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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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“Beverly Hills Cop” returned after 30 years: it turned out to be a touching comedy

Date: July 24, 2024 Time: 05:55:32

In Russia, there is a special feeling for the Beverly Hills Cop franchise. It would seem that the first film showed the difference between life in Detroit and California, but thanks to Eddie Murphy’s charisma and incredible humor, it was eagerly watched even in the Russian hinterland. And if you haven’t seen it, then you’ve definitely heard the main theme of Axel F, which in the mid-2000s was transformed into Crazy Frog.

Unfortunately, the third installment, released in 1994, barely broke even and was awarded two Golden Raspberries. As a result, the franchise was abandoned for 30 long years; even an attempt to revive it in 2013 failed.

Beverly Hills Cop would probably have been forgotten forever if it weren’t for the necromancer in the form of Netflix. The streaming service brought back the main cast, invested a whopping $150 million in production, and revitalized the franchise. But was it worth it? Well, the movie isn’t amazing, but it’s pretty fun to watch at home.

“Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley”: information about the film

Name: Beverly Hills Police: Axel F. Director: Mark Molloy. Actors: Eddie Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Taylor Page and others. Release date: July 3, 2024. Gender: Comedy, action, crime. Duration: 118 minutes. A country: USA

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley – Where to Watch?

The film is available on the Netflix streaming service. There are official voiceovers and Russian subtitles.

The video is posted on Kinoman’s YouTube channel. The video is copyrighted by Netflix.

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Eddie Murphy and his jokes have not aged well

Part 4 begins as if the 30-year gap had never existed. Axel Foley, played by the ever-youthful Eddie Murphy, travels around the area and aggressively catches criminals. He cracks funny jokes while looking down the barrel of a loaded gun, gets involved in a tractor-trailer chase, and again and again wins the admiration of his colleagues.

However, even Foley finds it hard to laugh when his lawyer daughter takes on the wrong case and is nearly killed by bandits. Dad immediately rushes to help, but he is not welcomed – after all, his daughter has not seen him in many years and out of resentment changed her last name. This unique team, which will soon include a responsible cop played by Gordon-Levitt, will not only have to find the criminals, but also identify the traitor in the police ranks.

Axel and his daughter

Photo from: Netflix

The plot is extremely banal. How much is that traitor worth? You will guess it at the first meeting, he is so vile and stereotypical. But the heroes will reveal the villain only in the second hour, naturally, with the help of funny chases, vivid dialogues and a couple of intense shootouts.

The whole investigation is a mess. Sometimes it seems that the characters’ actions have no meaning at all: they are only necessary to introduce a character from old films into the plot or to entertain the viewer with a joke.

This is best described in the episode with Serge. The character was loved from the first part, so the sequel needs to show it to him as well. But how? For the sake of Serge, they invent a completely unnecessary episode in which Foley and his daughter pretend to be buyers of an expensive mansion. Nothing important happens, but Serge and his girlfriend have such funny manners that you are not disappointed.

Serge is back

Photo from: Netflix

The entire film is made up of unnecessary entertainment. The heroes clumsily fly around the city in a helicopter, laugh at the Wachowskis’ film “Jupiter Ascending” or listen to a karaoke performance by the cartel boss. This approach is not depressing; on the contrary, it seems appropriate. It’s like coming to a park with many cool attractions. They are not connected by a common idea, but it’s still fun.

The film is too dated in some places.

It seems as if the film crew wanted to take the viewer back to 1984, and they overdid it a bit. This can be seen in the example of action, which in 2024 will be outdated. If in the recent “Bad Boys” the director got creative and made Will Smith run with a camera on his chest, then in “Beverly Hills Cop” the heroes behave like the heroes of old action movies. That is, they stand in the center of the room, ignore the bullets whistling over their heads, and elegantly shoot in the head.

I’m glad the filmmakers saw the problem and tried to fix it. For example, before a wild shootout, the heroes sit in cover and complain about their backs – after all, they’re already 60 years old. It doesn’t make the action any better, but at least it makes you smile.

Eddie Murphy never ages

Photo from: Netflix

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley: Is it worth watching?

“Beverly Hills Cop 4” is fun and energetic, but completely unnecessary. You won’t lose anything by skipping it, but you’re unlikely to regret spending two hours.

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Beverly Hills Police 4: 7 out of 10


Lots of great jokes. Eddie Murphy is still good.

I dont like him

Unengaging action. Weak main plot.

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