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Friday, March 1, 2024
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CSKA is to blame for the nervous outcome of the Superfinal. The penalty shootout should not have happened

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 07:41:14

CSKA is to blame for the nervous outcome of the Superfinal. The penalty shootout should not have happened

Evgeny Lomonosov Jun 12, 2023 08:00 UTC Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

This is just the result of the weak implementation of the Fedotov team. Even Vladimir Ivic recognized the advantage of the Muscovites after the game.

In the Russian Cup Superfinal, CSKA beat Krasnodar 1:1 in normal time and 6:5 in a penalty shootout.

The red and blue looked better, which, after the game, the head coach of the southerners, Vladimir Ivic, admitted: “CSKA players created more chances”. The advantage of the army team is reflected in the statistics – immediately 10-3 in kicks from the penalty area! In other words, Vladimir Fedotov’s team was stronger in defense and more resourceful in attack. How did it happen?

Our report on the decisive match:

Akinfeev gave CSKA the cup in a tough penalty shootout! A real tragedy for Krasnodar

CSKA was more diverse up front due to Akinfeev, Krasnodar did not benefit from Spertsyan’s deep position

Fedotov’s team created a stir in a variety of ways. Separately, it is worth highlighting two – thanks to them, moments arose repeatedly.

In the first half, CSKA had spaces between the Krasnodar players, either between the defenders or between the lines. As a result of one of these episodes, a penalty was earned – Olusegun’s kick to Kuchaev’s leg was preceded by an unimpeded reception of the ball by the army midfielder.

Konstantin Kuchaev’s opening before the penalty won

A little earlier, Chalov almost scored after the opening between Arutyunyan and Alonso under Oblyakov’s pass, but Krasnodar rescued Agkatsev: he dragged the striker’s shot, not allowing himself to be caught on the counterattack movement. However, this call was by no means the first.

Even earlier, Agkatsev saved his team after hitting Kuchaev, who opened under Medina’s penetrating pass between Ionov and Harutyunyan! Therefore, it makes sense that CSKA achieved a decisive moment and a goal as a result of such actions.

Konstantin Kuchaev will connect a dangerous shot behind the wall with Jesús Medina

At the end of the second half, CSKA created sharpness by simplifying forward. Igor Akinfeev became the key player. Don’t let your teammates down, and the captain might have two pre-attendance passes at once!

The combinations “Akinfeev – Zabolotny – Medina” and “Akinfeev – Diveev – Chalov” could lead to goals, but both Medina and Chalov missed from outside the penalty area. The sharpest moment was in the center forward: he struck from the goalkeeper’s corner.

Fedor Chalov will lose a scoring opportunity after Igor Akinfeev’s pass and Igor Diveev’s discount

Throughout the season similar episodes are practiced with long passes from the CSKA goalkeeper. Last season, RPL, Igor Akinfeev even scored an assist. Unlike the army team, in the Krasnodar arsenal there are no such simulated actions with the throwing of the ball from the depths, as well as a goalkeeper with such a strong blow, so it was difficult for the bulls to compete with their opponents here. . .

At the same time, the Southerners could compete in the combinational draw and create sharpness as a result. But here’s the thing: Eduard Spertsyan played deeper than usual: not under the striker, where he was most often located last season, but in the support zone. The Armenian is the mainstay of Krasnodar, taking into account the Cup and the championship, he has 14 goals and 14 assists, he is the best on the team. Injuries to Nikita Krivtsov and Kadi Borges prevented him from playing closer to the attack. Perhaps due to Spertsyan’s position, Krasnodar was not as dangerous as it could be.

“Krasnodar” during the attack

CSKA’s greater reliability from behind is logical – Fedotov has a six-month lead over Ivic

In the Cup Superfinal, both teams used five players from behind in positional defense. In Krasnodar, Olusegun was like this: he fell from the middle line. The bulls have been using a similar tactical idea since the winter, with the arrival of Vladimir Ivic as coach. While it turns out with varying degrees of success, Olusegun’s foul in his own penalty area is proof of that.

“Krasnodar” in defense

CSKA, on the other hand, with five players behind in positional defense, has been operating since the beginning of the season, from the moment Vladimir Fedotov joined the team. During this time, the coach managed to test a variety of players in front of his goal and decide on the best combinations, for which his colleague had much less time.

CSKA in defense

So is it worth it, given everything that’s going on, to be surprised at CSKA’s increased reliability? The army team successfully coped with Krasnodar, except for the episode with a goal kick from Kordoba, when Moizes unexpectedly turned out to be with him, and not Diveev or Rocha, who were taller.

According to the way the decisive match played out, CSKA should have won in regulation time, but their players were let down by the implementation. Fortunately for them, the team has a fantastic 37-year-old captain, Igor Akinfeev, who is still ready to make up for the mistakes of the younger teammates in key episodes. Therefore, the captain confirmed the coach’s faith in himself with facts: not so long ago, Vladimir Fedotov called Igor Akinfeev the best player of the season.

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