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Friday, September 29, 2023
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“Defeat is an orphan.” Rotenberg accuses journalists

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 14:03:42

SKA, which continues to have a series of extremely unfortunate defeats, welcomed Dynamo Moscow, which had gained momentum, to its ice. In the first match of the regular season, the St. Petersburg team defeated the Muscovites on their ice, now the situation in the standings and in the playing conditions of the teams is completely different. Unlike the military team, the blue and white team gained good momentum and their new leaders played like they did in their best years.

DIY gift. Rashevsky gave Dynamo victory over CSKA in anniversary match

Roman Rotenberg’s team began to play under pressure from the beginning. The SKA hockey players quickly occupied the territory and almost immediately forced the guests to violate the rule – Andrei Mironov received a two-minute suspension.

In the final seconds, Arseniy Gritsyuk took advantage of most of the additional opportunities. For the former Omsk player, this album was his debut in the St. Petersburg club. During the first segment there were many eliminations. Rivals literally played with each other, without sparing each other, which often led to petty fights.

The fight, organized by Dynamo attack leader Eric O’Dell, was spectacular. It was he who brutally attacked Mikhail Vorobyov. As a result, it was Dynamo who benefited from this, finding themselves in their favorite element of the majority, they immediately equalized the score. Nikita Gusev, who was living his second youth, threw and a treacherous puck off Maxim Dzhioshvili’s skate hit the net.

RIA Novosti

At that moment there was a turning point in the game. “Dynamo” the initiative passed completely to “Dynamo”. And after a couple of minutes, the guests took the lead: Vladislav Mikhailov was the fastest at the moment, when he raised his stick after Dmitry Rashevsky’s throw. The nerves of the SKA helmsman could not stand it: Roman Rotenberg replaced the Swedish goalkeeper Matsson with Sergei Ivanov.

In the second half there was a pause in terms of scoring achievements. And at the beginning of the third segment, the locals were about to recover. However, one of the KHL’s best centre-backs, Alexander Kadeikin, did not take advantage of the killer opportunity. And then Maxim Dzhioshvili flew to meet with Ivanov and end this confrontation.

HC Dinamo (Moscow)

Summing up the following defeat of SKA, we can say that the army team lost to teams that play completely different hockey. “Torpedo” is a pure attack and constant control, “Spartak” is virtuous combinations and constant possession play, “Lokomotiv” is a defensive game and strict implementation of the game plan, and “Dynamo” is incredible pressure using the qualities of strength of powerful hockey players.

And here it can no longer be said that there are inconvenient opponents for the St. Petersburg team. It became difficult to play with absolutely everyone, the teams adapted to the tactical formations of Roman Rotenberg’s coaching staff. There are no longer any surprises, nervousness is felt in the actions of yesterday’s favorite. And this mood can be seen even in the coach’s words after the game.

“Defeat is an orphan. And there will always be people who undermine our team. “They want to break us, last year when we won they didn’t write anything good about us, we have to start winning.” – said Roman Rotenberg at a press conference.

Replacing the goaltender after two missed goals and just four minutes on the ice for former NHL star Galchenyuk seems like panic. We can only rely on the class difference, but this is balanced by the other teams’ understanding of how to face the St. Petersburg Club in one episode or another.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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