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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Big Ibra burst into tears like a child. It’s hard to be a god at 41

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 20:03:16

He was loved and hated, someone admired him and someone, on the contrary, ridiculed Ibra’s way of talking enthusiastically about himself and offered to count the number of his Ballon d’Ors. Swede with Bosnian roots – Zlatan did everything for this, and off the field, almost more than inside the green rectangle.

man of conflict

Ibra began to piss off those around him since childhood. While playing for one of Malmö’s youngest ages, he got into a fight with a teammate and headbutted him, long before the whole world started discussing Marco Materazzi’s act in the World Cup final. The victim’s parents insisted on expelling the hooligan from the team, but the Malmö coaches did not cut the goose, which is potentially capable of laying golden eggs, and they were right.

When Zlatan became known all over the world, his “little pranks” sometimes crossed all possible limits: he kicked teammates and rivals, slapped them in the face, threw things at Josep Guardiola in the locker room, but for the most part what he did in the field. , All was forgiven.

FC Barcelona

And more often than not, Ibrahimovic had enough vocabulary and a very peculiar sense of humor, bordering on rudeness, to repel all the attacks of his opponents. Many people remember his response to a journalist about his intimate preferences, when he offered to go to his house and learn everything from personal experience, preferably taking a girlfriend. Along these lines, Zlatan ignored all the uncomfortable topics that his interlocutors tried to put in front of him. And he knew perfectly well what he was doing: one could offend him, sue him, call him rude, but it would not be possible to ignore him with all the desire.

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winner psychology

At each of his clubs, Zlatan was the most visible figure on the pitch, even when he wasn’t at the top of his game. They went to “Ibrahimovic” as they go to the theater to see first-rate artists. He struggled to get the Swedish team quite average by European standards, of course, in those moments when it was possible to maintain a friendly neutrality with the coaches, to whom he constantly tried to explain that he understood football better than they did.

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At the club level, Ibra was not afraid to move, knowing that a player with his natural gift will always find a place in any top championship. He became the champion of four countries, and the British period of his career was marked by the Europa League trophy. Zlatan fell short of winning the Champions League, but he will gladly laugh in the face of anyone who tries to remind him of that.

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dembel chord

In the last game of Zlatan’s career, the Milan fans, with whom the Swede won two Scudettos and the Italian Super Cup, hung a banner with a moving and at the same time funny pun in English. “Goodbye” or “Goodbye God”, as a reminder that Zlatan in his interviews repeatedly compared himself to higher powers.

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The Verona fans, on the other hand, dismissed Ibrahimovic with a whistle, to which he responded in his unique style: “You can keep whistling. It’s the best thing you’ve had this season: you saw me.” This is all Zlatan. It remains to be seen how Ibra will surprise us after the end of his playing career. And there is no doubt that he will not be able to stay away from the television cameras for long The life of a simple Swedish pensioner, although very rich, does not suit him at all.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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