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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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czech czech discord. Jiri Yaroshik replaced Marcellus Lichka and ruined Orenburg

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 01:05:02

Officially, the reason for the resignation of the Czech specialist is called “family circumstances”. But objectively speaking, the matter is in a depressing game and weak results of the team. It seems that in just a couple of months Yaroshik completely ruined Orenburg.


Talk about the fact that Jiri Yaroshik could head Orenburg began to be held since April of this year. Even then, it became known about Dynamo’s interest in the previous coach of the Ural team, Marcel Lichka. In Orenburg, they understood that they were unlikely to be able to keep Marcel, so they began to consider options for replacing him. And then Lichka himself advised to take a closer look at Jiri Yaroshik, calling him a promising specialist with his own gaming philosophy.

Lichka and Yaroshik are of the same year of birth and get along well. Therefore, as a friend, Marcel did well. But as the head coach leaving the team, he blamed the Orenburgers by recommending a still inexperienced specialist. This is Lichka, before joining Orenburg, he already managed to establish himself as a full-fledged head coach of the team, capable of producing results. It was under his leadership that Dynamo Brest became Belarusian champions for the first time, breaking BATE’s 13-year hegemony. Yaroshik’s coaching achievements were much more modest.

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Before Orenburg, Jiri mentored the Teplice team, which was struggling to survive in the Czech Republic’s top division. The first season with Yaroshik at the helm, this team still managed to finish without being relegated to the second Czech league. In addition, the place was saved thanks to the victory in the play-offs. But Teplice did not improve the following season, especially in defense. After 25 games, the team had conceded 57 goals and was in 14th place in the table with direct relegation risk. The management fired Jarosik, Teplice won several matches after that and remained in the elite of Czech football, even avoiding joints.

And after such results, Yaroshik was invited to Orenburg and announced his appointment as head coach on June 22. Jiri put at his disposal a team already formed with his own style of play, where there are many highly talented footballers. But the game “Orenburg” under the leadership of Yaroshik quickly deteriorated.


In five rounds in the RPL, Orenburg scored only 1 point with a goal difference of 3:12. In other words, in attack the team seemed to have forgotten how to play compared to last season, and in defense nothing worked. Surely, when Yaroshik was appointed head coach in Orenburg, they feared a shaky game due to his inexperience. But such a bad match from the Ural club was definitely not expected.

Under Lichka, the Orenburg players flew across the field. They put a lot of pressure on, constantly pumping pressure on other people’s gates and scoring goals. yes, the team also conceded many goals into their own net. But in attack he played perfectly, which happens under the direction of Marcel and with Dynamo. It’s nice to watch this kind of football. Under Yaroshik, the Orenburg players run slow, press badly and generally look completely unprepared for the season. What did Yaroshik do with the team at the training camp? And how did he prepare her for the matches, since such a game turned out?

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The straw that broke the camel’s back was the away defeat of Akhmat with a score of 0:4 in the 5th round of the RPL. Immediately after that match, Yaroshik pointed out at a press conference that the issue of resignation was decided by the leadership. Naturally, he allowed such a course of events, honestly calling his team’s game shameful:

“We gave the game to the rival. In the second half we just couldn’t do anything, we couldn’t create our momentum. Shameful game. They spent so many hours preparing for the game, I don’t know how you can go to the pitch like that. I always defend my players, but it’s a shame. Resignation? It’s not up to me. It was our worst game under my management. This question should be asked of the leadership,” Yaroshik said.

The management decided that the Czech coach was dismissed, officially explaining his departure due to family circumstances. Spaniard David Deorgasia, who previously served as head of the Orenburg academy, has already been appointed as the team’s next coach. Deorgasia also has experience in various Spanish clubs. But they were all club academies. Will the Spaniard be able to become a good coach of the main team or will he have to look for a new mentor soon?

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