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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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“Dude, they’ll laugh at you!” Marten surprised Kostornaya at the first meeting: now they are getting married

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 18:36:08

The sparkling romance of two skateboarders is rapidly gaining momentum right now. By the way, literally. Alena Kostornaya and Georgy Kunitsa are actively mastering triple twists and throws in training, and in their free time they watch TV shows and go to their parents on weekends. Like a real family! The only thing missing are the rings on the boys’ ring fingers. But soon this will change: the lovers are already engaged and preparing for the wedding.

However, despite the current idyll, once Alyona could not even think that she would meet Gosha, and he himself experienced tender feelings for her not at first sight. Before finding common happiness, the athletes had to go their separate ways for several years and meet again.

This delay did them good. Both have matured, have survived the blows of fate and have faced each other at the right time. Now they go hand in hand through life and up the steep slopes of great sport.

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“When he came, it was usually a nightmare!”

Alena Kostornaya and Georgy Kunitsa skated together in Eteri Tutberidze’s group in the past. At that time, they barely spoke. When Gosha first came to Khrustalny, Alena was already training there, and she knew the “local laws” very well. Wearing protective shorts for men is not comme il faut. How to put sweatpants on skates. Gosha did not notice how amused the future European champion and automatically crossed himself out of the contenders for his heart.

“When he came, it was usually a nightmare! I also thought, “Damn man, you didn’t get flooded, now they’ll laugh at you.” Why, now I will explain. Somehow, we are all used to the fact that children travel in pants that are like sweatpants. That is, they are not boots, without straps, without anything, but these sports shoes are standard Nike, where they are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom – they hold the ankle. And that’s it: the skate is not closed.

And he is in these classic pants, which are attached to the ridge from the bottom, in a hood, only girls skate in our hood. And then when they taught to jump. That is, if the boy comes out hooded, that’s it. This is shameful content,” Kostornaya said on the YouTube show Without Water.

Georgy Kunitsa and Alena Kostornaya in the program “Without water”

Photo: Frame of the transmission.

Unsociable and unlike other students of the “Crystal”, Georgy did not make friends with any of them. Including Alena. Moving to St. Petersburg helped him open up socially, where he began his skating career in a pair with Tamara Moskvina. But it was not possible to achieve serious progress in a sports career. His partner with Evgenia Tumanova competed for one and a half seasons and broke up, never reaching the Russian Championship – 2022. Gocher did not look for a new partner: before the Olympics, all the forces of the Moskvina club gathered in superior pairs, for which they politely said goodbye to him and advised him to return to Moscow.

Meanwhile, Alena was experiencing her own sports dramas. The loss of the triple axel due to the quarantine during the pandemic, the unjustified move to the Angels of Plushenko, the return to Tutberidze and the fracture of the hand on the eve of the same Russian Championship – 2022: it seems that fortune turned its back on both them to then connect their hearts.

Confused, unnecessary to their former tough coaching staff, with very vague prospects in figure skating – this is exactly how Alena and Gosha, who have matured, met again. Purely for the sake of couple performances at ice shows. And in the end, a spark ran between them and burst into an indomitable flame.

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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Speaking at ice shows, the skaters became noticeably closer. Alena noticed what a cool and caring guy Gosha turned into, and she was captivated by her ability to joke and care. However, the girl thought that dating and skating were taboo, but she lost resistance to feelings. At the same time, doubts tormented the soul: what if Gosha does not have reciprocal sympathy? But the fears were in vain. The marten always considered Alena a beauty, and having discovered the best human qualities in her, she realized that she was the one for her.

Dumplings with potatoes played a decisive role in the birth of the romance of athletes. Women’s wisdom led Alena to feed Gosha after late training, and they have become soul mates ever since.

“We had a rehearsal, we came home tired. They did not live together, it was late and I accompanied her to the apartment. Alena asked: “You probably want to eat? Feed? And I cooked dumplings with potatoes,” Kunica shared on the YouTube show “Sin Agua.”

Georgy Kunitsa and Alena Kostornaya

Photo: From the personal archive of Alena Kostornaya.

The relationship of lovers developed as quickly as plans for a common sports career. Having skated in ice shows, Alyona and Gosha warmed to the idea of ​​forming a new sports couple. We went to rest in Cuba and began the shock work. The result was shown at the end of April, having skated a short program of the new season in front of the public. And they also announced their desire to participate in open skate tests. Kostornaya no longer thinks about returning to bachelorhood. Both the head and the heart are now in pairs.

Georgy Kunitsa and Alena Kostornaya

Photo: From the personal archive of Alena Kostornaya.

In training, the guys do not quarrel, although Alena often does not understand what she should do. In pair skating, a lot of things are new to her as a former singles skater, that’s where her problems come from. Gosha shows patience: she never vents her irritation on her beloved. He sees how difficult it is for her and appreciates her efforts.

For daring Alena, such an understanding guy is a godsend. Together they complement each other perfectly, achieving the precious harmony.

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“Don’t forget to invite Gosha and me to our wedding”

It was always very important for Alena that the family liked her chosen one, so she was very worried when she first introduced Gosha to her numerous relatives. Eagerly awaiting the verdict from her loved ones, she hoped that everyone would like it. The young man, on the contrary, was not worried, he did not even suspect that Alena’s relatives were carefully analyzing him.

“Everything shrinks from me like this… I think: “Lord, Lord, why did I come up with all this!” But in the end, after forty minutes, he talked to everyone, joked somewhere, sat down somewhere, everyone said: “Super, class, this is much better than all the previous ones, so it’s ideal,” Kostornaya said in the YouTube program “Without water”.

Georgy Kunitsa and Alena Kostornaya

Photo: From the personal archive of Alena Kostornaya.

It is not for nothing that Alena’s family approved Gosha as her life partner. The guy will be not only a caring husband, but also a wonderful father. Gosha loves children very much and has no soul in his little sister, who is only one year old. He, perhaps, will gradually infect Alyona with warmth for children. Meanwhile, he admits that he is more moved by photos of cats and dogs than by photos of babies.

In any case, right now Alena and Gosha feel comfortable together. So comfortable that they are ready to legitimize their relationship and get married. The figure skaters wanted to tell themselves that they got engaged and were planning a wedding, but internal journalists beat them to it. Alena did not remain in debt.

“Oops… The intrigue didn’t work. Thank you very much, dear journalists). 05/15/2023 will be truly remembered not only for the fact that we are officially a new sports couple, but also for the proposal made by GOSHA above the clouds! Dear and respected journalist friends, don’t forget to invite Gosha and me to our wedding!” -wrote Kostornaya on her social networks, posting a photo with wedding rings.

Georgy Kunitsa and Alena Kostornaya

Photo: From the personal archive of Alena Kostornaya.

It is unknown when the wedding of Alena and Gosha will take place, but there is a feeling that by the end of the summer figure skating will be replenished with another happy married couple.

Tips and love to our skaters!

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