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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Did Mahachev suffer from a dangerous illness? Poirier can become “the most undeserved champion”

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 14:47:48

On the night of June 2, the next tournament numbered UFC 302 will take place in Newark (USA). The headliners of the evening will be Islam Makhachev and Dustin Poirier. The Russian champion is entering his third title defense and, if he is successful, he will repeat the record for the lightweight division.

There is less and less time left before the fight and fighters are busy with two main things: losing weight and attending official UFC events, such as a media day, a photo shoot and a press conference. And the last photo session, in which the athletes showed their current uniforms, worried Makhachev’s fans. It is a strange mark on the Russian’s leg, which looks like a mark from an infection.

Foreign fans immediately flooded social media with images of Islam’s legs and asked questions:

“Is it really staph?” and “How will this affect Makhachev’s performance?”

“Apparently, Makhachev was fighting a serious staph infection during the camp.”

“UFC, if Islam really has staph, then cancel this fight. “I don’t want him to lose his winning streak because of this.”

“This may be Dustin Poirier’s hour of glory, but at the same time it may be his least deserved title.”

Conor McGregor also left his mark and never misses a chance to mock Khabib’s team at any opportunity. The Irishman confidently “diagnosed” the infection: “Staphylococcus again. This retard lives with staphylococcus. His computer is infected, there is no doubt about that. Although he will still submit Dustin in the first one. You dirty idiots, you make me sick. Wash yourself, damn it! Wash your clothes! Wash your mats! And do it daily, you careless idiots!

Interestingly, before the infection theory, McGregor was betting on Poirier to win by knockout. Now the forecast has changed dramatically. As for staphylococcus, it is generally the scourge of MMA fighters. Very often we hear that someone was hit by this infection and it affected his condition and performance. In some cases, this leads to withdrawal from fights. Only in the last six months can we remember the cases of Paulo Costa and Ikram Aliskerov, who abandoned battles, and Victoria Dudakova, Aleksandar Rakic ​​​​and Benoit Saint-Denis entered battles, and only the Russian managed to win.

All about the main disease of fighters:

Staphylococcus is a terrible disease for MMA fighters. Randleman died because of it, and now Costa has starred in

Very often, the appearance of staphylococcus is due to insufficient hygiene in the gym or because one of the fighters is a carrier of the infection. As for Makhachev’s team, they’ve been spending the last few weeks at Nick Katona’s gym in New Jersey. If Islam really contracted staph, that’s most likely it.

However, it is unlikely that Makhachev would take the risk if he was not sure that the infection would not affect his performance. Khabib’s team always acts rationally, and this is correct, so if there is staphylococcus, then perhaps Makhachev has already treated the disease, taken the necessary antibiotics, and a foreign trace has consequences that are not terrible. Additionally, the New York Athletic Commission is likely monitoring the situation.

Islam Makhachev

Photo: Getty Images

By the way, Poirier began to get “lucky” in these cases. Before UFC 299, Benoit Saint-Denis also contracted staphylococcus, he had a mark on his forehead and the Frenchman was not removed from the fight. As a result, he was very tired at the beginning of the second round and was knocked out. After the fight, Saint-Denis said that he could not refuse such an opportunity, so he left even in this condition. Furthermore, the fighter found it difficult to lose weight; This is also a consequence of the disease. After the fight, Benoit spent another two weeks recovering from staph.

If Poirier is this lucky for the second time in a row, then we can start building conspiracy theories. In the coming days, more attention will be paid to Makhachev’s condition and how difficult it will be for him to lose weight. If Islam really has health problems, then this is a wake-up call. We can only believe that everything is fine with the Russian champion and that the consequences of the infection are behind us. But now the fight between Makhachev and Poirier is definitely awaited with greater anxiety.

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