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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Beyond the Olympic Games in a wheelchair. The tragic story of a 17-year-old Russian figure skater

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 13:11:02

This story is about the other side of the figure skating medal. From the side we only see the beauty of this sport, we care about our athletes in international competitions. Until now, a hot topic of discussion is the Beijing Olympics, where Shcherbakova, Trusova and Valieva showed all the power of Russian figure skating. We also had the opportunity to observe the doping scandal and this is also about that side of the sport, which is sometimes forgotten with colorful victories.

So it happened with Darya Usacheva, in search of ultra-c elements, in order to have a chance to get to the Olympics, she did not forgive herself and trained in pain, with an injury. But of course, it wasn’t always like that. Skaters who fall into the Tutberidze group feel a colossal responsibility, because they were given such an opportunity that it falls to one in a million. The first year was hard for the girl, there was fear, excitement, which did not allow her to reach her full potential. But training with idols helped me get through this phase and start working to my full potential.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

“Alina Zagitova has always admired me, even before my transition to Eteri Georgievna’s group, she still admires me. She draws her attention to her industriousness, her perseverance, she does not stop, but she goes and works. Sasha Trusova has the same persistence. How she learns new jumps! She goes and doesn’t stop. And in general, all the girls, Anya, Alena, admire me. They don’t stop there, and this is very motivating,” said Dasha.

Work with the headquarters of Eteri Georgievna gave results. In her first international season, Usacheva broke into the figure skating elite. Dasha took bronze in the Junior Grand Prix final, losing only to Kamila Valieva and American Alice Liu. And at the World Championships, she came out as the main sensation of the tournament, ahead of Lew and winning silver. Even then it was clear that Usacheva could fight even without ultra-si jumps. But even after the juniors, Daria remained in her prime – at the national championship the girl became fourth after Shcherbakova, Trusova, Valieva. The high level of skating and stability gave the girl a lot, but in order to qualify for Beijing, it is necessary to perform the most difficult jumps.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

At the beginning of the 2021/2022 season, Daria was injured and her streak of bad luck began. At the US Grand Prix, Usacheva, although she managed to become second to Trusova, did not look convincing. She could not believe that now this athlete can get in shape and start ultrasymmetrical jumping after injury. Perhaps the search for complications led Usacheva to the drama that unfolded at the Japanese Grand Prix. Daria fell very hard during the warm-up. The diagnosis sounded terrible: a torn ligament of the inner muscle of the right leg in the growth zone of the femur. The figure skater returned to Moscow in a wheelchair. Severe physical activity in the presence of damage led to a stress fracture of the femur.

In this tournament, after the elimination of Alexandra Trusova, Usacheva was the only representative of Russia in the women’s competition at the Grand Prix stage in Japan. But the 15-year-old couldn’t show off a short program and she fell out of a somersault during warmup.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

Later it turned out that Daria flew to Japan with an injury. Tutberidze was against her participation in the tournament, but Dasha and her mother tearfully begged for a chance; after all, the Olympics were in a few months.

“Her main argument was that the doctors would be there, that she would try to take care of herself. She didn’t even train until that first six-minute warmup. Everyone saw how she ended up, ”Eteri Tutberidze said in an interview with TASS.

Later, Daria recovered, began to do triple jumps, the girl was full of determination and optimism. She said that everyone would continue to see her, but the other day the athlete announced that she was leaving Eteri Tutberidze, they dispersed without conflict, but it is not clear where Daria is going.

It is quite possible that the figure skater will simply finish her career, because 17 years old for figure skating is a retirement age, it is simply unrealistic to keep up with girls of 13-14 years old who do unthinkable things! Again, in the absence of world openings for Russian athletes, it’s hard to get motivated by anything serious. And the hope that she can get away behind the back of Tutberidze’s team seems, to put it mildly, illusory. Sad. How many dramatic stories we have in sport. Dasha, health and good luck in life.

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