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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Bellingham is destroying LaLiga. Now he has more goals than Barça

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 19:42:35

Bellingham is destroying LaLiga. Now he has more goals than Barça

Grigory Telingater Aug 23, 2023 12:00 UTC Audio Version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

At the exit of the stadium with Jude, even the police are photographed.

It is generally accepted that Italian clubs are in financial crisis. This is true, but in fact, in the Spanish championship this summer, things are not much better, but in some aspects even worse. If you add up all the money spent by La Liga clubs on newcomers since the summer of 2022, it will come out less than just Chelsea.

Although even if you throw away those $1 billion Londoners in 14 months and just look at the summer transfer window, the situation looks unbelievable. There is the transfer of Jude Bellingham, and behind it is the void. In the sense that the transfer of the midfielder cost 103 million euros, and there is no other deal more than 20 million euros, so it is not surprising that in Spain they are now talking about Bellingham.

Although Zakharyan also dedicated many covers to him

“Zakharyan can become a ‘king’, like Karpin.” In Spain, they are inspired by the transfer of Russian

Also, English started very well. In two days he has more goals than Barcelona. Bellingham scored three times and provided an assist for Vinicius. In terms of personal statistics, the last game turned out to be especially successful, away from Almería.

Real Madrid came away with a resounding victory thanks to Bellingham, who re-entered midfield at the tip of the diamond. At the same time, he acted on the entire field: he tied the team not only vertically (defense and attack), but also horizontally (passing the ball from flank to flank), which is clearly visible on the touch map. By the way, just touch that not so much. Less than other Real Madrid midfielders: Bellingham has 59, while Tchouameni, Kroos and Valverde each have 77+.

Heat map by Jude Bellingham

At the same time, only the key actions in the attack were behind Bellingham. He supplied the ball to two Brazilians, Vinicius and Rodrigo, who became forwards after the departure of Benzema. In addition, the newcomer from Real Madrid was the one who scored the most, six times. The blows became, among other things, these two goals.

Just a fact: last season, Jude was recognized as the best player in the German championship, both according to WhoScored and according to the Bundesliga. After two games in La Liga, the player said that he started playing 10 times better than last season.

Of course, the midfielder exaggerates, but at Real Madrid he really became more relaxed in creation. This involves both his position on the field and, in general, the football of Carlo Ancelotti’s team. The Italian does not burden the players with tactical tasks, giving them freedom in the opposite field. This approach allowed Bellingham to add more. Although, of course, we remember who actually revealed this player. The current Torpedo coach, Josep Clotet, recently told how in Birmingham he took a scheme thanks to which the midfielder reached the highest level. At least according to Clotet.

An Almería policeman poses for a photo with Bellingham

Photo: Screenshot of the video

Bellingham was only 20 years old this summer, but he has already become almost the main star of LaLiga. At this particular moment, it definitely is. In Almería, even the police were waiting for the midfielder at the stadium exit to take a photo together.

The Spanish publication Defensa Central is already crazy about Bellingham and reports: “All the teammates are surprised by his level and quick adaptation, and the same is happening at all levels of the club. The signing of Jude Bellingham was an absolute success and he is destined to lead the best club in the world in midfield for the next decade. Also, he is always humble and tries to learn more from Kroos and Modric, two legends he admires.

Jude Bellingham celebrating a goal with his Real Madrid teammates

Photo: Mateo Villalba/Getty Images

Ahead of Real Madrid there are games with Celta and Getafe, who have not yet won this season. This means that Bellingham has an excellent chance to continue to improve the stats at a rate that surpasses even Haaland’s last year.

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