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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Carlos Alcaraz will deprive Novak Djokovic of victory at the US Open

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 20:13:31

On August 28, the US Open begins, the last Grand Slam tournament of the season. This is the 143rd edition of this trophy. It’s time to study the tournament categories to guess which tennis player will win the final match.

The best predictions for today.

Djokovic will regain the top spot in the ATP ranking

Novak Djokovic traditionally contests the US Open strongly. The fast and hard coverage allows the Serbian to use almost all of his assets: change of pace, aggressive entrance to the net and powerful serve.

For Novak, the draw for the tournament was favorable. In their half of the draw are Stefanos Tsitsipas, Taylor Fritz and Felix Auger-Aliassime. Obviously, none of them pose a serious threat to one of the best tennis players of the 2023 season.

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Also, apart from remarkable ability, Djokovic has the highest level of motivation. The loss in the 2023 Wimbledon final against Carlos Alcaraz hurt him a lot. The veteran does not want to admit that his time is slowly running out and that the new king of tennis will soon reign on stage.

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But Djokovic is in no rush to cover his racket, as he demonstrated in the “thousand” final in Cincinnati, beating Alcaraz in a suspenseful match. The Serb lost the first game 5:7 and found himself in a difficult situation. He had no shot and Carlos was active, charging the opponent with dribbles.

For Djokovic the moment of truth has arrived. A second straight loss in a major tournament final to Alcaraz might have broken his spirits before the start of the US Open. The Serb gathered his will into a fist and won two sets in a tie-break.

Bookmakers appreciated Novak’s victory. They consider him the main favorite of the US Open. If Djokovic wins the title, the odds will be 2.30. In addition, it is enough for him to go through the starting circle to get around Alcaraz and become the first racket in the world again.

Carlos Alcaraz breaks stereotypes

Carlos Alcaraz comes from a place where the courts rarely have any surface other than clay. For this reason, the vast majority of Spanish tennis players have a viscous playing style and a preference for long positional ties.

The phenomenal Alcaraz breaks stereotypes: his style of play allows him to dominate fast and hard. Carlos produced such an explosive symbiosis of technical elements that opponents are often lost by his unpredictable decisions on the court.

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Carlos won last year’s title in New York, displaying a unique set of qualities: a strong serve, the ability to find time to get into the net and precise dribbling. Over the past year, Alcaraz only contributed to development, pumping the field.

Video replays will be used at the 2023 US Open.

Alcaraz faces the title defense of the US Open winner in his best form. He is young, talented and experienced in big games. The bookmakers highly value the probability of victory for the Spaniard: the odds are 2.80.

Medvedev is under pressure

In Daniil Medvedev’s career there were quite a few difficult moments. The Russian is regularly criticized because stability is not his main favourite. Surprisingly, after his failures, he gives away his best matches.

Medvedev has long considered his tournament at the US Open. The quick rebound of the ball, the instinct and the ability to feel the return movement of the opponent are the perfect combination of the qualities of the tennis player to win the Grand Slam tournament.

All eyes on Harry Kane:

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As for hate, Daniel is in perfect order with this. He has failed in his last two tournaments in Toronto and Cincinnati, allowing critics to say that he is finished as one of the best tennis players. Medvedev’s sports anger and one hundred percent motivation should help him in the first stage of the US Open.

“Medvedev cannot be ruled out.” Ruud: On the US Open favorites.

The bookmakers understand that Medvedev can expect a surprise in New York. Therefore, they value the victory of the Russian with a coefficient of 10.0. To what extent he will be able to live up to expectations will be shown by the first match with Attila Balazs. The 34-year-old Hungarian tennis player is the perfect rival to pick up the pace.

Who will win the US Open?

Novak Djokovic achieved a psychological advantage over Carlos Alcaraz by defeating him in the final of the last “thousand”. But the Spaniard is young and, according to experts, he has unique psychological characteristics: he does not pay attention to the negative results of past games. In terms of technique, Novak and Carlos are approximately equal, but physical condition will play in favor of the Spaniard.

Tender: Carlos Alcaraz will win the US Open by 2.80.

Express with a coefficient of 9.58.

Russian tennis players recognized their rivals at the start of the US Open.

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Arina Sobolenko could top the WTA rankings for the first time since the US Open.

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