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Biohacking Trainer: Once a year, I only eat onion soup for a whole week. I’ll tell you why

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 22:31:01

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I periodically adhere to detox fasting because I have a personal problem: three genetic faults.

We are talking about the so-called obesity genes, when a person, being consumed, cannot eat enough for a long time and very quickly feels hungry. At the same time, any animal fat is very quickly absorbed and deposited in the form of extra pounds.

What am I doing for myself?

For me, the most effective method is a week of onion soup. This dish is prepared with a high content of onion, vegetables (tomato, cabbage, paprika) and spices.

Soup recipe:

onions – 6 pieces; cabbage – 1/4 of a small head; tomatoes – 1-2 pieces; vegetables – a bunch; green pepper (paprika) – to taste; seasonings – curry, salt, coriander or dill seeds.

Boil no more than 10 minutes, let it brew for an hour.

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You can eat this soup as much as you want during the week, but there are restrictions on other products. For example, on the first day it is allowed to eat only vegetables, on the second – fruits, on the fourth – both vegetables and fruits.

At the same time, my gastritis does not get worse, swelling decreases, sleep improves, and the skin is clear. And, most importantly, the pain in the joints disappears. The waist is also tightened, the weight is normalized.

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I start this detox hunger strike when I pack on five to eight pounds over my preferred weight. So it becomes easier for me to go on a restrictive diet. Previously, I did this three or four times a year, now – prophylactically once a year.

Where did I learn about the onion diet and what is the point?

Even 20 years ago, when I was just beginning my career as a pharmacy manager, our director, a 107 kg young man, suddenly, abruptly and very healthy, entered his normal weight, 96 kg. It turned out that he used an onion soup diet and achieved excellent results in three or four approaches. Well, all the women in our pharmacy rushed to apply this method.

day limits

There’s a whole system here, it’s important to stick to it. From experience I can say that during the diet I did not starve. Those who allowed “exceptions” did not get the result. An honest contract with yourself for a week is an honest result on the scale.

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Soup – at least once a day.

1st day: soup and fruit (except bananas and grapes).2nd day: soup and vegetables (you can: raw, canned, stewed, in water, leafy, vegetables; you cannot: peas, legumes, corn).3rd day: soup, fruits and vegetables.4th day: soup, fruits and vegetables, you can a banana.5th day: soup, beef (300-400 g) and tomatoes (canned are allowed).6th day: soup, beef, leafy greens.7th day: soup, brown rice, fruit juices, vegetables.

An important caveat: exclude onion soup from the diet on days when you are not on a diet, this is the main rule.

Is it difficult to comply?

The first days are easy. On the fourth day, the soup can get bored, on the sixth – it does not rise at all. And on the seventh day it seems that you can continue living like this for another week, but then you have to stop.

There are breakdowns, as in any diet, because the environment gets us on the bandwagon: people who do not support us, temptations (for example, on vacation, when there are guests, or on days of stress it is difficult to follow such a diet). diet). This is a diet for a stable period.

What helps you diet

Drinking regimen Cold or contrast showers, bath, sauna. These days are allowed herbal teas, meditation, non-exhausting sports: joint, Tibetan gymnastics, “sun salutation” yoga, a good walk.

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How much is lost during the diet?

If you need to lose more than five kg, it is better to use a diet in two approaches. If 10 kg, then for three or four. Then they will be healthy approaches. Just give yourself such a discharge: three weeks of normal nutrition, and the fourth week – a miracle soup. These are the best results you can get: slow and systematic weight loss with fixation of the result. But, of course, as in any diet, consultation with a specialist is important here.

doctor’s opinion

Dietitian, Gastroenterologist, Medical Science Candidate, Clinical Pharmacologist

Although onions rarely cause allergies, in people with a weak intestinal barrier, they can cause a negative reaction. Includes soup of this product.

Incompetent intestinal barrier: increased intestinal permeability, associated, among other things, with a lack of beneficial bacteria. This can lead to the fact that the onion, which is the main ingredient in the soup, will cause pain, cramps in the abdomen, and bloating. And with frequent use, even an immune response.

In addition, the unique gene for fullness that the heroine talks about does not exist, and this is only one of the reasons for the extra pounds.

Such nutrition can be called unloading, you can lose weight with it, but the fact that it will remain normal after a diet is not a fact. Any restrictions are stress for the body.

Now about the fruits. The fruit is an abundance of fructose. If you eat them every day in unlimited quantities, even for a week, the load on the liver increases, in which this fructose is metabolized.

For flushing, I recommend a day of fasting, water only. But this technique is not suitable for those who have problems with the gallbladder.

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Onion soup is a healthy component of the diet if you are not allergic to the ingredients in the dish. It can be added to the diet, but I would recommend eating all the vegetables on the list raw, as they have more benefits.

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