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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Dmitry Selyuk: Kane was at Tottenham, but would be a good fit for Bayern or PSG

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 08:39:29

We take a look at Kane and his possible future football agent Dmitry Selyuk.

– Kane reached an important milestone in goals scored. It’s good that Harry became runner-up in Europe 2020, but with Tottenham it’s unlikely that he will win anything in the next few years.

– Kane in “Tottenham” took place as a world-class player. Who knows how things would have gone for him at another club. At Tottenham he has all the confidence of the coach, of the board, he is the idol of the fans. In this sense, he feels absolutely comfortable.

There is a similar example: Totti. He too could go somewhere to Juventus and win a lot of trophies. But he remained faithful to Rome to the end, he received the title “Emperor of Rome” from the fans.

As for Kane, Guardiola has long praised him. If Harry agreed, Manchester City would gladly sign him. Although I don’t really see how a tall center forward like Kane would fit into Guardiola’s system. Although now the Netherlands is scoring.

But, apparently, the Norwegian will not stay long at City. It is not easy for foreign families to live in Manchester, it rains there very often. This is not Barcelona.

– I agree with Guardiola’s style. A large attacking group spins their merry-go-round, everyone switching places, while a classic Kane-type center forward must stand on a conditional penalty spot and wait for a pass. No, in Guardiola everyone should participate in this carousel. Although we know that Kane likes to step back and give a big assist himself.

– Kane would be more suitable for Manchester United.

– I keep talking about titles. Here Bayern wanted Kane. It seems that they wrote that everything is in the ointment. But then it broke.

– In recent years, Bayern have won the title only in Germany, they have failed in the Champions League. But Bayern Kane would definitely fit. He would ideally replace Lewandowski, the same goalscoring center forward. However, the fact is that Bayern do not pay much.

I think he would have done well at PSG. Kane will be thirty this summer. Tottenham can sign him up to the age of 35. So the whole career will pass in this club. Or the Spurs will decide to make good money on it. I think after the season there will be good offers for Kane.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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