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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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“Dignity is diminished by pharmaceuticals.” Datsik begging for a fight with Shtyrkov via trolling

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 18:22:01

“Dignity is diminished by pharmaceuticals.” Datsik begging for a fight with Shtyrkov via trolling

May 18, 2023 11:00 UTC Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Fence jokes are also made.

The famous Russian fighter Ivan Shtyrkov successfully made his professional kickboxing debut at the RCC 15 tournament in Yekaterinburg last weekend. According to the results of the extra round, the Ural Hulk snatched the victory from the world kickboxing champion Petr Romankevich. Shtyrkov’s brilliant performance led to numerous challenges that rivals began throwing at Ivan. For example, Shtyrkov was approached by the ninth number of Glory and Brave champion Yoilton Lutterbach, who is set to move up from middleweight to light heavyweight for the sake of the fight with the Ural Hulk. Vyacheslav Datsik also did not stand aside, who does not call Shtyrkov for the first time and does it in his own style, through trash talk.

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After the fight with Romankevich, Shtyrkov was asked in the cage about a possible fight with Datsik.

“To be honest, I don’t want to fight Datsik. All of you: “Datsik, Datsik.” It’s like a household name. He talks about me, I answer him this way. It was just an offer for tonight – Datsik. Therefore, this theme is being developed. I myself would never have suggested: “Let’s go with Datsik.” There are plenty of decent guys, athletes you can kill yourself with. If you want this fight so badly, let’s talk about some super terms. Let’s go If the organization agrees. But in fact, so much noise for just another fight. Datsik is not Magomed Ismailov, do you understand? I do not have such direct respect for him, ”Shtyrkov told reporters.

Red Tarzan’s response was immediate: Datsik turned to Shtyrkov in his own way.

“Ivan, they offered me a boxing match with you in ten days. I agreed, but you started crying, begging you to take him to MMA. He said I didn’t wrestle for 20 years, I sat for 13 years and I don’t like hugging sweaty men, so my managers refused… And you brag about it. The Ural Chemical Plant was afraid to fight with the old fat Datsik. There is no need to hide behind fences, he finds courage in himself, finds strength. I know that from pharmaceutical products the dignity of man diminishes. He picks up the remains of him, pick it up and accept the challenge. Also, people want to see this fight,” Datsik said on the air of the TRUE GYM MMA YouTube channel.

But, despite the active skirmish on the Internet, this duel is unlikely to take place, at least not in the near future. First of all, at this stage of their careers, Shtyrkov and Datsik are on different planes. Ivan is looking for new sporting challenges for himself: he made his debut in a boxing match with Magomed Ismailov, was supposed to fight in MMA with Viktor Nemkov, but defeated the world kickboxing champion in his debut fight in this sport. Shtyrkov has repeatedly noted that he is looking for motivation, and in the case of a duel with Datsik, there is only one motivation – money.

Daud Sthansky also claims to fight Datsik:


“Bare fists are permission to kill.” The Russian Cam Star Intends To Beat Datsik!

Vyacheslav is 43 years old, he agrees to almost any venture and can pull off two fights in two weeks, the main thing is that they are well paid. Well, these fights are more entertaining than sports. You don’t have to look far to find examples. The duel with Mondragón lasted less than the whole animalistic grunt from him in a pre-fight press conference. And in the fight with Kevin Johnson, the Red Tarzan, out of helplessness, began to direct his head at the opponent’s jab, again and again receiving these blows on himself.

Secondly, even considering the possibility of holding a joint duel, the fighters cannot come to a common denominator in any way – to choose the format of the battle. According to Shtyrkov, Datsik’s team offered strange options: boxing with small gloves, three rounds of three minutes each, and barefoot. Apparently, the Red Tarzan in this case was counting on his physical strength and the fact that with small gloves he would be able to knock out Shtyrkov.

Vyacheslav Datsik

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Ivan, on the other hand, offers classic fighting options: MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and punching. And in all these options, Shtyrkov is a clear favorite, and Datsik will have a slim chance of winning. Therefore, Vyacheslav is unlikely to agree to, for example, a fight according to the rules of mixed martial arts with the basic samba player Shtyrkov or a long boxing match with an athlete who is almost ten years younger and in good physical shape

Of course, from the media point of view, this fight would arouse the interest of many martial arts fans, both fighters have a name in the national sport. But for this to happen, too many factors must converge.

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