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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Berdyev was unexpectedly drawn to Dagestan. Do you think Makhachkala will return to the RPL?

Date: December 6, 2023 Time: 08:09:12

Kurban Berdyev received an unexpected appointment – Dynamo Makhachkala from the First League announced that the coach would prepare the team for the season. At the end of last year, the specialist headed Sochi, but he was fired in early April. Since then, Berdyev has been considering various proposals (experts stated that he wants to continue his career and does not plan to move to managerial positions) and finally made up his mind.

Last season, Dynamo Makhachkala could have entered the RPL

Dynamo appeared in Makhachkala in 1927. On the basis of the sports society. The stadium of the same name was immediately built. Before the creation of Anji, this club was the main one in the region. There are even achievements – in 1967 they won the RSFSR Cup.

In Soviet times, the team played mainly in the second league. At the world level, nothing has changed in the Russian period, although once it turned out to rise to the first division. And even take a record sixth place there. True, this ended with the devastation of the budget and the loss of professional status. Since 2007, Dynamo has played as an amateur.

The revival took place in 2021. Makhachkala was chosen as the base club, which at that time had existed for two years. The president was Gadzhi Gadzhiev. This is what he said in an interview with Society magazine.

Gadzhi Gadzhiev

Chairman of Dinamo Makhachkala

“The idea of ​​transformation began to wander a year after the creation of Makhachkala. Why Dynamo? Everything led to it. The stadium is still alive, although it needs reconstruction. The serious and solid sports community itself will soon celebrate its centenary. As a coach, I started my career at Dynamo. In addition, it turned out that the current head of the republic, Sergei Alimovich Melikov, is a hereditary Dynamo player, his father played for this club. And when he offered to revive Dynamo Makhachkala, we were already ready for this.

At the same time, it was reported that Legion might have been chosen as a base club. If only because at that time it was called “Legion-Dynamo”. And he was perceived as a successor. In addition, the structure is focused on youth development. It seemed like the perfect story. But it does not work. Causes? Here is a quote from head coach Akhmad Magomedkamilov in an interview with the Championship.

“Yes, we spoke with the leadership of the republic. A new boss came in and something bad about us was reported to him. As a result, they went the other way, betting on Makhachkala. And at that moment they began to take us out of almost all the stadiums in the city. He got to the point that it wasn’t even possible to train on a full-size field,” he said.

And here is an interview with Magomedkamilov.


“They offered three million for us to lose.” In Russia, the policeman became the head coach.

Dynamo received the largest budget in the Second League South. And he immediately took off in the First League

In accordance with the “Championship”, funding was immediately increased. In the First League, the club played with a budget of about 600 million rubles. This is the level of the first six. It is not surprising that already in the debut season the club intended to enter the RPL. But in the end he only took eighth place.

In the summer, the contract with head coach Goran Aleksic expired. It did not spread. However, according to the “Championship”, the coach did not feel free to make decisions due to the influence of Gadzhizhev. And that’s what caring is all about. And Kurban Berdyev came to the vacant position.

Goran Aleksic and Gadzhi Gadzhiev

Photo: vk.com/fcdmx

Why was Berdiev chosen?

Initially, Hajiyev spoke about various candidates. And hardly anyone expected Berdyev to be chosen. According to the “Championship” source, Andrei Gordeev was considered one of the candidates. But he was not chosen. This is how the president of the club explained the decision.

“I have known Berdyev for several decades. He had no doubts when we talked about the date. I am sure that he will transform the training process, he will make it perfect. With him, the team will be transformed in the matches, there is no doubt. Berdyev is the best we could take. We had a meeting, we discussed everything and agreed. Under his responsibility are the players and the quality of the game. We give you freedom in this.

Berdyev has always been attracted to projects that have certain long-term goals. Our goal is to reach the RPL. And Berdyev will be in the team as long as he wants. He is with us for a long time, ”Gadzhiev told Sport24.ru.

Why did Berdyev leave Sochi?

Nobody likes team football. Berdyev worked in Sochi for only 106 days.

Berdyev himself, in his first comment after his appointment, noted that he was attracted to the club’s strategy.

“First of all, I liked the idea of ​​the strategic direction of the club. Because I’m familiar with it. Dynamo Makhachkala is a very important and serious project. Secondly, I would like Dynamo to represent Makhachkala in the Premier League. Such a task is worth it. Difficult task, but not a big deal.

To say that I know the team well would be a lie. I watched Dynamo’s training and control game with Akhmat in Kavminvody, and the team made a good impression on me.”

Dynamo played matches last season at Anji Arena, and in the new season they may move to Trud Stadium. Given the big ambitions and tasks, it is possible that the budget will be increased. And so the team can definitely be called the successor to Anji.

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