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“Depp and Heard”: a cool series about the scandal of Hollywood stars was filmed and told the whole story

Date: July 24, 2024 Time: 06:34:52

The trial between Depp and Heard took place in the spring of 2022. The proceedings drew an unrealistic amount of attention: major sporting events and military conflicts were nervously kept on the sidelines. Regardless of what was happening in the world, everyone was interested in something else: who would win in the Hollywood confrontation?

There was a live broadcast from the court, all the world’s bloggers discussed every second of the meeting, and journalists persistently looked for deception in Amber Heard’s speeches. But if you missed that scandal, check out the docuseries Depp vs. heard. The authors showed the court records, collected all the important information, and packed it into three 50-minute episodes.

Where can I watch Depp vs. Heard?

The series is available on Netflix with English subtitles. The show is not officially shown in Russia, but is available on various platforms.

Depp vs. Heard’s trailer?

The video is available on the Netflix Trailer YouTube channel. The rights of the video belong to Netflix.

The entire story of the heroes is told: from the first meeting to violent fights.

The scandalous couple’s courtship took place in Virginia. The heroes had nothing to do with this place, but the reason for the dispute was an article in the Washington Post, where Amber Heard talked about domestic violence. The newspaper’s servers were located in Virginia, so the case was considered in the local court.

The process began on April 11, 2022 and ended only on June 1. This time was enough to hold many meetings and go through the entire history of relations. It all started in 2010, when Depp was at the height of his fame, and Amber Heard was only showing promise. Then the actors starred in the film “The Rum Diary”, where they played lovers. Traditionally, cinematic passion turned into a real one: Depp invited Heard to visit, discussed art with her and kissed on the frame in the most convincing way possible.

The couple seemed perfect.

Photo: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

A full-fledged relationship began in 2012, and three years later the heroes got married. However, the first conflicts began long before the ceremony. In the documentary, Depp and Heard talk about fights and vile insults that would destroy any relationship. Although the main can began after marriage. Take, for example, an episode in Australia, where Depp almost lost a finger in another fight.

The drama in the attic, after which Depp found the same feces, was not forgotten either.

It tells the story well. Evidence appears in the frame, the speeches of the heroes are confirmed by audio recordings, important witnesses are invited to the trial. At the same time, the court already looked like a theater, and there is even more drama in the documentary. Youtubers comments are in place, beautiful music and good editing.

It feels like you’re watching a proper version of “Live” with Malakhov. The characters seem washed to the bone, but they do so without speculation and guests yelling at each other throughout the show.

depp in court

Photo: Netflix

Internet has changed the case, and vice versa

One of the most important themes of the documentary is the influence of social networks. The authors show how bloggers shoot videos, turn character statements into memes, and massively side with Johnny Depp. Ms. Heard was also supported a few times, although more often they wished for the worst.

The problem is that the verdict was given by the jury. Officially, they had no right to receive information about Depp and Heard outside of court. It is forbidden to read articles, watch videos on social networks, follow TV shows and related news. Opinions were to be swayed only by approved evidence, speeches by lawyers, and speeches by heroes. But is it possible to isolate yourself completely from the outside world?

Any member of the jury could go on the Internet, accidentally see Depp’s endorsement and think. Still, millions can’t be wrong, and a decision in favor of Heard will definitely turn into a white crow. This moral dilemma and the influence of the Internet on the court are shown convincingly. There are even comparisons to the old OJ Simpson case, which in our time could have ended differently.

amber heard performance

Photo: Netflix

Who is to blame: Depp or Heard?

Everyone supported Depp and created memes about Amber Heard and the bed. Even Christian Bale, who always gets used to the role, got it.

As a result, Depp endeared himself to the jury and walked out of court the winner. But is everything so clear? On the one hand, Heard really behaved strangely: she suffered excessively, got confused in her testimony, and was even caught in a lie. For example, one woman talked about a toner she used to cover her bruises; in fact, this product went on sale after her breakup with Depp.

Unsurprisingly, the jury was not convinced by the stories of kinky rape and daily beatings. Everyone felt that the lady was playing for the camera and she needed the help of a psychiatrist. And don’t forget the audio where Amber admits to physically abusing Depp.

Johnny walked out of every meeting to a standing ovation.

Photo: Ron Sachs/Getty Images

Except Johnny wasn’t an angel either. During his relationship with Heard, he went through some hard times: he drank a lot, took drugs, trashed the house in a fit of rage. Perhaps there were times when he really couldn’t contain himself and used his fists on him.

Therefore, the jury chose between the lesser and the greater evil. It was Amber who seemed to be the main villain, harassing her partner, fighting and looking for weaknesses.

It is curious that the authors of the documentary do not issue a verdict. They only show the whole picture and don’t soften the corners in favor of conventional wisdom. The final decision is up to the viewer, who learns all about the court case in three episodes.

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Depp vs. Heard: Is it worth watching?

We all have earthly desires. One of them is to rummage through the dirty underwear of the stars, discover the secrets and express your opinion. The documentary series Depp vs. Heard perfectly meets these needs. Watching the program and then discussing it with your comrades is very interesting.

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