement has already been reached with Golyshev on an extension, and he himself did not seem to go far. Most likely, the contract with Makeev, a native of Novouralsk, will be extended and then there will be room for action. Automobilists traditionally bet on foreigners and, after the decision, the FHR can fill four vacancies at a time with new players. Another permanent address of the club is the named NSA, and there have already been rumors of interest in Yegor Korshkov.

However, who brought the results in these playoffs? Mostly people who have already gone through the club’s school or who played in the lower categories with small contracts. Last offseason, Avtomobilist was no longer chasing the big names, and now, after the first medals in history, it is better to bet on the hungry guys again and spend money on buying the OCA for the first time in a long time. The playoffs showed that will and character matter more than raw skill and scoring records.

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