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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Bike joring is a fun sport for dogs and their owners. Where to start training?

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 04:48:41

We continue to talk about very interesting and unusual sports. Today we have bike joring, a sport that had its origins in dog sledding. Nowadays this is a great way to usefully pass the time and take your pet for a walk.

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“Bike joring is a sport in which one or more dogs, using special equipment, tow a bicycle driven by a person. Initially, bicycle joring was used to train sled dogs. “Now experts consider it an independent type of cynological sport.”

What we will tell you

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The origins of bicycle cycling

This type of training was invented to keep sled dogs in good shape during the summer season, when there is no snow. Without practice, dogs lost their shape and people found an original way to solve the problem. The bicycle is a very comfortable means of transportation that can easily replace a dog sled. In Russia, this sport gained popularity in the 90s.

Bicycle joring gradually became more than just exercise. Many people liked the idea of ​​​​such an unusual pastime with their pets and it became a hobby. After all, this is the perfect combination of physical activity and entertainment: on the one hand, you exercise by cycling long distances, and on the other, you walk the dog and enjoy nature.

Today, bicycle joring proudly takes its place in the list of cynological sports celebrated in different countries.


Where can you go jogging?

You should create a route where you can ride your bike freely without disturbing others or getting distracted. Large parks are ideal, but this applies to the urban environment. Of course, such a trip would be more enjoyable somewhere outside the city. Fresh air, nature and you and your four-legged friend exploring your surroundings. What else is needed for happiness?

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“When it comes to the ideal surface for cycling, a dirt road is much better than a paved road. Perhaps the asphalt is more pleasant for the bicycle, but we should not think only of ourselves. The fact is that primer is much less dangerous for dogs’ paws; “They will be more comfortable on this surface.”

In the case of cycling, rural and forest roads are more preferable because, firstly, dogs cannot run on asphalt for a long time, and secondly, in an urban environment there are too many factors that can scare or distract to the dog. And such a situation can cause serious injuries to both the cyclist and his pet.


Equipment and equipment for joring on a bicycle.

As for the cyclist, everything is simple: wear a protective helmet, clothing that allows the body to breathe during training. For the amateur level, any bicycle with a strong frame is suitable, which can be equipped with a harness and a spring – a special device to prevent the pull from getting under the wheels.

In professional bike joring, mountain bikes are mainly used, since the competitions take place on rugged terrain. What should you bring with you to make your dog as comfortable as possible?

You need a special bike belt that will connect the bike and the dog, as well as a harness, a special holder that goes on the dog and that will hold the belt. And, of course, don’t forget to bring water and a bowl for your pet so that he can always drink during training.


How to prepare a dog?

During races, especially in the city, you are responsible for your dog. The pet must be trained and know how to behave. Whatever one may say, there are so many distractions in the city that the dog can change at a very inopportune moment.

Kristina Lukyanenko: First of all, it is important to train the dog so that it can be close in motion and concentrate on the owner. It is necessary to teach the commands “stop”, “right”, “left” so that you can tell the pet the direction of movement. For urban driving no additional ammunition is necessary. You can use a regular leash, as long as the dog knows the commands.

Before you decide to go to a race with your dog, make sure you have taught him everything, that in a stressful situation for him, he will not let you down and will behave correctly.


Bicycle joring contest

As we said, bicycle joring has become a popular sport relatively recently, but many competitions are already held in it. As a rule, they are done on a primer, since it is a safe coverage for the dog’s paws. The question is simple: whoever arrives first wins, but there is a nuance. The dog must run in front of the cyclist throughout the race, except on the downhills, in which case he may circulate parallel to his pet.

It is also important that the dog is at least 18 months old. This is easily explained: this stress can be harmful to puppies. All four-legged participants in races undergo a mandatory examination by a veterinarian; Sick, pregnant or overly aggressive dogs are not allowed to participate in the competition.

And the last rule, no less interesting. Participants in the race are prohibited from having direct contact with the dog, which is why it is so important that the dog understands the owner 100% and listens to his commands.

Various breeds of dogs capable of running and pulling usually participate in bicycle joring competitions: drathaars, short-haired pointers, malamutes, Siberian huskies and others. Participants may compete individually or in teams. Competitions are held at different distances and in various conditions, from short speed courses to long endurance courses.

Sometimes obstacles are also installed on the routes to make passage difficult. Winners are determined based on the time they complete the course, as is common in many similar sports.


Useful tips for beginners.

If you recently got a dog and want to try bike joring, we repeat: you must first teach the animal all the necessary commands so that you can calmly control it while driving.

Try to determine how ready your dog is for that hobby. Consider the characteristics of the breed and the health status of your pet. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian. Do not try to develop high speed if you are just starting to get familiar with cycling, start little by little and, of course, calculate the strength of your dog.

If you want to participate in competitions, you cannot do without professional help: contact a trainer who will tell you how to train your dog and how to teach it to listen to commands.

Kristina Lukyanenko: Bike joring is not just physical exercise, it is important training for the dog. The dog should run close to the bike, control the pace and ignore any distractions. In addition, riding a bicycle is a great joy for a pet, a walk in the fresh air and contact with the owner, so especially active and hunting breeds will surely enjoy this leisure activity.

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