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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Baths and bananas. Yaremenko replica

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 17:06:54

The editor-in-chief reacts to the most resonant topics of the last days.


“God, how sad is our Russia!” This is what Pushkin, originally from Moscow, used to say to another visitor, Nikolai Gogol, when they gathered to read drafts aloud.

Life is always written in white. And sometimes it’s a hundred times sadder. I would like to rewrite such news in its entirety. But oh…

The last few weeks have been one of pure horror, about Kostomarov. Of course, millions get sick and seriously ill. Each of us has experienced a loss, we know what it is. But such a story, in fact, the constant bending of a famous person, indeed, in the air, simply chills the soul. You wouldn’t wish this on your enemy: his limbs have been severed and now his brain is dying.

Not Gogol with Pushkin, where are they? – Voland, in a calm voice to the Patriarchs informing: “Your head will be cut off”.

I started with the worst. Compared to this, all other news is nothing but vanity.

But still…


Zenit acquires Russian citizenship for two of its legionnaires. Probably for some merit. Before the homeland. At the time when the merit was recorded, even before someone else’s Motherland. What is the point of this? They will not play in the national team, according to the regulations. Yes, and we do not have, in fact, this equipment now. They will replenish the collection of passports, nothing more; after all, none of them will reject the Brazilians. And financial problems will be solved. “Zenith”, I remember, the players personally covered 13 percent of the tax; here, probably, like foreigners, all 30 percent was the rate. Will the club’s accountants breathe a little easier?

And it seems to me that this is not even the main thing. Vitaly Mutko in 2012 (when they released a drunk for the Hulk and Witsel) sadly complained:

– In my time at Zenit there were no budgets like the ones there are now. And I will say this: the team now just wanted to show that they can do anything. This is not a purchase in the interest of the club, it is a message for everyone: we can do what we want!

At the same time, I am more than sure: most of us will have numerous stories about people who deserved Russian citizenship much more, but wandered without it for decades.

It seems that the Zenit management continues to think in the same categories. And we, according to their logic, still envy them.

Yes, I forgot, of course, cool: we got in the way.


And when you have a mess in your head, then any other manifestation of life is interpreted by you differently than by others. Otherwise, how else to explain the words of the coach of “Zenith” Sergei Semak?

However, in order. Many colleagues will correctly note that the incident occurred not only in Simbirsk (now called Ulyanovsk), but in the homeland, you know who, the author of the thesis on proletarian internationalism. And almost a hundred years after his death, a banana flies to a dark-skinned Brazilian from the city of not only Pushkin and Gogol, but also Lenin himself.

From the word “banana” it is very close to the word “ban”. So you shouldn’t be outraged at where they found racism in us. They presented themselves. This is not an internal matter – all Brazilian sports media write about this now exclusively on the front pages.


We had no bananas for 12 years, and without any fan ID they were defeated. The clubs, if necessary, know how to work with the fans. It seems that the issue of the notorious fan-ID hasn’t been without issue here either: there are too many beneficiaries of this theme, too many who want to push fans to the nail. There are structures that are ready to brilliantly carry out any provocation, so, they say, the cup was left in a zone free of the “fan card”, see for yourself what riots are being created right away. If a person is presented to us, then it means wrong suspicions. But something tells us that it will be exactly like in the story with Roberto Carlos: we will not be introduced to anyone. So draw your own conclusions.

But I repeat, the most depressing position is that of Sergei Semak, who in general justified the bastard who threw the banana. In Europe, they say, fans throw snowballs, and everything that comes to mind…

Sergei Bogdanovich, you have traveled the world enough! Where is the fan sector and where is the central stand? Also, have any of us seen bananas lying in the stands, ready to appear under the arm?

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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