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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Bobrovsky is the only panther in Florida. His teammates were even beaten by the ‘Vegas’ goalkeeper

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 21:39:48

For the fourth game, “Florida” and “Vegas” approached those of Nevada with a minimal advantage. But there was no feeling that the series would drag on. The main trump card of the Panthers was and remains Serey Bobrovsky. The Russian, who spent the end of the regular season on deep reserve, became a true wild card in the playoff series. Without exaggeration, it was thanks to his brilliant game that the Miami squad climbed up to now.

The Knights’ only series win so far came in overtime. Following the results of this tougher but successful game for Florida, the Russian goaltender came out on top in the league in terms of the number of overtime wins. Bob currently has 15. Carey Price is second with fourteen wins. Yes, and as for the content of the questions that the journalists asked the southerners, it all came down to the importance of Bobrovsky for the team.


By the way, in the final match, Bob gave his guys a chance to save at the end, making an impressive save. But the “Panthers” field began to reap its style already in the debut of the match. But when Barbashev launched one on one, Sergey managed to save the team. The Russian read the direction of flight from the disk and managed to fix it. But when during the next attack of the “knights” the southerners went to change, Bob could not save the team. Stevenson opened the scoring in the second minute of the match.

It is curious that until the hot end, the teams managed to withdraw only once. The first period ended with a slim lead for Vegas, but largely thanks to reliable play from Bob. In the second half, the hosts kept losing opponents in their zone and stupidly interfering with their goalkeeper’s penny. And by the 32nd minute of the game, the guests were in front with a difference of three goals. The second was thrown by Stevenson himself, and the third by Karlsson, who turned out to be faster than three rivals with someone else’s penny.

But the teams went into the second break with the score 1:3. And here it was not the desire or the skill of the owners that worked, but the attraction of the rebounds. After two skates from the Las Vegas players, the black puck dove into the net. Sergey had no chance. The only fresh attack of the “Panthers” was carried out in the 44th minute, when the whole five took part in scoring. They entered the zone perfectly from the swing, landing a graceful diagonal pass and touch, into the far corner. Barkov knows how! And then the race began…


And Florida wouldn’t have been plunged into a ferocious finish if Bobrovsky hadn’t saved the team after pitches from Aikel, Barbashov and Marchessault. As a result, the Russian went to the bank, and the hosts arranged a real massacre on Hill’s penny. The Panthers were swinging their clubs so furiously that the Las Vegas gate guard ran from hand to hand. After the siren, a furious brawl ensued, promising the fifth toughest match possible in Nevada.

Sergey Bobrovsky could not take part in the final shootout, but in the next match we can expect a duel of goalkeepers according to boxing rules. The stakes are as high as possible, and our boy grew up in Novokuznetsk, where everyone has boxing skills. Hoping for a great continuation of the series.

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Puck Henry
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