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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Canadians in the KHL receive citizenship of the Russian Federation. And where should the talented Russian youth go?

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 15:38:41

A new trend in the KHL: a Canadian writes a letter to Vladimir Putin that he cannot sleep, he sees himself as a Russian. And in a short time, the legionnaire gets citizenship, just like mid-zero, when famous actors Steven Seagal and Gerard Depardieu flaunted a double-headed eagle on their passports, and even acquired business and real estate in Russia. . The other day, the new Dynamo Moscow hockey player Brennan Menell received the main state brochure. There is a possibility that other Americans will follow him.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

When most of the young Russians, refusing to build a hockey career at home, are literally ready to fly abroad for a bowl of soup to fulfill their dream of entering the NHL, some of the strong players in the second The largest North American league, the AHL, on the contrary, flee to Russia and ask for hockey asylum here, that is, they send applications for internal citizenship.

At first glance, everything is clear as daylight: we began to work on the limit of the presence of a gang of legionnaires in the composition of Russian teams – a maximum of three hockey players in one club (these rules are not apply to Dynamo (Minsk ), Barys and Kunlun) ), on the other hand, is there really not a certain number of high-quality or at least strong players in Russia, which is rich enough in hockey talent, to form the list with decent athletes? The question is difficult. From year to year, local officials and coaches sound the alarm that the VHL and the MHL can only partially dilute the established masteries, the rest do not pull the level of claims. It turns out that the Akhaelian guys want and can, since they even agree to acquire citizenship, despite some problems in the world regarding everything Russian.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

Something doesn’t add up here. This amazing trend, probably, should also be analyzed by the positions of a huge number of sleeping agents who see how to bring their protégés to the still not poor KHL. First of all, just like with a soccer colleague, when it comes to moving to a Russian club, the stakes are much higher. Secondly, for Americans, even with equal salaries in the KHL and AHL, the issue of taxation is important, and here we are practically ahead of the rest, because in Russia the tax burden is still not as timid as in Canada. or USA. Well, apart from those hockey players who have already managed to smell the local gunpowder, apparently, with great pleasure they tell their colleagues that the charges in the domestic league are not so hot, in comparison with their native North America and, to put it mildly . , they go to an unknown country, as if it were a vacation or sports place.

Photo Source: HC Philadelphia Flyers

Here we all face migration on both sides of the ocean. And everyone’s position is understandable. The young talent Matvey Michkov rejoices in the orange Philadelphia uniform at the last NHL draft, and Brendan Leipsik, with the help of his employers at the St. Petersburg SKA, carves another letter to the President of Russia with a request for citizenship. dreamed. playing for the national team of Ovechkin and Malkin). The thing is that the same Canadians at the age of about 30 have already given up the dream of gaining a foothold in the NHL club, and even in one that will qualify for the Stanley Cup, and our youth is the project of parents. who survived the troubled 1990s. The very time when there was complete chaos in domestic hockey, and all eyes were turned abroad.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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