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Monday, March 27, 2023
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“Dynamo” almost choked on “wings”

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 10:27:42

Dynamo Hostel is a place covered in legends for a long time. Even when all the games are played at the same time in the last round, this is where there is no crowding. And what a family atmosphere! Kamil Larin came with his wife and his daughter, Alexander Lazarev Jr. watched the last game with his son. And the mood that the head of the celebrity department Sabina Shokh creates right at the meeting usually raises the standard of local service to an unprecedented height. It’s probably the genes. Sabina’s father, the well-known official Rochus Shoh, moved to the neighboring expanses a long time ago, where he brings the Kazakh football league to a new level.

However, the mood last Wednesday and the mood on Sunday were still very different. In the cup game with the same Krylia, everyone congratulated each other on the resumption of home matches, they expected a victory, but it did not happen. According to which, the Dynamo coach already plays the first spring matches as if he were continuing at the training ground, where the main thing is not the result, but competently leaving the vacation and starting the season. On Sunday, everyone already understood: there was nowhere to retreat. Three games in a row against Samarans, and all three winless? Well, that would be too much.

Photo source: FC Dynamo (Moscow)

Although it could well have ended with a draw or an away win.

Sunday’s game stopped being a “rolling in”: if in the cup game it was enough for the blue and whites to increase their speed, the guests dispersed, and only an illogical (honest, but not following the logic of the game, the Samaras definitely they did not score a goal) penalty mixed up all the cards, now both teams showed athleticism, pressure and will.

However, again the main protagonist was the referee. More precisely, the entire brigade, including mainly the VAR. Three goals were scored, all three were disallowed. And if the offside was obvious in one, then in the other – a pressing hand, in the third – the usual martial arts. But the referee disallowed the goal every time.

Dynamo pulled out the victory only in stoppage time: Tyukavina was left alone on the goalkeeper’s line and fired into an empty corner after a series of lopsided shots and rebounds.

1:0 – and Dynamo reduces the advantage over Spartak and Rostov. But ahead is an extremely difficult segment, where Zenit, Krasnodar and Ural are. A lot will depend on how the team lives these two weeks.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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