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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Beat Ngannou and then Jones. Gypsy King Called By MMA Stars!

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 06:32:19

Beat Ngannou and then Jones. Gypsy King Called By MMA Stars!

May 19, 2023 10:00 am UTC Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

There is no doubt that Fury will cope with everyone. There would be motivation.

Once the top heavyweight in MMA, Francis Ngannou still dreams of a fight by the rules of professional boxing and is looking forward to the chance to fight one of the big three: Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.

Judging by the fact that the top two are preparing for a head-to-head fight, Ngannou decided to focus on Tyson Fury and has already managed to challenge the Brit to a fight: “I’m here all the time, Tyson. Since none of these boxers want to fight, let’s make it official,” Ngannou wrote on social media.

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Fury reacted in his favorite way: “I’m your dad and the most dangerous person on the planet. And I’ll offer you the best terms of your life, you overgrown bum. So sign the contract, you big idiot.”

Perhaps there is no better opportunity for such a fight. Ngannou recently signed a contract with the PFL, according to which he will start fighting in the new promotion only next year, and until the end of 2023 he will be given the opportunity to compete in boxing. The problem is that during downtime, and no one has seen Ngannou in action for a year and a half, you lose your relevance. If earlier a possible fight with Fury could be sold under the guise of “the best heavyweight in MMA against the best heavyweight boxer”, now such an announcement will look at least controversial.

Of course, it’s understandable that Ngannou was waiting for a new contract with some kind of MMA promotion to secure his future, and now, with a clear conscience, he’s going after Fury, because this is Francis’ last chance. As a heavyweight in the PFL, with all due respect to this organization, it’s not going to be that interesting.

Tyson Fury, in turn, is now also free and, it seems, ready to take on the challenge. In the spring, he had a major fight with Alexander Usik, and then quickly took on a new opponent in the person of Andy Ruiz, there were even announcements from the Mexican himself. But time passes, but things do not move. This can be seen in Fury’s increased activity on social media. In the past few days alone, he’s been beating up Usyk, Jones and even UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

Francis mainly needs a potential fight between Fury and Ngannou. He goes into boxing to earn money, this is not a secret to anyone. If it were not so, we would have seen Ngannou in the ring long ago for much more modest money and with an opponent of much less status. Fury is a chance to get the biggest payout of his career. Now the Gypsy King has no fight and wants to fight, so this is the best opportunity he can have. It is important to use it. For Fury’s part, one can imagine that such a fight would help him further boost his stock. And in case of victory, you can try to get closer to Jon Jones.

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Another thing is that Ngannou doesn’t have as many chances in a duel like that with Fury. In MMA, Francis has secured the status of a fearsome puncher, but he will have to be forgotten immediately upon entering the ring. There are completely different conditions and a fundamentally higher level of opposition. Don’t overestimate Ngannou’s qualities as a pure boxer. Although Fury is quite big and heavy, he is very difficult to hit and there are no guarantees that Francis will be able to do it. This is not to mention the fact that Fury is corny, one of the best fighters on the planet, and no one has beaten him so far.

However, this hardly worries Ngannou. Regardless of the outcome of a potential fight with Fury, he’ll get the publicity, the money and blow Dana White’s nose off when he gets his way. Perhaps then Jones will also try to set up a duel with the Gypsy King, who is also looking to make as much money as possible before leaving the sport. Tyson and John have already started hyping a potential fight, starting with a skirmish on social media. However, in the boxing ring, Fury will defeat anyone, there will be motivation.

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