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Friday, September 29, 2023
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“Djokovic taught Medvedev a lesson.” Violent reaction to the spectacular US Open final

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 16:30:01

“Djokovic taught Medvedev a lesson.” Violent reaction to the spectacular US Open final

Alexander Nasonov September 11, 2023, 08:45 Moscow time

Journalists and experts did not hesitate to praise the 24-time TBS champion.

The final match of the US Open, in which Daniil Medvedev played, was still not as tense as the semi-final match with the participation of the Russian. Then Medvedev broke the resistance of Carlos Alcaraz in four sets, and in the decisive match he did not take a single game from Novak Djokovic. Although he came close in the second set, which the Serbian won in a tiebreaker. However, the TBS final is an event that will surely not leave anyone indifferent. This match, which Djokovic won 6-3, 7-6 (7-5), 6-3, will be discussed for a long time.

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24 “Helmets” – incredible! Djokovic beats Medvedev in US Open final

According to Medvedev, the key moment was the defeat in the second set. “Of course I regret the second set. I should have won. But sometimes in tennis it’s not that simple. I had two options and I chose the wrong one. In general yes, the second set was the best set I played. And I didn’t win it. So I would say that it is normal that the game turned out like this. Because in the first and third sets he seemed to be better.

Secondly, if he had won the set, perhaps the match would have been different. If he wanted to win the match, he needed to win a set,” the Russian said at a press conference.

And he commented on the episode of the fall on the court at the beginning of the third set: “I didn’t feel anything. In fact, at the time I fell I was like, man, this might not be dangerous, but it could hurt me. So I spent maybe a minute wondering if it hurt or not. I had one more problem. In the third set he stepped up. But this is tennis. Maybe if I had won the second set I wouldn’t have thought about her.”

Djokovic, who cried after the victory, told how he managed to become a 24-time TBS champion:

“All these years were incredible perseverance and faith. My wife, my children, my team are as much your trophy as mine. I love you. Making history in this sport is wonderful. Is special. In every sense. It’s hard to describe.

When I was eight years old, I dreamed of winning Wimbledon and becoming the best player in the world. New goals… I never thought I’d be here talking about 24 Grand Slam tournaments. I didn’t know this would be a reality. But in recent years I thought I had a chance; Why not use it? he said on the court after the game.

And he addressed Medvedev, joking: “You will undoubtedly win many more Grand Slam tournaments.” Daniel is a real person. Never change in your celebrations and your comments, I love it. Sorry for today’s outcome and congratulations to you and your wife on your anniversary! “If I had known that today was your anniversary, the outcome might have been different.”

Novak Djokovic after defeating Daniil Medvedev in the final of the US Open 2023

Photo: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

How Djokovic’s victory over Medvedev was received on social media

Many journalists and experts expressed confidence that 24 major titles are not the limit for Djokovic. These are just a few of the many glowing comments.

“King Novak”, such a laconic comment was left by the press service of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), “Novak Djokovic took revenge on Daniil Medvedev for his defeat in the 2021 final. 24 TBS, and this is not the limit”, said the journalist Gaspar Ribeiro Lanza; “Tennis has a long history. And Novak Djokovic, at 36, hasn’t finished it yet…”, philosophizes the journalist Jon Wertheim; “Titan. He continues to establish himself as the greatest. What a player, what a story”, this is how the Serbian journalist Sasa Ozmo described his compatriot; “Novak is the king of the harsh jungle, where the craziest dreams come true… He leaves the line of 23 majors and ascends to his own own. galaxy, where no other player has ever been in the Open Era,” said journalist Rob Koenig poetically; “24 “Helmets” for an ageless man. Most gamers don’t even dare to dream of this. Infinite greatness. Eternal Novak. Another history lesson taught by Professor Djokovic”, this is how journalists from The Tennis Letter reacted;

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“Shitty gift for the wife.” Medvedev’s jokes and Djokovic’s apologies after the US Open “Novak Djokovic has nothing left to prove, but he still proves it. He defeated Daniil Medvedev after a grueling marathon in the second set. Hats off (again)”, said journalist Christopher Clary; “The second series is generally something unreal. Medvedev gave his all physically. Djokovic responded with short shots, served and went to the net, resisting firmly, as always. And at the start of the third set, Med couldn’t recover psychologically. “Great final,” journalist Jack Davis analyzed the match, “What can I say about Novak Djokovic… he is the best player in history. 24 TBS – and believe me, this is not the end. Bravo”, opined the journalists of Tennis Connected; “Novak did well again. I’m sure 24 is as nice as one, especially when you’ve fought so hard to get to where you are and stay in the fight against more and more competitors. Today you were in full combat readiness in a match with a great player like Daniil. Another bow to you, champ”, wrote the legendary Rod Laver;

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“It’s a shame he didn’t win the second set. “I didn’t give him a break.” Medvedev – on the US Open final “It’s Djokovic… again,” was the comment left by the 1989 Roland Garros doubles champion, Patrick McEnroe: “Go, champion!” -The winner of the 2009 US Open, Juan Martín del Potro, addressed Djokovic: “Djokovic had problems in the second set, but he rebuilt himself. He was the best not only on the backhand, but also on the net. “Phenomenal,” commented journalist Matt Cronin; “36 is the new 26,” the Australian Open press service wrote, referring to Novak’s age; “The incomparable Novak Djokovic continues to break records,” recalled the Tennis Majors; “The second set was just amazing, but then came a certain disappointment. Medvedev was not able to play at such a high level as he did on Friday throughout the match,” Tennis Updates noted.

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