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Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Does anyone still believe in Bach? Has the story of the failure of KM-2024 really taught anyone anything?

Date: December 2, 2023 Time: 23:38:43

I find it terribly funny and at the same time bitterly sad to read the virtuous fabrications of treasonous fools or banal that someone will allow us to go to the Olympics in the near future. Didn’t Bach at the G20 summit in Indonesia ask the leaders of the leading countries not to impose politics on sports, hinting that it is the Olympic venues that can reconcile Russia with its neighbor, at least temporarily? However, a few weeks later, the IOC president confirmed that Russia and Belarus had nothing to do with his corrupt Games.

Was? Was!

Now these hypocrites have sung the old vile song for the mentally ill again. Again, it seems that Russia is waiting in Paris and Milan, but at the same time it is necessary to fulfill many fundamental conditions. Most notably, the third consecutive Winter Olympics to compete without a flag or anthem.

For example, he was categorically against the Red Car’s journey back to Pyeongchang under these conditions. And he didn’t change his mind. Because you can never bow down under anyone! Especially for nothing! What doping allegations have surfaced against Russian hockey players? Zero! At least not publicly announced. And if something happened, then according to the IIHF rules, individual guilty players are punished, but not the team as a whole! Never! The bronze of the 2019 Bratislava World Cup after Kuznetsov’s white powder, after all, nobody took it from us. Such a thing is out of the question!

Or what – someone on this planet is not aware that in the NHL, with apparently prohibited stimulants, there is usually expansion! The most important thing – do not go too far, otherwise you will be out of the league. As, I suspect, happened to the Canadian goalkeeper from “Montreal” Price, by the way, the Sochi Olympic champion and the winner of the 2016 World Cup! – as well as the Czech striker “Detroit” Vrana. Yes, and our Chelyabinsk resident for the white carpet Bettman and Co. only scolded him slightly, threatened with a finger and disqualified – drum roll! – up to three matches. While the IIHF suspended the Washington striker from all of its competition for four years!

In a word, already with doping, the manufacturers of IOC thimbles have an obvious double standard. For the NHL to deign to visit the Games, everything is discussed there: insurance, business class flights, personal hotels, millions of dollars in compensation. However, for some reason, personally, I have never heard of regular doping controls for NHL players, even in a bungalow at home in bed with my beloved, at least during the Olympics season. That is once every four years.

Well, from the participation of the Red Machine in the Grand Tent of Milan-2026. Has anyone forgotten how, before all the dramatic events, the 2021 World Cup was cynically snatched away from Belarus? Then IIHF President René Fasel held out to the end. Young man! He kept in constant contact with the Father. After all, according to general opinion, the 2014 World Cup, held in Minsk, was the best and most visited in the history of the International Ice Hockey Federation! Unfortunately, the naive and good-natured Fazel was treated in a couple of days. As soon as the main sponsors of the IIHF and the World Championships threatened to refuse to cooperate, the Swiss dentist simply had no choice.

Likewise, last fall, European mice twisted the arms of America’s seemingly all-powerful Mr. Twister and his $4 billion-a-year private shop. The national federations of Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic categorically declared that they would not play the Russians in the 2024 World Cup. Never!!!

What was left for the poor boys in New York to do? Accept the ultimatum! Without our record wizards, no one needs the World Cup in North America for anything, because it’s doomed to a financial fiasco from the start. So the NHL quickly cut all plans to host in February 2024 for the first time in eight years a mega-tournament of all the luminaries on the planet. But they wanted to give one of the two preliminary groups to Europe, but the Russophobes of the old world lashed out with delight.

After all this extremely simple and predictable story, I swear that I cannot understand: with what fear did anyone have any illusions that the Finns, Swedes, Czechs and other Germans will change positions on the eve of the Milan Games? These armadillos do not want to see Russia even at the world championships of all levels between men and women!

Which is more than logical and justified for them. Why do we need the same Czechs at the World Cup? For the first time in 10 years, they reached the podium of the 2022 World Cup in Finland without Russia. At the 2023 Youth World Cup in Canada, for the first time this century, they limped into the final. Their women took the bronze of the World Cup, which they did not even dare to dream of before! With no NHL professionals, no Russians or Belarusians, Hašek’s compatriots in three years in Italy will have excellent chances of winning Olympic gold for the first time in a century.

Therefore, there is no point in trusting something or someone. No illusions: the red car will not be able to enter Milan, even if we give up our parents and children. It doesn’t matter, Bach will be the executioner. Or European rats, who are afraid to face the Russian team in a fair fight on ice.

The result is predetermined.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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