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Doctors named 7 food groups that should form the basis of a healthy diet

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 01:06:26

In today’s world, many seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of its foundations, of course, is proper nutrition. However, there is a misconception that a balanced diet must necessarily consist of expensive and inaccessible foods. In reality, things are very different: making a useful menu for each day is easier than it seems.

How to make your menu varied and tasty? At the same time, how to compose your ideal menu so that it is nutritious enough? What products should be included? And why is it important to try to maintain proper nutrition? We deal with experts.

The importance of a proper diet

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Proper nutrition is the key to preventing many chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Otherwise, there is a risk of a decrease in mental and physical performance, which has a direct impact on the standard of living.

A balanced diet is the basis of humoral regulation, one of the first mechanisms to regulate the vital processes of the body. All the necessary trace elements and substances that the body cannot synthesize, we must receive with food.

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There are several basic rules, such as maintaining the correct ratio of macronutrients. In a healthy diet, it is necessary to observe the ratio of 3:3:4, where 30% are proteins and fats, and 40% are carbohydrates.

What should be included in the daily diet

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Proper nutrition does not mean a monotonous and boring menu and giving up your favorite delicacies. On the contrary, the diet should be varied and include a wide range of products.

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It is important to include amino acids and trace elements in the daily diet: potassium, chlorine, magnesium, sodium. The first substances are the building blocks of proteins, which are the basis of muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin and hair, and the second are the basis of the nervous system, which means the work of muscles and the main muscle: the heart. .

In the menu must be present 2-3 g of salt obtained “from the salt shaker”.

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Fats, both animal and vegetable, contribute to the integrity of any cell wall in the body with beneficial cholesterol, which is an essential element in the formation of sex hormones.

Carbohydrates are a source of energy and strength. They are best obtained from whole and minimally processed sources. For example, you can safely add durum wheat pasta, baked potatoes, brown rice, and grains to your diet.

7 foods you need in your diet


This is not only an excellent source of easily digestible protein, but also a reference product for the essential amino acid: lecithin. The brain is 30% of this substance. The daily norm of an adult is 5-7 g per day in the first half of the day, which is equivalent to two boiled eggs.

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At the same time, lecithin normalizes lipid metabolism, improves female hormone levels, protects the liver (lecithin is part of hepatoprotectors). In addition, egg white is digested for a long time, therefore it eliminates the feeling of hunger for a long time.


A good source of vitamins and fiber, which many people forget to add to their menu. More recently, the consumption of vegetables per day has increased to 600 g, that is, five to six vegetables per day.


They also contain a lot of fiber and vitamins, but it is important not to forget the presence of fructose, that is, added sugar. Seasonal and better local vegetables should be included in the daily diet, but it is better to do it in the first half of the day, but not more than 300 g per day.


Vegetables are essential in the daily diet for the same reasons as vegetables. However, it is important to remember that it has a more concentrated acid composition.

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Thus, for example, parsley, for all its benefits, is contraindicated in gout due to the high combination of oxalic acid, which can cause the formation of oxalate salts in people prone to urolithiasis.


Source of protein and hemoglobin. Current research suggests reducing red meat consumption to one to two servings per week. This is enough to reduce the risks of associated diseases, while receiving essential amino acids and essential animal fats.

fish and shellfish

It contains a lot of protein. The Mediterranean diet is recognized throughout the world, which is based on seafood, vegetable fats and long carbohydrates. Fish is an ideal food in terms of protein and omega-3 fats. Given the diversity of fish species in general availability and the retention of nutritional value in frozen fish, it is ideal for an everyday diet.

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Vegetable oils

It must be in your daily diet. Such oils are not saturated, so it is important to “gain” the full chain of fatty acids by alternating different oils in the diet: walnut, grapeseed, olive, linseed.

In addition to the above products, milk can also be present in the diet. Preferably no more than two or three servings (400-600 ml). Don’t be swayed by sour cream, cream, ice cream and butter because they are low in calcium.

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