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Friday, March 31, 2023
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By refusing to go to the Olympic Games in Paris, we will drive ourselves into isolation. possibly 8 years

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 10:09:25

To date, the International Olympic Committee has not named clear criteria for the return of the Russians to the Olympic family. It is only stated unequivocally that there will still be no flag and no anthem. Also, a vague point about the attitude of our athletes towards the NWO.

And in general, it is not yet a fact that the IOC will allow us to attend the Games in Paris, even in a neutral state. In addition, an extraordinary summit of sports ministers from EU countries, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, South Korea and Japan is supposedly scheduled for February 10 to develop a common position on the issue of whether the IOC still gives the nod to Russia.

Pay attention: in this company of conspirators there is no USA. But it is the American giants that control the entire Olympic movement, because it is thanks to their billions of sponsorships that the IOC thrives.

By canceling the resumption of the World Cup in 2024, the NHL has recently unequivocally demonstrated to the entire planet that the league will do nothing without the Russians, because it will suffer a financial collapse. But it’s exactly the same story with the Summer and Winter Olympics. The United States, obviously, is vitally interested in the arrival of Russian and Belarusian athletes at Paris 2024 and Milan 2026, which means that sooner or later it will push all its vassals.

The US NOC has repeatedly stated that it is not opposed to Russia’s presence in Paris. Naturally, in a neutral state. In which Russians and Belarusians play in tennis tournaments. Last year the British tried to stop our people from going to Wimbledon, so what? Yes, they carved themselves! The points obtained in London do not count for the participants, and the organizers themselves were fined two million dollars. In addition, they threatened the British Lawn Tennis Association with exclusion from the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) if this was repeated.

So, most likely, our team will be invited to the Olympics in France. But here begins the most important thing, something that has already divided our society: accept or not all the humiliating conditions of the obscurantists?

The main claim is why, contrary to the Olympic Charter, we were punished with the ban on the flag and the anthem? After all, we didn’t break anything! Unlike the three previous Games, which paid for doping crimes. They were publicly recognized by the National Olympic Committee of the Russian Federation, paying a fine. However, last December, all doping charges appear to have been dropped. So why are we once again forced into a neutral state?

My personal answer here is simple: choose the lesser of two evils.

Of course, this is a terrible injustice – there is no way to ban us from national symbols. But the whole planet knows perfectly well who acts under the Olympic white flag. And somehow diminished the gold of hockey players in Pyeongchang and silver in Beijing, the brilliant triumphs of figure skaters and skiers, wrestlers and boxers, synchronized swimmers and gymnasts, Maria Lasitskene and Sophia Velikaya, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova and Andrei Rublev , Evgeny Rylov and Vitalina Batsarashkina?! Of course not! They are the nation’s heroes forever!

How they remained after the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, which were boycotted by 65 states, the Italian judoka Ezio Gamba and the sprinter Pietro Mennea, the English runners Allan Wells and Sebastian Coe, the French fencer Pascal Trenquet-Aschin, the Australian swimmer Michelle Ford, the Danish shooter Kjeld Rasmunssen, the Swiss cyclist Robert Dill-Bundi, the Belgian judoka Robert van de Walle. In honor of their victories, a white Olympic banner was raised, as they performed individually. There were 14 such countries in total, so it was very difficult to figure out who each individual athlete represented in a neutral state.

Who will benefit if we refuse to visit Paris ourselves? Yes, all our enemies! They even call a special summit to agree on how to ban Russia. Some, like Poland and the Baltic states, threaten a boycott. Then they will only be punished for this, because the IOC, according to its laws, is obliged to disqualify such countries for eight years. At the same time, there is no doubt that if Russia declares a boycott, she is guaranteed to be kicked out of the Olympic family for two cycles.

We need it? In my opinion, the question is rhetorical.

Yes, there is a weighty counter-argument: they say, what the hell are the Olympics, when thousands of citizens of the Russian Federation are in mortal danger during the NWO!

But remember the difficult times of the Great Patriotic War. Recently, we all together celebrated the 80th anniversary of the breaking of the siege of Leningrad. What, it seems, sport, when hundreds of thousands of people were starving! However, in May and June 1942 two football matches were played in the besieged city. We played two times of 30 minutes. For more, there would simply not be enough strength. The players left the field, hugging, supporting each other. As the participants of those matches recalled: “It was a victory for everyone: over oneself, over fear, over despair. During the fierce and merciless winter of 1942, which ravaged Leningrad, but did not kill. The main thing that did not kill the living is the desire to live.

On this bleeding, but persistent and proud Leningrad did not stop. In July, two games were played in honor of Sportsman’s Day, and even in October a mini-tournament was organized between the teams from Lengarrison-1 and 2, as well as the team from the training centers. In 1943, when the blockade had not yet been lifted, a city championship was held with 20 teams, along the way 32 participants competed for the Cup.

What is the West looking for now, including numerous sanctions? Our complete isolation and self-destruction! So why should we play along and refuse to fight in Paris, in effect shoot ourselves in the foot?

No, on the contrary, by coming to the capital of France and, most importantly, through victories, we will show the whole world that we cannot be broken by unprecedented pressure and economic blockade. As the undefeated defenders of the city of Lenin did 80 years ago.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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